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Winamp even seemed primed for a potential comeback during the early days of Android, offering up a fantastic mobile app which synced to the desktop player, and served users WiFi music sync. Unfortunately, in a world of cloud services like Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play Music, our poor little Winamp just wasn’t able to continue competing against streaming radio and cloud solutions. That's where Android's magic shines - you can use whatever app you want to play music, and, if the developer did it correctly, you won't even notice that you're not using the default app. One note for those who may be on Android 4.4 KitKat - there are issues with apps not being able to access the SD card. Rocket Music Player is a suggestion I got from several people in the comments section a good while ago, and it is still my first choice for this category.
The artists, songs, albums, and genres sections work as expected, except there are more sections - folders and even composers.
And while I'm at the playlists, let's not forget a feature Rocket Music Player has that no other app I've seen has had: auto-playlists, or as this app calls it, Live Lists. There is also a decent amount of settings you can tinker around with, but beware that a good amount of them are only available if you pay.
The app uses around 30MB RAM when it's playing music in the background, which is more than it should be, however, it doesn't run in the background when it isn't supposed to. SHOUTcast is a great feature in WinAmp - it's an online radio, with over 47 000 stations available (a believeable number if you check it out). When you play music in the background, it needs 30MB of RAM, but it doesn't run in the background when it's not needed. The lock screen player, as you could expect from this app, is very nicely designed, and can even be set as your permanent lock screen, although there are a couple of problems with that.
The app doesn't run in the background when it's not needed, and takes up a decent 12MB RAM when playing music in the background. The equalizer in this app is one of the best I've seen - you can set how smooth it should be, and also apply the equalizer settings to certain songs and certain albums. It now also has the Shoutcast online radio service, and you can get personalized station recommendations. There are also many settings, from customizing the app, to recommendations and music controls. The app doesn't run in the background when it's not needed, but when music is playing, it takes up about 20MB RAM, which is OK. Advertising is a big problem in this app - too often, a video will play before you get to do something, with no way to get past it. Overall, it's a very good app that has a good set of features, and that is easy to use, however, the developer's insistance on intrusive advertising is annoying, to say the least. There used to be a social component to the app, but that doesn't seem to be working anymore, as this was most likely connected to the service.
Songbird only takes up 6-7MB of memory when playing music in the background, and it doesn't seem to have any problems with running in the background when it's not needed anymore. The app only takes up a pretty good 8MB RAM when playing music in the background, but usually doesn't run in the background when it's not needed.
This app is skinnable, so you can download different skins to give the app just the look you like. The equalizer is very good, with 10 bands, with reverb, bass boost, virtualizer and channel balance.
Some of the apps above feature lyrics, however, if you really want an app that finds lyrics quickly and easily, MusiXmatch is worth a download. No matter which of these music players you choose, you might stumble accross some tracks or sounds in your music library that you never put there or that you don't want in your music library. RealPlayer: It's well-known to desktop users, but had quite some controversy surrounding it. The developers have mentioned that this app is deteriorating, however it still works fairly well as a music player.
The link provided is for a forum with instructions on how to download the apk file, as the app cannot be downloaded from Google Play at this time.
NOTE TO PARENTS: This program is rated "Everyone" in Google Play, but in my experience, the "Everyone" rating is not justified. Before the app market became Google Play, we didn’t have an iTunes-like media management system, and Winamp was pretty handy for quickly swapping and updating our playlists. While this is a free version with a paid version available, and it isn't uncommon to run into a paid feature that you can't use, the free version can still do a lot. Everything is very smooth and very well done - the only minor issue here being that it takes a little while for album art to load on older devices.

