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Imagine if you could earn thousands of pounds a month, just by posting clips of yourself online?Well, one uni graduate is doing just that.
YouTube appears to be playing around at launching a new video page layout, but no word as of yet when it will be available everywhere. While doing some work on the TechnoBuffalo YouTube channel, our own Jon Quach randomly saw a new video page layout appear this afternoon.
We haven’t seen any official word from YouTube as of yet about this layout change, but keep an eye out for it as you are surfing your favorite tech videos.
Since then, its popularity has continued to grow and the site now has more visitors than Justin Bieber's!Joseph, who has a degree in TV and video production, is keeping quiet about how much cash he's actually making.

So far he is the only member of the staff to encounter it, and it’s worth noting that he is located in Canada. Top Comments aren’t quite as broken apart from the other comments as they have been before, and blend in a bit more naturally. If you click the little icon in the top left below the banner, you can see all of your subscriptions and account information. However, in the last 28 days, the channel's received 157,287,590 views, which will have earned him between ?47,151 and ?235,912 before deductions. None of the staff in California, or in my location of Missouri, have seen it appear as of yet, so we aren’t sure what is triggering itsĀ appearance.

That's pretty incredible, we think!Game fanatics tune in to the channel to pick up tips of how to play the cult classic game and Joseph receives an enormous 3,000 messages a day from players.Joseph, who lives with his parents, spends an hour-a-day recording and a further ten hours editing the video and managing the business.
He told the Daily Mirror: "I'm not going to lie, I think I've got the best job in the world.

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