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What is video game addiction?Currently, there is no single universally agreed upon definition of video game addiction. Can video game addiction be diagnosed?Video game addiction is not currently considered a diagnosable disorder and does not appear in any official mental health classification system. You might think a planet this hot with such extreme temperature and pressure, would be impossible to explore. The Soviets sent a series of spacecraft called Venera, which parachuted down through the thick atmosphere and returned images from the surface of Venus. Venera 13 made it down to the surface in nineteen-eighty-one and survived for one-hundred-and-twenty-seven minutes, sending back the first color pictures of Venus’ surface.
When it comes to temperature, distance from the Sun matters, but it takes a backseat to wrapping a planet in a atmospheric blanket of carbon dioxide. We release this explainer videos every Monday and Thursday from the Universe Today YouTube Channel. MemberSmokeyJune 17, 2013 7:58 PMI wonder why folks insist on blaming the temperature of the Venusian atmosphere on its CO2 content, rather than on the fact that the pressure at the surface is so intense.
If Venus had a Oxygen-Nitrogen at the same pressure that it does, it would not be so hot, since these gasses do not trap IR radiation as well as CO2 does. Besides having much lower irradiance, martian surface pressure is ~ 1 % of Earth’s, or ~10^-4 of the venusian pressures. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The need to meet and see the people that we are meeting with has given rise to the concept of Video Conferencing.
With today’s post I plan to cover the basics of Video Conferencing, to give you some simple steps and background so that you won’t feel lost if either you need to start your own or are invited into one.
The second point of reference is the use of a  telephone, which is a two-way communication. Video Conferencing, at it’s most basic level is the combination of The Movies and The Telephone. There are two school of video conferencing available today, hardware-based and software-based.
Personally, I prefer laptops, because they usually have all the necessary equipment built-in. As noted above Facetime is a very popular software for Video Conferencing, but because of the closed nature of the App, I need to cover other software. The video aspect of Video Conferencing might be a bit tricky, the first time that you use it. Google Hangouts is my particular favorite, not least of all because it is the only truly free video conferencing software, but because it manages the whole meeting. I’ve come to a point in this blog where I see that video tutorials are a necessity to the progress of site. Affiliate video marketing is a type of commission-based marketing which is managed by affiliates. By utilizing an affiliate for your marketing needs, you can free up a great deal of your own time.
This is a technology driven world and more than ever people are going to the internet for their business related needs.
With this extended audience, you will also experience a much higher increase of traffic to your company’s website.
Operating a home business has become a preferred form of employment for many people across the nation. Whether you are a business owner or looking to bring in additional income, affiliate video marketing can fit your needs. There is no set number of hours one must play in ordered to be considered addicted to video games. Mercury orbits at a distance of only 58 million kilometers, travelling in a blast-furnace of scorching radiation. Average temperature there is a hellish 735 Kelvin, or 462 degrees Celsius – hot enough to melt lead.
Venus, has a very thick atmosphere of CO2, which adds incredible pressure, and traps in the heat. Radiation from the Sun is absorbed by the planet, and the infrared heat emitted is trapped by the carbon dioxide, which creates a runaway greenhouse effect. Although the first few missions were failures, this taught the Soviets just how hellish the Venusian environment really is.

Titan’s atmosphere is huge and dense, but it is precisely because it is still so cold despite methane, which it has plenty of, being such an excellent GW gas. Why aren’t the magical heat trapping properties of an atmosphere composed of 94% working so well on Mars? Mars is significantly smaller than Venus, meaning it has a weaker gravitational pull so the atmosphere hasn’t had as much chance to form thick layers to keep the heat in.
Our own planet would be ~ 50 degC colder without our greenhouse atmosphere, which a simple comparsion calculation based on solar irradiance and surface albedo will tell you. But it is just as simple to pick up these items from a computer store (except for the internet).
Because of these many responsibilities, you may find yourself pressed for time when it comes to marketing your products and services. These affiliates create videos in order to endorse products and services for a specific business. The affiliate will do the marketing for you by using the specific instructions you provide. With the exception of any associated setup costs, you only pay the affiliate as results are accrued. Standard websites are a great tool, but often times customers make their final business decisions based off of video marketing.
Therefore, the higher quality  videos you produce and the more you post, the better compensation you will earn.
Unlike creating a website to showcase your videos, you can quickly and easily post them to YouTube. Most definitions of video game addiction refer to excessive play which results in negative emotional, social, relational, educational, or career - related consequences.
However, the next version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) will not inlcude a diagnosis of video game addiction.
If we blame Mars’ temperature on the _thinness_ of its atmosphere, how can we ignore _thickness_ when it comes to Venus’?
GW could still be huge, I dunno, but the atmosphere profile is different from ours, to say the least. Although the percentage composition of CO2 may be higher on Mars than on Venus, the relative thin-ness of the atmosphere negates the majority (but not all of) the effects. The internet may be the most difficult aspect of all the things in the above list, but that is different post. They are then rewarded by the business for each visitor or customer who is gained due to the affiliate’s marketing efforts. This way, you can keep your focus on other aspects of your business, without having to sacrifice your marketing.
There are many affiliate programs to choose from, in which companies are searching for motivated marketing affiliates to assist them in advertising their products and services.
Of course, if you want to get the most from your affiliate marketing, you may want to look into marketing training, enhance your editing skills and invest in a professional camera. Depending on the program you choose, your earnings may come from customer purchases, advertisement views or when a consumer clicks on a designated link. With over 1 billion users on the site each month, you can gain a very large audience and increase your compensation in no time. As it is considered to be a powerful tool for generating traffic, it should be used accurately.
Instead of devoting energy to "real-world" activities and pursuits, a video game addict spends most of his or her time playing games. Future editions of mental health classification manuals may include internet and video game addiction as impulse control disorders, but for now the terms are informal descriptions rather than official diagnosable conditions.What are the signs of video game addiction?Initial efforts to define video game addiction were made by modifying the diagnostic criteria for known addictions such compulsive gambling. The problems can also be seen in that the exact CO2 pressures re Earth atmosphere profiles resulting in specific average temperatures (re the early young Sun problem) still differs oom between articles. By using an affiliate to post your marketing videos to various sites, you can quickly have your products advertised to a very large audience. Someone who has developed a video game addiction prioritizes gaming accomplishments over all other activities such as spending time with friends and family, school achievement, work performance, and interpersonal relationships.
However, this informal method has not been widely adopted and as such, psychologists, psychiatrists, and researchers have been forced to define video game addiction without standardized diagnostic criteria. This is the same kind of pressure as being a kilometer underneath the surface of the ocean.
In general though, the problems associated with unhealthy video game habits can be classified according to the five following categories:Emotional ProblemsPeople struggling with video game addiction may be at a greater risk for depression, loneliness, social anxiety, anger, and feelings of shame or embarrassment for spending so much time playing games.

