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North East England & Staffordshire graphic design, website design, multimedia design, illustration and SEO services. Learn more about any of our Web site design services by following the links supplied below. We specialise in producing high quality website design, web site's, web applications, ecommerce website design and full flash web sites for all types of business. Do i need a Simple Static Web Site or a more complex web site or how many web site pages will i need? A typical business web site can be compared to an online company brochure, containing information about the products and services a company may offer, with contact details, photographs or illustrations and downloadable documents. Corporate sites are more interactive and are often linked to databases allowing the visitor to search for information and get presented with unique pages of information drawn from the database's data. A dynamic web site can contain an unlimited number of pages that can be generated only when the user requests the information.
As every web site varies greatly in both content and the intended target audience it is always best to obtain an estimate. Web accessibility refers to the practice of making website's usable by people of all abilities and disabilities.
Section III of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) makes it unlawful for a UK service provider or business to discriminate against a disabled person by refusing to provide any service which it provides to members of the public. Section III of the DDA, which refers to accessible website's, came into force on 1st October 1999 and the Code of Practice for this section of the DDA was published on 27th May 2002.
From brochures and annual reports to direct mail, business stationery, company logos and web site designs DADI - dadi-online can provide you with a professional solution to help achieve your goal.

All of our artwork is designed to be cross media compatible, enabling us to offer a range of cross media solutions for your business, to allow your unique identity to be used successfully across all types of media, whether its printed, online or on a DVD-Rom presentation. We offer a comprehensive list of graphic design, website design and multimedia design services, click any of the links opposite to learn more. We also provide a professional graphic design service, for both individuals and business customers.
Take a look at our list of Graphic Design , Web Design, Multimedia design, Digital Illustration and search engine optimisation services. View through our graphic design, website design, multimedia solutions, digital illustration and search engine optimisation services below.
DADI - Digital Art Design & illustration - North East England and Staffordshire based website design, graphic design, multimedia solutions, digital illustration and search engine optimisation services. Once or twice a week I like to come up with articles that really expose my viewers to the various types of tutorials that they need to get their latest designs off the ground.
This also appears to be a slight re-brand of the Google logo as well. The Google logo in these screen shots are noticeably less bevelled than the current logo and is without the drop shadow on the existing logo. We are professional, efficient and reliable, with a diverse and contemporary web site design portfolio.
These types of web site are a good introduction to a first online presence, although this type of site is more accustomed to personal web pages or for small portfolios and usually updated every twelve months or so by a designer. If you have a range of products or services adding a search feature can be helpful to your visitors. For more information about our web site solutions please contact us or arrange a quote below.

When a website is correctly designed, developed and edited, all users can have equal access to information and functionality. As a UK based business you are required to comply if you provide goods, facilities and services to the general public.
This means that the majority of website's have been in breach of the law for over five years. I have rounded up an amazing collection of high quality web layout tutorials that you will definitely benefit from. The idea of any web site is to attract visitors and to allow the user easy access to the information they require. A larger business web site can contain anywhere from 5 to an unlimited number of web pages. An ecommerce website design would allow visitors to buy goods and execute transactions securely over the internet through a payment gateway.
In this post, you’ll find everything from creating a clean, colorful web layout to designing an amazing 3d hosting layout in Photoshop. Clicking the screen shots below will show the new web design, which features more squared off search button, a highlighted sidebar on search results and a change in default link colour to a significantly lighter shade of blue. One of the biggest advantages of a database driven web site is that they can be driven from an online content management system, where the content on the site can be added by your authorised employees who won't need to understand HTML or advanced scripting technologies.

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