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The anti-virus software must be distinguished according to their characteristics, since each count with different tools that help us to easily eliminate a virus. According to the characteristics of the anti – virus software, we can recommend the best ones in its characteristics, first is Kaspersky personal anti-virus, this is one of the top ones, it owns a great amount of tools to block malignant programs, since it does not only eliminate viruses but also worms, Trojans, dialers, spies, key loggers and many more. Another great antivirus software is the NOD32 Anti – virus, it efficiently reviews all the files of drives, it has the option to analyze heuristically, this means that at the same time that it analyzes, it is also unpacking and detecting new malicious codes that were not in its data base, it is updating constantly and it has a very good online technical service that will be able to help us when there is an error with the  anti – virus, in addition, its resource consumption is minimum, therefore it does not affect the performance of our computer.
Also, the AVG Anti – virus software is, without a doubt, one of best free anti – virus software there is, it has great amount of tools to program it, so it follows an analysis routine, it is excellent for computers that are not very powerful since it does not need many resources of the system to do its work, it has a great update capacity, it also scans the computer’s hard drives quickly and it also has the capacity of heuristic detection.
These fun and useful programs can help with planning your next home build, remodeling, landscape design, furniture layout and more.
A much more affordable option for the average homeowner, Turbo Floor Plan 3D has features very similar to Soft Plan. Home Designer Suite is very easy to use and far less architecturally professional than programs like SoftPlan, but it definitely offers many similar bells and whistles. Punch is similar to Turbo in price at $99.99, but it doesn’t have all the elements and features. Icovia is fast, efficient and perfect for making sure the furniture you plan to buy will fit in the room as you envision. What makes a great home decor program depends on the user, the budget and the scope of the project.

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This program has user-friendly interface, you can view your 3D image and plan even at the same time. 2.) Ikea not always famous as the best furniture retailer, this company also offers a program, called as Ikea Kitchen Planner, allows customers to find perfect furniture for their kitchen.
For those planning to build a custom home, remodel or redecorate the existing one, these programs are a great way to communicate exactly what you want to contractors or interior designers.
At $99.00, it’s great for interior design, and almost exacting enough for architecture, though possibly not quite everything you’d need to actually build the house.
Have a good exposure on technology news, the latest release of gadgets, experienced WordPress designer and lovely DAD for two adorable children. Smartdraw is a great program that not especially made for beginner level, but also professional level. You can upload your own floor plan or maybe spend your time to play around with pre-loaded floor plans that existed inside the program. There are a lot of available features, but the most important is a feature that allows customers to calculate the cost.
This program allows user to view their floor plan in a 3D concept and pick a perfect style for their kitchen.

It has automatic roof generation just like Sims 2 for example, not expecting the user to plan the roof structure in detail. It’s not nearly as flashy as other programs, but is clearly the workhorse of the professional interior design industry. The glossier programs from Chief Architect, Punch and Turbo are just an incredible amount of fun, and allow for a lot of creativity and exciting ideas. Users are allowed to insert windows, doors, walls and something they can choose from a gallery of interior finishes.
Without the ability to create blueprints for your builder, it’s not a replacement for SoftPlan. This makes Punch best for working out your ideas before you see the architect, but not for figuring out your own house plans. Unless you’re already committed to building a house, the price tag of over $2,500 doesn’t fit the bill.

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