You can also access a 5 band equalizer, rate the track, set the track as a ringtone, set a sleep timer, or show the songs embedded lyrics - yes, you read correctly. The paid features are a bit of a nuissance, but on the other hand there are no ads anywhere in the app. This app doesn't offer as much as RocketPlayer in most aspects, but it still has a good amount of functionality, and is also very easy to use. Scrolling gets a little laggy on older devices in the albums section where there's a lot of album art. You also have access to Spinner mp3 downloads and the "Full CD Listening Party" music streaming service. Just make sure you use the "exit" option in the menu when you don't want it running in the background anymore. Even if you have another music player you still prefer, it's still worth downloading WinAmp for the SHOUTcast feature. The main exception is that when you choose a genre, you get a list of songs, instead of a choice between songs, albums or artists. It doesn't support setting the album art as the wallpaper in Android 4.4 KitKat and later, though.
However, if you don't need advanced functionality, but like something that is very pleasing to the eye, this is for you. While it really is a good app, the developer's insistance on intrusive advertising is a real nuissance. The help is gone, which is a disappointment, but it shouldn't be a problem for most people. You can set a song as your phone's ringtone, but most importantly, you can manage your library from this app - you can edit a song's tags and delete songs. When you listen to a song, it finds songs from your library that you might also like together with that song. Even though this is freeware, it's a big problem, and I can't recommend an app that has intrusive advertising. It also seems to have problems running in the background when it's no needed, but I haven't had any problems with that lately.
This is an app that was very integrated into social media - and that was its main strength.
One handy feature is the play button on every item, which will play it, but leave you where you are. It's not a complete tablet design, but it's a lot better than what many other apps offer on tablets.
The playlist functionality doesn't have anything new, either, with a "last added" playlist, and the "thumbs up" playlist. Thumbs up adds it to the "thumbs up" playlist, and I'm not sure what "thumbs down" does, other than play the next track.
Here, it collects music it thinks you might want to hear, and, if you're in a supported country, you can also see your recommended radio stations.
Some of them are very well designed, but there are already a couple of small language problems here.
There is no album art anywhere - and the scrolling is odd - sometimes laggy, sometimes smooth.
Although the music player isn't great, it can alert you about lyrics even if you're using a different app. In that case, you can check out the StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager, which basically lets you take folders out of your music library.
The problem is when the program finds lyrics, it finds the lyrics of the unclean version of the song. Registered members can contact the editor with any comments or questions they might have by clicking here. Then you can add "rules" for the tracks that should go into your playlist, and for those rules you have a variety of possible criteria: Title, Date Added, Year, Play Count, and, oh, right, Rating.
If you're looking for a music player with a good set of features - or even one that's easy to use - this is it. It has recently changed ownership several times, and is currently not available on Google Play. Playlist management isn't the best, it's easier to add songs to the "queue", basically the now playing list, and save that as a playlist.
For a while, the developers have said that it's been left behind and deteriorating, but the status has changed, and it recently got a facelift.

You can also get all sorts of information - a biography or the artist and song lyrics, as well as wikipedia, youtube, and google results. If you have it configured properly, it will even pay attention to if you skip to the next track or listen to the whole song, and customize your recommendations based on that. The artists, songs, albums, and genres sections work as expected - and it also has a "writers" section, probably better known as "composers" on many desktop programs. I also noticed a surprising amount of bugs - from the tag editing not working until I do a full restart of the app (with a force close) to some songs refusing to be played. Probably the biggest disadvantage in these sections is that when you play something, it will always return to playing it with shuffle off, even if you had shuffle on before. There's an easier option than giving in to that, though - RocketPlayer, MixZing and Cloudskipper all have really good equalizers. This app is basically meant to tie in with the Google Play Music service, and it doubles as a music player.
While it does put together a decent collection of stuff that would be interesting to listen to when you just need to kill some time, it only seems to list albums and radio stations, and there's no option to just play all songs. Recommendations and some other online things are all in Japanese, and are useless if you don't speak it.
On the other hand, there is way too much lag within the app, especially on the music controls. Playlist management is also very good - simply go into any secion and hit the multi-select button. It can still be unofficially downloaded as an apk from the facebook site of a group of Winamp enthusiasts - see the summary below for the link. There are also a couple of auto-playlists: recently added, recently played, and top played. With the update, the lag problem seems to be solved, although it's still not completely problem-free on older devices.
Also, when you choose an artist or a genre, you can choose what to see - albums, songs, or artists. In my experience, this works best for pop music, but MixZing says it is continually updating their library.
It has a suprising amount of funcionality for an app of this type, and enough to make it a decent music player.
Scrolling is smooth with a small amount of lag when there's a lot of album art, and extremely smooth when there's none. You can filter your music according to it - for instance, you can only show songs that have a 4 star rating or higher. However, with the link in the Product Description section, it should still be possible to download it. Recently, it has started adding a whole bunch of shortcuts on my desktop, and giving me random japanese notifications.
Then you can choose as many tracks, albums, or whatever else as you like and add them to a playlist.
There are seriously too few music apps that support the standard 5-star rating system, but this one does.
Also, as the software is open source, sevelopers can create their own versions of the Songbird app.
It also has a good tablet interface - so if you have an android tablet, you can give it a try there.
While some companies have added a skin to Android's music player on their device, it usually doesn't add all too much. Back to the Live List feature, though: I won't go through how it works, because I could write an entire article on that alone. The app always gets the album art from the internet, which is often incorrect, even if have your own album art. There are also synchronized lyrics, but they are always the explicit version of the lyrics. And I've got basically that stock Android 2.3 Gingerbread music player, just with the Samsung skin. There are a couple of bugs in the now playing interface - mainly when you try to skip to a certain part of a song - but I expect that to be resolved soon.

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