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We know that most people reading this will NOT have a strategy yet will be getting disappointing results on their social media platforms. Taking the time to test and measure your content will also give you an advantage as you will up the efforts on the popular content and reduce time on those not so. If you take our advice you will start to see an increase in followers and an increase in revenues over a period of time.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Robert Jasper -Business & Marketing Expert The Art of QualityConsulting ORLANDO…a Brand of Technology Applications International LLC. Proven and Market tested Strategies for business owners and entrepreneurs -used successfully many times –Ask for examples. Surprisingly, many people miss this important social media marketing strategy step when writing a social media marketing plan. Although the rules of social media networks are constantly changing, most websites will only let you have a professional page unless you have a personal page. Notice the words “audience” and “tribe” in lieu of “customer.” Your audience might simply enjoy your writing style, and the topics you choose to discuss. Although you should create an active profile across all social networks, when writing your social media marketing plan, create a spreadsheet and note where your tribe and audience members spend most of their time. Keep abreast of new research and development in your business sector, and share it with your connections. When writing your social media marketing plan, you need to consider the people who have no interest in creating Facebook or other social networking profiles.
Lisa Marie Mercer is a widely published writer, whose work includes topics such as travel, skiing, expat lifestyle, fitness and social media. Brainstorm as many benefits as possible to begin with, and then choose to emphasize the benefits that your targeted customers will most appreciate in your marketing plan.What is it that sets your product or service apart from all the rest?  In other words, what is your Unique Selling Proposition, the message you want your customers to receive about your product or service that is the heart of your marketing? The marketing plan is all about communicating this central message to your customers.Continue onto page 2 to learn how to set a pricing strategy for your products or services. 10 Key Steps To Writing A Marketing Plan With Your Brand In Mind You are using an outdated browser.
The next logical step is to scrap social media from your marketing plan and all because you went in halfhearted in the first instance!
Thinking hard about who your customers are, where they would be and what they would want from you. In fact, the act of sitting down and writing your social media marketing plan is often more important than the strategy itself. A tribe – one of the newer social media buzz words – is a group of people who share similar interests and passions.

These posts, which engage the most discussion, show you the topics that your readers find most interesting.
That does not mean that they do not want to comment on your site, other blogs and relevant news websites. She lives in Uruguay, with her husband, where they perform social media management for expats businesses, and for businesses around the world. With that in mind you will start to really produce significant and targeted pieces of content that your customers will definitely want to read and respond to. The strategy-writing process forces you to develop and define your brand identity, identify your most likely client base and determine the best way to connect with them, and creating a social media marketing plan sample is important “Connect” is the buzz word that delineates the difference between traditional and social media marketing.
Once you make personal connections with people, you can refer them to your professional page without feeling like a spammer when creating a social media marketing plan.
Neither your tribe nor your audience might not start out as potential clients, but they might have friends who require your services. Many free services allow you to track visitor traffic, determine where it came from, and the amount of time visitors spend on your page. If, in the future, they do need your product or services, they will be more likely to turn to someone they know. Jot down ideas that will trigger discussion, and arrange online webinars, podcasts  and chats.
Once you create a Disqus identity, your comments on other sites are stored, with a link back to your business website and social media profiles.
Are there enough potential buyers to make your product or service a viable business option? Everything, from the colors you use, your font style and your content establishes “Brand You.” This is a key step in creating a social media marketing plan.
If your business specialty does not appear in the column, you need to change your strategy.
If people like what you say, you might inspire them, and make it easy for them, to patronize your business.
Using Predictive Analytics 30 Image: GDPR: Do You Know What Data Protection Breaches Could Cost You? Do other companies already serve your particular area?Know Your CompetitorsIf other companies already service your buyers and location, you must discover all you can about the competition.
If you’ve never written a plan, search the Internet for a social media marketing plan sample or a social media marketing plan template. In an age when everyone is concerned with privacy, while criticizing businesses for their lack of transparency, a Disqus profile shows that you have nothing to hide. Will joining the competition with your products or services saturate the market, or is there enough room for you, as well?

Once you understand your competitors, you must determine what makes you stand out.Know Your Brand ValueDavid Ogilvy said, “You now have to decide what ‘image’ you want for your brand. Without a clear understanding of your voice and vision—of how you want the world to see your company—you’ll struggle to match your marketing plan to your brand.
Here are 10 key steps you can follow when writing a marketing plan to make sure this doesn’t happen.Know Your AudienceBefore you can start a marketing plan, you must know whom you’ll be serving. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place.” The one thing that sets you apart from your competitors is your brand value. Your buyer personas will dictate your processes, design, products, services, content, and communication.
You must capitalize on this even before you begin writing a marketing plan so that it becomes the foundation of your company. Without your brand value, you’re just like every other company in your market.Know Your ObjectivesYour brand value will then help you determine your objectives.
These are the plans that will help you meet your goals, such as creating relationships with distributors and creating marketing and social networking that will increase brand awareness.Match Objectives to Your GoalsOnce you understand your objectives, then you can plan your goals.
Your goals may be to increase brand awareness (and again, without your brand in mind, you can’t consider this a goal) or to discover new markets for your products and services. Your objectives should match these goals and help you meet them.Build Your StrategyWith objectives and goals in place, you can begin building your strategy. In most cases, your strategy will include, yes the old but still relevant, four Ps: pricing, product, promotion, and place. Otherwise, you’ll be twisting in the wind without any direction.Create Your TacticsWith your strategy in place, you can create tactics for marketing. Will you go the traditional route through print, radio, and television, or will you find your buyers online?
Your marketing tactics should reach those buyers wherever they are, and speak to them of your strategy.
Knowing what buyers value in your products, where they’ll buy those products, and why those products are needed are all a part of creating your tactics.Choose Your MetricsHow will you determine your Key Performance Indicators? You can also choose to follow your reach, brand awareness, return on investment, length of the sales cycle, keyword performance, cost per lead, and overall growth.You’re now prepared to write a powerful marketing plan with your brand as the backbone.

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