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To ensure authenticity in the presentation of India’s history, Balaji Telefilms has conducted an in-depth research to verify all facts and figures, the chronology of events and the depiction of all its characters. Ekta traveled across the country and attended every audition personally to hand-pick the right actors for the roles of Jodha and Akbar. Hindi entertainment channel Zee TV, announces a new brand identity featuring a new logo with a slogan "Umeed Se Saje Zindagi' with the objective of taking forward a progressive outlook for the channel. Rajan Shahi has always believed that fresh stories require fresh talent and Director’s Kut Productions has always encouraged and provided a platform for newcomers. Elaborating on that one element which works well for DKP, Shahi said, “Every show of mine has a sense of positivity. The show is replacing Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi which did not work well for the channel, and hence they are moving ahead with the new show. As a part of marketing and promotion for the show, channel has lined up a well rounded plan which includes endorsements in print, on television, DTH, and cable platforms amongst other initiatives.
The key cast for the show includes newbie Kaanchi Singh as Avni and Mishkat Varma as Raj in the lead roles.
Shahi is of the opinion that with television evolving at a great speed it is growing bigger than Bollywood in terms of revenue and employment.
In a country where horror is represented by voodoo dolls, lemons and chillies, Fear Files will take the road less travelled and explore the psychology of fear.
While this season is based on four themes, one theme for each production house, Essel Vision will explore the theme of possessed objects from our everyday lives, BBC India will introduce an all-new genre of chronicles of love with a twist of horror. At the launch of the event we at Adgully caught up with Pradeep Hejmadi, Business Head, ZEE TV to know more about what this season will bring to audiences.
On asking why Fear Files was revived, Hejmadi said, “The success of the first season was one aspect. Bodhi Tree Production’s Sukesh Motwani was overwhelmed to be associated with Zee for this show.
On asking Motwani about the changes this season will have he said, “You have to keep upping the levels of how you can visually create newer motives, how you can use ordinary things and scare people out of it.
Myleeta Aga of BBC Productions said, “In our conversations with ZeeTV, we understood their plans to re-launch Fear Files with a fresh approach to fear.
Producer Aditya Singh of Shri Jagganaath Entertainment said, “We have had a long association with Zee TV and Horror. So, hold on to your seats and allow yourself to get totally immersed in the suspense of these captivating stories coming right up on your television screens.
The magnum opus historical will capture the royal couple’s journey of love that, in fact, began with intense hatred.
Minute attention to detail on aspects such as the set, costumes, jewellery, dialects and diction, traditions and rituals has resulted in an extremely authentic re-creation of the royal lifestyles of Mughals & the Rajputs. The idea is to support the preservation of our monuments by encouraging lovers to write their names on virtual monuments rather than real ones. Under this initiative, ZEEL MD & CEO, Punit Goenkashared a first look of the new brand identity for its flagship Hindi entertainment channel, Zee TV, at a press conference in Mumbai. Woven beautifully around the culture and traditions of the Marwari community, Avni lives, eats and breathes romantic books and romantic movies.
With the show being allotted the 10 pm slot Shahi opined, “I never ask for particular slots for my shows as I am superstitious.

