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Usually, when someone receives a link to a funny clip shared by a friend or colleague, they want to watch it as soon as it loads, without delays or interferences, like those caused by online advertisements. Nonetheless, this is not possible without a special kind of tool installed onto the system. As soon as the setup is complete, users will be able to start the program and activate the video advertisement blocking function on the spot. In order to help users check out the status of the YouTube ads, the software displays a large lock, which is bright red when the blocker is on and blue when the video ads are allowed. The most evident advantage of this solution is the ease of use which makes YouTube Video Ad Blocker suitable for all types of users, advanced and less experienced alike. Nonetheless, there is also another big plus brought by this app, namely its ability to prevent other types of adverts, like those sidebar or hover ads, banners and featured advertisements that are so often encountered. All things considered, YouTube Video Ad Blocker will surely prove to be a great helper for all users who are tired of seeing countless ads on a daily basis and want to enjoy watching an online video without the distractions that usually come from the numerous ads shown on the webpage. Building the perfect ad-blocker is a complex business, not least because your users can have very different ideas on how it should work. Opera has given users a new reason to use an ad-blocker: a new desktop browser that's claimed to make web pages almost twice as fast to load. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Blockr - Privacy, Media and Ad Blocker for Safari.
Yahoo has sparked controversy by preventing some users from accessing their email accounts if they have an ad blocker installed. Operaa€™s desktop browser is going full-hog in the ad-block game by incorporating their own blocker, no third party apps necessary. Here's our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Refine - Customizable Ad Blocker for Safari.
Google Chrome and Firefox users can have AdBlock extension to block regular ads while browsing. Note: You may try to watch above video on your PC, you will see ads if ad blocker is not installed. Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India.
Subsequent to the download operation, the archive can be unzipped so you can launch the executable and start working with it right away, with no installation process required. This translates into the ability to store and transport Portable Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker with you on any removable memory drive, being able to use it on any computer you like, as well as delete it when done, leaving no other traces behind. When launching the program, bear in mind that you need to use your administrator privileges for it to function properly. The application may also prompt you to restart your web browser of choice, so as to ensure that the performed modifications take full effect. From there on, the movies on the popular video hosting website will cease to display pesky video ads at the beginning. In closing, Portable Dailymotion Video Ad Blocker proves to be a useful and very simple to understand utility that you can rely on to get rid of the advertisement from your favorite website, so you can watch your videos in peace.
YouTube Video Ad Blocker is one such application and it aims to put an end to the inevitable interruptions brought by ads. The GUI is pretty simple and this is to be expected from a utility that has to carry out only one task, which can be enabled with a single mouse click.
That means, the advertisement slot on top-right corner of the YouTube page will also be not visible and will not load.

If you are using Kaspersky or other popular Internet Security software on your computer, then you may try their Ad Blocker option as well. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area. The main window’s basic appearance makes it fairly straightforward and intuitive to use, even by less experienced individuals, as it only requires you to click on a button. If, for whatever reason, you wish to revert the change, you can press on the exact same button, then reopen your browser, restoring everything to its original state.
We had discussed ads blocking options for website and pages, but here are some tools to block or disable YouTube ads as well.
You just need to install the extensions listed below depending on the browser you are using. Actually YouTube partners can earn money when people are viewing their videos, but what if you want to skip, disable or block those ads. Once the extension will be installed, just enable the extension to keep blocking the advertisements on YouTube. And this feature will give more bandwidth to the video streaming on YouTube, so you will see some drop in buffering time on YouTube as well.

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