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Our team of skilled professional HTML Web Page designers are here to help you start up web pages or help you with problems occuring in pre-designed web pages. One page websites are really popular these days and if you are interested in them, you probably noticed how creative they can be. FlatWEB is a creative single page responsive website html template with flat modern design style and metro colors. Anhiora is a free single page web site template available in Photoshop PSD file and Adobe Fireworks PNG. This vCard template was designed to meet the requirements of our customers, starting from the cool design and use of modern technologies. It's a blog for graphic designer and front-end developer where i share cool new things in graphic & web design and development. Given the user-defined nature of the web and the vagaries of technology, it’s impossible to control line length in all circumstances. Universal usability offers a great solution to the line-length problem by ensuring that the page design can fluidly adapt in page width, so that users are not locked into a single view that may not work well for them. Long web pages require the user to remember too much information that scrolls off the screen; users easily lose their sense of context when the navigational buttons or major links are not visible (fig.
It makes sense to keep closely related information within the confines of a single web page, particularly when you expect the user to print or save the text. Divide the document into chunks of no more than one to two printed pages’ worth of information, including in-lined graphics or figures. Provide a link to a separate file that contains the full-length text combined as one page designed so the reader can print or save all the related information in one step. Many web authors surrender to the giddy thrills of large graphics, forgetting that a web page is not just a visual experiencea€”it has to function efficiently to retain its appeal to the user. A big, bold graphic may tease casual web surfers, but if it takes the average reader several seconds to download the top of your page and there are few links to be seen until he or she scrolls down the page, then you may lose a big part of your audience before you offer them links to the rest of your site. Even if you choose not to use graphics on your pages, the header area of every web page should contain a prominent title at or near its top.
Every web page should contain basic data about the origin and age of the page, but this repetitive and prosaic information does not need to be placed at the top of the page. Print design can achieve a design unity and density of information that web design cannot emulatea€”yet. Most web page designs can be divided vertically into zones with different functions and varying levels of graphics and text complexity. Web page layouts should thus be judged not by viewing the whole page as a unit but by dividing the page into visual and functional zones and judging the suitability of each screen of information.
The challenge in designing such websites is to make sure that all the valuable information is presented in an eye-catchy way and user experience is more pleasant than ever.

If you are looking for a professional web site design template for your business then you can use this free single page website design template. It is also fast loading, cross browser compatible and is built to suit all kinds of businesses as well as personal needs.
This html template is fully responsive, mobile optimized and helps professionals to create their own website for free. Using the different feed options you can host your own portfolio images or pull them in from Dribbble, Flickr or Instagram. You can use this template as a landing page, online portfolio for creative folks or even as a business theme. If you check the demo of this template, you can see that it is one page HTML template which means that there is no need to edit tons of HTML files, just one HTML file. It is compatible with all browser versions, SEO friendly, and features a sleek jQuery scroll effect. A line that is designed to display a comfortable sixty-six characters per line of standard text will become a narrow, twenty-character line if the user enlarges the default browser text size.
The reader’s loss of context is particularly troublesome when such basic navigational elements as document titles, site identifiers, and links to other site pages disappear off-screen while scrolling. Don’t forget to include the url of the online version within the text of that page so users can find updates and correctly cite the source.
That way the user will never have to scroll far to find a navigation button that quickly brings him or her back to the top of the page. Remember that the page builds its graphic impact gradually as it is downloaded to the user. Graphics placed above the title line should not be so large that they force the title and introductory text off the page on standard display screens. Remember, too, that by the time users have scrolled to the bottom of your web page the navigation links you might have provided at the top may no longer be visible.
One crucial difference between web page design and print page design is that when readers turn a book or magazine page they see not only the whole next page but the whole two-page spread, all at the same time. Regardless of how large the display screen is, the reader still sees one page at a time, and even a large display screen will display only as much information as is found in a small magazine spread.
As vertical scrolling progressively reveals the page, new content appears and the upper content disappears.
Besides being a free font, it is also a perfect fit for flat design, plus it is available for web use from Google Fonts.
The template is made using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and has web fonts, shortcodes, Flickr Image Slider along with working Ajax contact form and a lot more.
I’ve paid special attention to typography, so your content and featured text will surely get noticed!

A multicolumn layout with fixed column widths can easily become difficult to read with enlarged text.
This disorientation effect argues for the creation of navigational web pages (especially home pages and menus) that contain no more than one or two screens’ worth of information and that feature local navigational links at the beginning and end of the page layout.
But more than four screens’ worth of information forces the user to scroll so much that the utility of the online version of the page begins to deteriorate. The best measure of the efficiency of a page design is the number of options available for readers within the top six inches of the page.
In a related series of documents there may also be subtitles, section titles, or other text elements that convey the relation of the displayed document to others in the series. Well-designed page footers offer the user a set of links to other pages in addition to essential data about the site. The much larger Scientific American footer forms a distinct region on each page, covering the basic informational footer functions as well as advertisements for sister publications (fig. The top screen of information is much denser with links because it is the only area all users will see (fig.
FlatWEB is so easy to use, customize and makes it possible for businesses to get up and running in no time. At normal reading distances the arc of the visual field covered by the macula is only a few inches widea€”about the width of a well-designed column of text, or about twelve words per line.
Long pages are particularly useful for providing information that you don’t expect users to read online. Unlike designers of print documents, designers of web systems can never be sure what other pages the user has seen before linking to the current page.
To be effective, these title elements must be standardized across all the pages in your site. Motion template is suitable for design agencies, personal portfolios, corporate websites and practically for any kind of business. Research shows that reading slows as line lengths begin to exceed the ideal width, because the reader then needs to use the muscles of the eye or neck to track from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line. Pages on the Creative Commons site include a signature header graphic that includes basic navigation and search features, exactly where most users would expect to find them (fig. If the eye must traverse great distances on a page, the reader must hunt for the beginning of the next line (fig.

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