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For Valentine's Day my friends at the Smithsonian featured a cute little spider called the pink toed tarantula.
The demands of weaving a web and walking a continual tightrope, are very different from those of a spider that wanders, runs, and leaps on prey ( If you haven't read my post on spider legs you should check it out too). The First thing to know about spider toes is that all spiders have hairy feet (which is why so many people find them creepy), but it's the arrangement and function of these hairs that varies.
This "bottle brush" effect creates a massive amount of surface hair-ea (I couldn't pass up a pun) for gripping wet or dry surfaces. One study found that in jumping spiders there could be over 624,000 setules per hairy foot pad. Web building spiders also have the characteristic hairy feet, for helping them climb, but they have three tarsial claws instead of two like many wandering spiders.
The two larger hooks, which are barbed, work well for walking and climbing surfaces while the smooth middle hook is used for web walking, trapping the strands of silk and sliding them along. Posted in Invertebrates, Spiders and tagged scopola, spider feet, spider toes, van der Waals on February 24, 2015 by Infinite Spider.
I am currently the Education Program Coordinator at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. My name is Karen McDonald and I am a naturalist and outdoor educator, in the field and classroom for over 15 years. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A former Dearborn employee from the city’s Building and Safety Department has been charged with bribery in connection with allegations that she illegally issued work permits for money payments, according to the Detroit Free Press.
This is the second employee this year from the Building and Safety Department to be charged with issuing work permits for payments. The Building and Safety Department has been under investigation by the FBI Detroit office for some time now.
In July 2009, Leticia Bosemon, 38, of Inkster pleaded guilty to accepting bribes in return for issuing temporary certificates of occupancy for residential property in Dearborn. Bosemon admitted in court that from the fall of 2006 until June, 2008 she accepted in excess of $63,000 from many individuals in return for preparing fraudulent performance bonds and issuing temporary certificates of occupancy, according to the U.S. The recent charges against Smtih are yet another black eye for a city department that has long been a lightning rod for criticism. In February, Dearborn Mayor John B.
The issues in the Building and Safety Department didn’t happen overnight and fixing it will take time. The Big Boys wants to get rid of some people, but he doesn’t have the balls to do so, because he is afraid, they will spill the beans on him.
Sorry No Name, oops dyslexia again, back to topic, how did RC build a new home in Belleville on a city inspectors pay.
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I thought the web-building process was amazing before I grabbed my camera–but even more so after I slowed down the footage to 10% of normal speed! In case you are wondering what the white stuff that the spider is chewing on at the end, it is pieces of silk that it cleaned up from the old web that it is recycling.
Meanwhile, I also discovered that scientists have successfully implanted silk making genes from spiders into goats and are harvesting the silk from the goat’s milk!

They can also have a pair small claws (called tarsial claws) which are used for gripping and holding.
For you math hounds this means they increase their surface area contact, through all 8 legs, to 1.06 x 10^11. If they were the size of a VW bug, the spider would be too large to create this type of molecular attraction for sticking to things. Notice the two larger walking claws and the one smooth web-walking claw with curved hairs under it. Web building spiders also have curved hairs on the tips of their toes next to these claws which  helps keep  the silk from sticking to their feet. One of my favorite classes to teach is on the differences between wandering spiders and web building spiders. Take the time to check out our hairy friends and try to get a good look at their toes, they are quite fascinating, and if you find one with toe-socks, I REALLY want to know about them! I have also been a curriculum developer for the Smithsonian Science Education Center and a contract curriculum writer for the Discovery Channel.
O’Reilly announced that the department would undergo a major reorganization to better serve the needs of residential and business customers. I give the O’Reilly adminsitration credit for opening the door to the feds to investigate what the former administration ignored. The department was crooked for years by the supervisors, one remains and 2 have since left.
There has to be some pretty inept people working for the city if no one even noticed that this was going on for such a long time. This is a slow motion and normal speed close-up movie of a common garden spider building a web.
The non-sticky silk fibers are the radial fibers going from the center of the web to the outside edges. I used a Panasonic GH2 with the stock 14 – 140 mm lens and recorded the footage at 1080i and edited it at 720p30.
The high tensile strength of spider silk combined with its flexibility and stretch ability appear to have great potential for use in many fields including medicine. They don't really have toes like you and I do, (though the idea of spider tube socks with toes is funny) but they do have special modifications that help them get about. In between the claws you can find a dense tuft of hairs called the scopulae or scopula pads. The same is true for large spiders, like the zebra tarantula, which has overcome this difficult by having  spinnerettes (for silk secretion) on its feet!
Under the terms of the agreement, Bosemon faces a maximum penalty of 37 months and a $250,000 fine.  Her sentencing date has been set for Dec. There no doubt will be more but these first arrests would never have happened without the mayor we have in office today. The ex mayor knew it, the council knew it, the directors knew it, civil service knew it, and all the people willing to pay knew it. Between him and yousef beydoun (the vice-mayor of dearborn as he called himself) people only needed to provide favors or $$$ to recieve a favorable approval with out them even having to leave the office.
The problem is the leadership is corrupt and can’t react in a professional manner because of fear of retaliation.

I thought the web-building process was amazing before I grabbed my camera–but even more so after I slowed down the footage to 10% of normal speed! The spider uses a claw to grab the target non-sticky fiber, and appears to attach the sticky fiber to a location below the claw.
The feet of spiders can be lumped into two general categories based on how the spiders make their living.   There are web building spiders and wandering spiders.
It secretes silk from its toes, which it uses to help climb wall and hang on to slick surfaces. It leaves cute little footprints of silk behind. Spider feet are just one example of their differences.  I would often start off classes by simply showing the pictures of the two types of feet, and then having students try to guess which is the web building spider and which is the hunting spider.
Attorney Terrence Berg said that Smith received $5,000 or more during various bribes between 2006 and 2008.
You can’t have honest inspectors doing there job while other people in power are undermining the laws and ordiances, this is where the unfair, inconsistant and reputation comes from.
In there minds it would be unfair for norwood to be unemployed dispite him destroying a entire department. So fast and efficient is this spider as it extracts silk from its abdomen, shifts its grip on the silk fibers from claw to claw, measures distances, and creates just the right amount of tension to keep the web taught.
At each silk junction a new sticky silk fiber is attached to a supporting non-sticky fiber. I suspect that the spider’s leg has another claw or spike (hidden from view) that it uses to line up the thread and hold it in place at the junction point while it pulls the abdomen away to extract the next thread of silk.
During this time I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients including IBM, Intel, Electric Power Research Institute, Genentech, Hewlett Packard, Advanced Micro Devices, and many others. The hairs of the pads are covered in even more hairs called setules, which gives each hair the appearance of a bottle brush. They would then defend their choices using logic and reasoning to support their ideas.   At the end of the class I would ask students to design their own spider and a part of the assignment would be to include the right type of feet for the type of spider they had chosen. She allegedly took the money in return for issuing permits on residential properties, the Free Press says. Dearborn is a little Payton Place where everyone knows someone and wants a favor from them for being a friend or relative. They all keep expecting someone else to pull the trigger so they don’t have to do the dirty part of there job.
While watching how the spider adeptly manipulated the web, its position, tension on the silk, extraction of the silk from its abdomen, and the attachment of the thread at each junction, I was filled with wonder! These experiences provide me with a solid foundation for the operation and maintenance requirements, and training needs, for process-critical industrial equipment. If any spider experts watching this better understand how the silk junction bond is formed, please leave a explanatory comment. The ladies who are being charged deserve what they get, however the source has not been dealt with and they probably learned from the best in cheating!

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