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You are an avid consumer of YouTube video content, but there are times that you want to have those clips even if you aren’t on the Internet, like if you have a slow broadband connection or when the content is deleted. Airy YouTube Downloader lets you download videos from YouTube for offline viewing, complete with an array of bells and whistles. Pete Wilson Doesn't handle Playlists or Channels, it's no better than any one of the dozens of free video downloaders out there. Mark Gregory Code Works but converts back to Trial Version after running software second time.
Ricky Rick Does this software have Open Candy (which tricks people into installing extra software like toolbars and etc.) or any kind of Spyware? Vic Rosa It has already done two days i am waiting for the email with the code and nothing.
Robert Kalember I have not been able to obtain license code for Airy nor my previous 2 downloads, despite several requests to resend, and careful scrutiny of my spam folder. I understand the paranoia that software developers must be living in: they think that you and I are standing on street-corners at night, giving their software away, and installing it for free on dozens of other computers every day. Instead of getting them to reactivate the program, I'll just use Revo Pro to uninstall it completely, and monitor this site to see if Eltima improves their product. The new version of the operating system always changes the hardware ID of your machine which is linked to the activation code that is why you have to reset your previous activation and update your computer information.
George Butel Does the program "see"virtual hardware changes to the computer as making it into a "new computer"?

But from what you say, I can't do what I was planning to do, because if I either reinstall Win10 again as an upgrade or put the Win10 image I made a month ago back onto this computer, Airy will do a license check, and whatever it tells your server will be that this computer is really a different one. The most convenient online downloader I've used was ClipGrab, which gets flagged by AV programs because of its opencandy component. I don't know what it is, but some videos are downloadable with one program but not the other.
Portable Youtube Downloader HD provides you with a comprehensive application that enables you to quickly grab videos from YouTube in HD and save them to your computer. Designed with ease of use in mind, the main interface consists of a single window, comprising all the configuration options in a well-organized layout. Portable Youtube Downloader HD provides support for a few output types, namely MP4 (at medium quality, in HD at 720p or full HD at 1080p) and FLV (at 240p, HQ at 360p or HQ at 480p), provided that the video format is also available on YouTube. Once the process is started, the application allows you to view the download progress, in percentages and video size. One advantage of this application is that it can process large video files and videos that have names with non-English characters, thus there is no limitation on the video type to download. Portable Youtube Downloader HD is very easy to use and provides fast downloading and conversion speed, enabling you to grab video clips with high image and sound quality. And I can assure i already resent the request several times, the answer is it will be sent shortly, but so far, nothing. The amazing thing about most companies is that they don't make a nightmare out of activation.

One of the Applian Replay programs that I may have installed or reinstalled recently creates a virtual digital video recorder (it uses a Jaksta Technologies driver.) It doesn't show up in the device manager as a software device. MyTube is eternally deciding that a video "no longer exists" or else is "inappropriate," whatever that means, so I then have to use something else.
Furthermore, it is portable, so it does not require installation and it does not affect your system registry, allowing you to carry it around with you on any removable drive.
Right when you want to use it, and don't have time to mess around, lo and behold, it thought I was using a trial version and had exceeded the two free downloads--although I'd used it dozens of times. Do you want to update your hardware information?" Trying to do that means going to Eltima's website--"If you have changed your computer and would like to use your licensed software on a new machine, just send us your Activation Code and we will reset information about your old computer. I did upgrade to Win10 for a while, but I can't remember if I had to re-activate Airy after I did that or not; I don't use it that much.
I have never been able to get the Applian Video Capture to work properly, and its Media Capture, which is analogous to Airy and MyTube, is temperamental. But I'm going to put that Win10 image back on this machine in a while, and run Win10 for a while, see if it's any better, and I'll probably end up putting an 8.1 Macrium Reflect image back on this machine.
Some of my favorite companies, like MindGems and SaltyBrine, make it a nightmare: you have to email them and explain the situation to get them to add to their activation limit, which they're nice about doing, but I'd rather have something like a license key file or something similar to save me the trouble.

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