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Download options offer you maximum flexibility with Bigasoft YouTube Downloader, which gives you the choice of downloading videos as MP4 or FLV files. Nowadays, it’s super easy and simple to download YouTube videos, there are so many tools available to do that. But, today we’ll be talking about a simple online tool, two desktop software and a Greasemonkey script, with the help of which, you can download YouTube movies as well along with all those music videos you wanted to have on your computer. There are obviously more ways to download a video or movie from YouTube, but we prefer the following 4 methods as they are 100 percent functional and very reliable. Using the YouTube Downloader HD, you can download all those high quality HD videos and movies. The easiest way to download a YouTube video is by installing a GreaseMonkey user script on your favorite browser.
I use Keep Tube, it is the easiest way to download YouTube videos and the quality is very nice as well. I have tried to use the YouTube Downloader and a few other tools that which sadly do not download official videos…say Gangnum Style. YouTube videos can be downloaded in any of the pixel quality that is listed up on the video information bar. To download any YouTube video, the URL of the video that appears on the address is to be copied and pasted to the software installed on the computer. The software and the browser based downloaders are usually java compatible and hence, the user’s computer should be loaded with latest version of java so that videos can be easily downloaded. Based on the connection quality, the youtube video download can be chosen in terms of quality and pixels.
YouTube downloaders don’t have a limitation on the size or length of the video that has to be downloaded. Working of these softwares is based on the concept of ripping the data stored at a particular location in the computer. People have been watching videos on YouTube since a very long time, some even use it as a platform to make themselves more known to the world and even make a quick buck.
Downloading a video from YouTube or any other video sharing website is pretty much like learning how to sit and watch TV.

Of course, you can also use torrents to download those videos, but we suggest you to use these ones! Let’s start with one of the most use online websites that is used to download videos from YouTube.
HD movies and videos make a lot of difference when viewing on a big screen, they’re just better to watch. The one that we’ll talk about here is called Download YouTube videos to MP4 and it adds a Download button to the YouTube page. The software links to the video and provides options to the user regarding the video quality and format. If not, the software might ask the user to do that prior to activate the video downloading feature. A genuine good converter will let downloads in multiple formats so that the video won’t require conversions into other formats for smartphone or iPod playback. Since YouTube has also started showcasing movies from all over the world, the download file would require a considerable storage.
Just the way Windows Media Player rips an audio CD and still keeps all the data intact in the disc, downloaders can access the data stored at that URL and easily fetch from there. These links are constantly updated in terms of transmission and thus the data is never stable enough. Normally, if someone likes a video on YouTube, they’d want to download it on to their hard drive. You can easily download any video on the internet with ther help of certain extensions or addons. You can do almost all that you want with YouTube downloader, including on the fly video conversion. Thus, if you’re someone who wants to download HD videos from YouTube, then this is the tool for you.
After the best suited quality is selected, the “download” button can be clicked and the video starts to download. Downloaders are enough capable to sustain an active download for a significant amount of time thus allowing movie and sitcom downloads at just one click.

Videos of various qualities can be downloaded from the very same URL which makes it easier for the software.
Often exclusive content such as video releases and mini flicks are also shared on these websites too and the number of such uploads is quite on an increase. For example, you can refer to the top Google chrome download managers or the best Firefox download managers.
A simple interface makes it quick, as you only have to provide the link and hit the download button.
It has similar features to the YouTube downloader and can convert videos on the fly or convert them in to Mp3.
Also, there are several YouTube downloaders that appear on the very first instant when searched on Google.
In case of an add-on added to the browser, right below the video window on the website is a download button. Most of the software are dependent on the operating system and hence are come in different versions for all the OS.
Since video download mechanism is the same and only server extensions vary, various softwares can also download videos from these websites without any glitch and erroneous operation.
Then, it searches for all the available qualities and sizes and then you can either Right-click and Save Target or you just click on Download.
When clicked, the button initiates the download after the user confirms that which format and video quality he desires. It is, however, quite easy to find such a software for Windows and Android based devices than for Mac or Linux based devices. This eradicates the need to download any video converter and since most of the video converters available are not freeware, so multiple format download is very economical to the user. They also offer a desktop version which is paid, but if you are looking for free solution web based Keepvid is enough to take care of video download needs.

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