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Just a few weeks ago, Villanova University and the University of Connecticut reached the pinnacle of NCAA sports.
Celebration is fleeting, though. With athletic events and other forms of positive PR, there’s not a lot of notice for an institution to turn around and capitalize in a timely manner. Traditionally, many companies have made effective use of real-time marketing to stay top of mind with consumers. As another example, Nike’s Air Jordan brand recently leveraged the publicity surrounding Kobe Bryant’s retirement.
Hershey’s and Nike were able to take advantage of these opportunities not because of large budgets, but because they moved quickly and understood what would appeal to their audiences. In 2014, Ole Miss fans celebrated a huge win over Alabama by tearing down the field goal posts.
Oregon State University and Ohio State University also leveraged real-time marketing when the schools faced off in the 2015 football national championship.
Ohio State ended up winning the game and the giving challenge, receiving over 1,000 gifts, but the campaign appeared to be a success on both ends. You may be thinking that this type of athletic success could never happen to your institution. Make sure you follow the news and keep a critical eye towards real-time marketing and fundraising opportunities. Tim Ponisciak is director of graduate alumni relations at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. Join our community of 10,000+ nonprofit professionals getting fundraising best practices in their inboxes monthly! People with an astonishing diversity of skills, experiences and personalities bring their unique talents to Risdall every day. Corporate communications, organizational messaging, media relations, media training, product marketing, reputation management, crisis communications, social media, content marketing.
I’ve worked in several industries including technology, agriculture, and consumer products. Graduated from Moorhead State University in Minnesota with a degree in mass communications and an emphasis in public relations. Corporate communications roles with Orphan Medical, Medtronic, and the Minnesota AIDS Project along with prior agency experience with PadillaCRT and Fleishman-Hillard. Nothing too unusual, though I have a ridiculous amount of sports memorabilia which I’ve picked up since I was a kid.

1978 – 86 Local Twin City area firm specializing in media training, general public relations and crisis management.
The next book after that is also underway: a second edition, 25th Anniversary celebration of my first published book, 1992, Influencing Public Attitudes, Reducing the Power and Influence of News Media.
When it comes to new clients, we keep everything in temporary files until there is an actual contract signed. Affinity Plus, Archway, TURCK, Elkay, Fairview Health Services, Famous Dave Anderson, Grand Casino, Katun, and more.
I gained possession of a my brother’s 1986 VW Rabbit by releasing a large remnant of the aluminum oil pickup tube from between the cylinder wall and the bottom of the cylinder skirt. After two years as head of interactive with the then rising star of the hair care products industry, Aveda, I came to work for Risdall. Through his studies, business and vacations, Ted has traveled to every continent except Australia and Antarctica.
As a student, Ted studied Spanish in Venezuela – and was there to watch the tanks roll in at the time of the coup. Avid scooter users – after an epic crash lead the movement for mirrors to see around corners.
3M, Arts Midwest World Fest, Baxter, Fairview, Hospira, Optum, Public Radio International and more. An independently owned, full-service advertising agency, Risdall is located in New Brighton, Minnesota, a suburb just a short drive north of downtown Minneapolis and convenient to St. Villanova won the Men’s Basketball Championship (on an improbable shot), and UConn won yet another Women’s National Championship.
Whenever an alumni base is feeling a special affinity to their alma mater (reunion, graduation, etc.), it’s an opportunity to connect philanthropically as well. If a school is not prepared to mobilize on a big achievement, the window may close quickly. Last year, Hershey’s was unexpectedly in the limelight when the Washington Nationals started using Hershey’s chocolate in victory celebrations.
Ole Miss realized the potential of this situation for fundraising and positive PR, so they created a campaign on their crowdfunding site, Ignite Ole Miss. Although they only knew about the game a week and a half in advance, their development departments were able to organize a giving challenge to see which school could rally the most donors over a five-day time period.
The schools were able to turn January—typically a slow period for annual giving—into a busy and exciting time for their annual funds.

Also make sure you have a plan for getting the campaign up and running in a short time period. Tim also runs the blog Alumni Catalyst and is passionate about promoting how higher-ed institutions can learn from marketing agencies, advertising agencies, and great brands.
However, health care has been a primary focus (pharmaceutical, medical device, non-profit and community health) for nearly two decades. Her experiences have included work as an art intern at D Magazine (the city magazine of Dallas, Texas), a travel agent, and a tax accountant.
Alumni of each school felt huge amounts of pride—and most likely spent a lot of time reading and talking about their alma mater. Instead of resting on its laurels, the company sent free boxes of Hershey’s syrup to the Nationals and ended up receiving even more press because of this marketing move. Tim loves old movies and board games, and is currently trying to visit all 30 major league ballparks. We’re large enough to attract world-class talent but small enough to know everyone’s name, and more than likely the names of their children, pets and significant others.
Ted traveled for three months in the Orient on a whirlwind tour of the different Asian countries and regions.
Working on all kinds of clients, in all kinds of media, but especially B2B branding, advertising and collateral.
We are one of the largest, longest-lived independent ad agencies in Minnesota and the United States. Not only did this help cover the costs of replacing the goal posts and the fines levied by the Southeastern Conference (SEC), but Ole Miss also received a lot of positive press for the campaign. How can you streamline the approval process in order to launch the campaign quickly and effectively? Annual giving departments that are nimble and swift to act will be able to take advantage when an unexpected opportunity presents itself.

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