Note that these issues may be the result of video game addiction but may also play roles in the development of excessive play.Financial ProblemsThis is not typically an issue for children, but adults and adolescents may find themselves spending large sums of money on new computer equipment, consoles, subscription fees, and of course, new video games. Excessive video game play has been linked to childhood obesity.Social ProblemsAs the addiction worsens, video game addicts tend to spend more time playing and less quality time with friends, family, or significant others. Although poor family relationships may increase the likelihood of video game addiction, video game addiction often leads to family conflict. Parents with children or teens addicted to video games may disagree about how much of a problem it is or how to intervene. To date, research on video game addiction has generally found that certain games and game genres are potentially more addictive than others. Most research suggests that massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) like World of Warcraft and first person shooter games (FPS) like Call of Duty tend to be more addictive than other genres like platformers, fighters, racers, and casual games.What is becoming clear is that the more addictive games often intertwine well-established psychological principles into gameplay to encourage longer and more frequent gaming sessions. In the 1980s video game consoles made their way into homes - significantly increasing the ease of access to gaming.
In the 1990s, PCs and home consoles surpassed the graphic capabilities of arcade machines and turned video gaming almost entirely into a home experience. Consoles of the early 2000s had improved graphics and online connectivity which increased the immersive and social aspect of video games, resulting in even greater popularity.Presently, videos games can be played virtually anywhere the player chooses (PCs and consoles at homea€¦laptops, netbooks, tablets, handheld systems, ipods, and smartphones everywhere else). With each decade, video games became more immersive, more interactive, more engaging, more commonplace, and more accessible. Not surprisingly, the percentage of people who regularly play video games has increased as well and today 97% of children play video games.What percent of children are addicted to video games?This has been a difficult question to answer because as previously mentioned, there is no official set of diagnostic criteria for video game addiction. Consequently, different studies and surveys have been forced to develop their own definitions of video game addiction. Not surprisingly this has lead to inconsistent conclusions about the prevalence of video game addictions in children and teens.
At present however, most research on video game addiction suggests that from 2 to 10% of all children who play video games are addicted. Recalling that virtually all children play video games, even a 2% rate of addiction translates into many many children with very unhealthy gaming habits. More accurate and consistent estimates of video game addiction prevalence will be possible if video game addiction is eventually granted official status as a clinical disorder with clear symptoms for a diagnosis. What treatment is available for video game addiction?Because video game addiction is a very new development in the world of mental health, there are relatively few treatment options available for those who recognize the need to change their excessive gaming habits.
In general, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been the treatment modality of choice for video game addiction. CBT involves changing the thoughts (cognitions) that contribute to unhealthy gaming habits and also, modifying one's actions (behaviors) to slowly reduce the amount of time spent playing video games. One-to-One counselling with a psychologist or therapist who has expertise in treating video game addiction. This may be the best option if one is able to find an affordable and qualified therapist in his or her area, but unfortunately video game addiction specialists remain quite rare (although this is changing as the problem becomes more prevalent).2. Family therapy which involves modifying the family systems, interactions, and family dynamics that may contribute to excessive gaming habits.
Family therapy may be helpful for video game addiction, but it may be quite challenging for all the necessary family members to commit to the process.3.
Video game addiction treatment centers which offer intensive in-patient recovery programs administered by a variety of mental health professionals.
These facilities are far more common in countries like South Korea than in the United States. Although these programs are extremely expensive (often costing tens of thousands of dollars) there has been very little research on treatment outcomes.4.
Wilderness therapy involving the complete removal of the individual from environments where video games are accessible.
Wilderness therapy has been used as an intervention for a variety of child and adolescent behavioral problems and is starting to be offered for video game addiction as well. Similar to in-patient treatment for video game addiction, wilderness therapy is generally very expensive and may not be offered locally.5.
For those who are unable to find a qualified therapist or afford more expensive treatment options, step-by-step guides to stopping video game addiction (for oneself or for someone else) can be a very convenient and helpful alternative.

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