The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint is a step-by-step Internet marketing guide and covers everything from website structure to content marketing. Our screencast support videos compliment the Blueprint, showing examples and using case studies on how to use recommended services and implement online marketing techniques shared in the Blueprint. The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Community allows you to read other people’s experiences with the Blueprint and ask specific questions that relate to your situation. Our first 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan was released in 2008 – and its core material consisted of 4 DVDs.
The original 26-week Internet Marketing Plan was sold as a live seminar that consisted of 4 DVDs, 4 workbooks and 8 CDs. So… for a limited time only you can now download the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint and access the Inner Circle content for only $7 for the first month, then just $17 for each month that you choose to continue. If you’ve read The 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing, then you already know the kind of quality you can expect from David.
The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint is covered by a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee.
Thanks for the mention, John – if anyone has any questions, feel free to post them here. His 13 Pillars were really useful for anyone who is trying to run an online business, so I look forward to seeing this new addition. By the way, if it’s OK with you I’d like to add that no marketing plan or marketing calendar should be set in stone! If history has taught us anything, no matter how effective your plan may be, chances are, it will have to be altered at a given time; due to what your competitor(s), clients, future clients or suppliers are doing.

No doubt about it, there’s an easy way to be sure that you can continue to have success in the future – if you just start off with flexibility in mind!
The best way to do so is to have a marketing plan and marketing calendar that is flexible and built to adjust itself when the time comes to do so.
I think it looks like a pretty good product if you could take the time to learn everything and have it auto cancel after a month or two. Discover the secrets I used to take my small blog from a few visitors to hundreds of thousands, and how I made millions along the way!
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Not only did David gave the 199 page ebook away for free, but he didn’t even require any kind of opted in. While it’s not free like the 13 Pillars, The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint offers an amazing value that any Interner marketer should take advantage of. Follow every week and you’ll also find links to watch screencast support videos, interact in the community and watch the original seminar videos at the appropriate time.

You can view these original video recordings in their entirety inside the Inner Circle members’ area.
I already have collected a pile of WSOs, ebooks, and course materials, most of which have overlapping content that I wonder if there are still new material out there that are worth their price tags. I’ll consider joining it, but before that: Is the whole course all about affiliate marketing, if not, then which other methods? I definitely agree though as I have purchased a course very recently and info overload is deadly! The latest AP Top 25 NCAA Football Poll rankings will be announced to news within minutes, just after 9 am PST. The blueprint includes supporting screencast videos, access to the Inner Circle Community, full video recordings (5 hours) of the original 26-week Internet Marketing Plan seminar and Lifetime 26-week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint updates.
This time around, The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint will be offer as an online product. I honestly think David should be charging a lot more than $7 but I understand why he is offering it at such a low price. I may check it out but I already have so many things to do that it may be better to not contribute to further overwhelm. Last week, Auburn, Oregon, Norte Dame, Michigan State, Georgia, and TCU rounded out the top ten.

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