You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Add a dynamic dimension to your Powerpoint presentations with our special conceptual 2D Pyramids Powerpoint slides and visuals.
Building Information Modelling is the biggest change in the construction sector, since CAD replaced hand drafting. Building Information Modelling is the first step in the BIM workflow for retrofit & refurb projects.
BIM was developed as a way of managing the full development lifecycle of a building project.
Architects and contractors want to now apply these skills to refurb projects, however the assumption has been that trying to model existing buildings and structures in Archicad is time consuming and extremely costly. Archictectural  building model developed from 2D sketch for UK client for planing application. Archicad 3D BIM model of Wood frame house constructions developed from sketches for Norway client.

3D BIM model of urban context developed for US client from site photos and google street view for further architectural concept development. For 2D CAD drafting work our rate starts from 8 EU per hour and Archicad BIM services 9 EU per hour and Teamwork 9 EU per hour. BIM services, CAD drafting: CAD drafting company was established in 2007 in Lithuania (EU country). CAD Drafters , technicians : Expanding CAD ( Archicad BIM, Autocad ) drafting capabilities. Our digital artists have developed a collection of 3D Pyramid 4 Pieces Powerpoint Presentation Slides for every business need. Our 2D Pyramids Powerpoint graphics and diagrams are a powerful tool for you to effectively communicate your ideas in your Corporate Heirarchy and Organisation structure PPT slideshow, Career Growth Powerpoint presentations, Multi Level Corporate Marketing Strategic alignments PPT presentations, Investment, Finance and Budget Strategic Priorities Powerpoint slideshows, Human Resources PPT presentations, Education Powerpoint slideshows, Medical PPT presentations, Advertising and Multimedia PPT slideshows, Architecture and Construction Powerpoint presentations and Health, Diet and Fitness PPT presentations. Used to facilitate new designs, build changes and communication amongst contractors and design teams, it has provided significant cost savings and efficiency gains.
We provide an up-front quotation on the complete project so you’ll know the total cost without any surprises.

Since then it has grown from one person to a strong team of certified freelance architects, archicad, autocad drafters, technicians.
Provide On-Demand CAD conversion, BIM services, Architectural rendering, Custom Archicad objects, solution for outsource CAD drafting. As these methods have become more robust, companies have looked to apply these techniques to a range of projects. Combined with the current downturn in the new build sector, many firms have seen the majority of their construction work switch to retrofit and refurb projects instead of new build.

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