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Most of the media players out there are more geared towards playing music from the files that you have on your system, and some provide option to play YouTube videos as well. Muziic comes from a start-up company, and is developed by a 16 years old developer David Nelson. In terms of customization, Muziic lets you change the skins of the player, and provides tons of free skins (My favorite skins still continue to come with Winamp – they not only change the color of the player, but change the whole shape). Muziic is a really great music player, that has been well thought of and addresses the need of today’s music lovers.
However, they have still not accustomed to the fact that most of the music that we like to hear is from internet, and trend of downloading the music files is going to decrease down the line.
Surprisingly, it still beats those top of the line media players in the way it integrates everything together.

Muziic then searches the biggest music catalog in the world for your specified keywords – YouTube. Only thing I wish it had was the option to download YouTube songs to the local hard drive so that I can play my playlist even in the rare case that I am not connected to internet. So, its high time they start they start integrating all these sources of music together in the player, instead of as separate options. Muziic also lets you surf YouTube channels to select your favorite channels and listen to those directly. Muziic also shows a video screen on the right that shows the video associated with your chosen song.
Apart form this, Muziic also lets you stream videos from any other cloud based services by providing URL of the file.

This means that you do not have to switch between tabs (as in other players) to play songs from different sources. Once you have created your playlist, Muziic automatically manages where should it pull that song from – Youtube, your local drive, or from cloud. This happens completely transparently to you, and only thing you need to do is just sit back and enjoy your music.

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