The first season uncovered the truth behind some of the most intriguing, unfathomable events that have taken place across different parts of India.
Putting together these spine-chilling tales is not one but multiple production houses such as Zee’s content engine - Essel Vision, BBC India, Bodhi Tree Productions, Shri Jagganaath Productions and a few others. On the other hand Shri Jagganaath Entertainment’s stories will investigate the dark truth behind haunted places, and lastly, Bodhi Tree Productions will present episodes that will demystify myths and superstitions, delve into the occult and other mysterious phenomena. The other was to strengthen our weekend programming and also ensure that the whole family watches the television together. The show will extend depending on the response and how the channel is able to refresh the stories. Quite a few have expressed interest and closer to the date we will come to know about the same.
He said, “In a genre like fiction, one needs to make sure that there is no monotony in the story.
We tapped into our strength at BBC India as producers of romance and action driven reality shows and proposed telling stories of what happens when love turns into terror. It is about fear that can come to you in the confines of everyday lives of ordinary individuals. What started as a marriage based on political power-play evolved into something more meaningful as they went along.
In the young and handsome Rajat Tokas, Ekta has found the ideal blend of boyish innocence and rugged manliness required of Akbar. The channel will create boards on Pinterest familiarizing viewers with the architecture, monuments, artefacts, clothes and jewellery from the Mughal era. The new logo, packaging and positioning was unveiled in the event "Umeed ka Naya Chehra' telecast on 19thJune 2011 at 9 pm on Zee TV.Launched in 1992 against the backdrop of post-liberalization with its social, cultural and economic upheaval, Zee brought a new meaning to entertainment in India. Jaipur, the show boasts of an interesting cast who form the characters of the two families who are central in the narrative. Falling in love is one of the most magical experiences that can occur between two people and to share this experience is master story teller, Rajan Shahi who is the producer as well as the director of the show.
Her notion and her idea of love is fuelled by these visuals until the moment of truth happens and she realizes that what she was looking for was always right in front of her. It captures the journey of Avni who transcends the boundaries set for her and begins to experience life in all its glory. We try to break two myths through this show, one is that love stories do not work on television and the other is that love on television screen means running away from love or dying for love. The story celebrates the first flush of love…the small, tender moments which develop between these two individuals, painted against the picture perfect backdrop of the pink city. Other key cast comprises of Waseem Mushtaqh, Ashita Dhawan, senior actor Rajeev Verma and newcomer Nikita Agarwal amongst others. Through these unique routes, the latest season of Fear Files will let the audience experience the myriad facets of fear.
The channel currently plans to use print, television, radio and digital to promote the show.
So instead of working with one production house and then struggle in writing, we felt if you give them four different stands to work on, they can keep building interesting stories on each of the streams.
Can you take a lift, a flickering light or a car door which is not opening, can you take ordinary things also and scare them.

How these individuals cope with their fears, overcome it and triumph over all odds forms the core of the episodes that we are doing.
The show will highlight how it was Jodha’s love that had a calming influence on him, transforming him from a brave warrior to a benevolent king and a better ruler with great appreciation for art, culture and love for his people.
It created a revolution in entertainment broadcast technology with its content, which mirrored the common man's life and dreams.
The story encapsulates the life of a vivacious young girl, Avni and her experience of falling in love. To quote Alexander Smith who said “Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition” so will love find our protagonist Avni?? It’s one unique and unmistakable experience, an exhilarating mix of feelings that brings two people together. So there will be objects that we use every day, and the thought behind it is the object might be cursed, haunted or possessed then how your mind might play games with that. The first episode from our stable looks at a bride’s traumatic experience with a possessed lehenga.
The channel will also have stalls serving sherbet outside prominent dargahs in Uttar Pradesh as a goodwill gesture on the launch day. Eighteen years later it stands tall as a leading player in India and the largest Indian entertainment network in the world. It’s not just about ghosts, gore and bloodshed but stories that keep you on the edge of your seats, simply because they tap into fears of the sub-conscious mind that can grip you just about anywhere, anytime! Secondly, the first season was made by me and Mautik when he was the format head and I only told him to create it because I know he was good at it. Akbar was someone who became a soldier and a king at the age of 14 and by 17, he had already won a battle on his own. Mishkat has got the typical chocolate boy good looks and is soon to become another heartthrob in the industry. It has endured due to its ability to innovate and keep pace with changing times and expectations. A reflection of the adage that tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.With its longstanding heritage and strong connect, Zee TV has bridged the gap between the older and emerging paradigms and championed new beliefs through its stories and characters. Zee TV shows like Saat Phere, Betiyaan, Kasam SeA¬¶ caught the pulse of the changing ethos rooted in socio-cultural issues. I’m told Jodha was someone whose eyes conveyed humility, simplicity, courage and conviction. The new positioning is about a celebration and vindication of a woman's emerging beliefs and a reflection of her changing hopes, dreams and optimism. Chetan Hansraj will play the role of Adham Khan, the mighty son of Mahamanga who has an eye on the Mughal throne. Keeping with this DNA of the brand, Zee TV premieres two new shows, Shobha Somnath Ki and Mrs Kausik Ki Paanch Bahuein on 20th June at 8 pm and 10 pm respectively.

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