Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. There are so many strategies that one can use to market their business and of course, you must do what is best for you based on what you are capable of, according to your commitment and budget.
Affinity Marketing: This is when you are partnering or collaborating with other organizations to form an alliance for cobranding and cross endorsements so you can broaden your reach for perhaps the same or general cause. Digital Marketing: Email marketing has an 80% open rate compared to nine-to-twelve months ago, so are you participating? Content Marketing: This type of marketing shows off your expertise and passion for what you do.
Event Marketing: It is good social practice to use an event with a cause to bring awareness to what is near and dear to your heart as a collaboration with another organization.
You'll learn why, how, and when to measure the impact of various types of content marketing, traps to avoid, and tips to take your measurement to the next level.
Different marketing experts are saying various things you should be doing according to their specific industries and may not be applicable to all.

The main advantage is for the consumer to get the best of both worlds and it captures their attention and perhaps brings or increases awareness you would not have necessarily had.
Your digital campaign must be consistent and relevant to your product or service and definitely for your client.
Sharing your content increases your brand awareness and increases value to what your business offers.
It is a win-win, considering the fact that you are giving back to something that the community sees and brings awareness to your business and the cause. Therefore, do some research based on your divine clients so you can reach and engage with them, which is your ultimate goal.
Find those organizations or businesses who are like-hearted, but is a compliment to each of your businesses and market together.
It includes the use of technology to engage with clients, whether that be computers, smartphones, cell phones, tablets and such, which will engage them through emails, apps, social networks, and technology innovation that developers create just about daily. Although, one must know which ones are best for your business, such as blogging, e-newsletters, article writing, social media and in-person events.

For instance, my company has adopted or partnered with the Mental Health Association because there are a lot of women, regardless of all socioeconomic backgrounds, who are dealing with depression and other mental challenges they are living with in silence, because of the stigma. You must ask yourself, “how do my potential clients prefer to be reached and what would be your greatest return?” With that being said, I only want to capture four strategies that can be inclusive with your strategies perhaps you may not be already doing. Whatever relates to your clients or maybe something in your personal life, use that as a platform to build social responsibility for your business and brand.
There are 60% B2B owners who have agreed that event marketing is effective with a 40% conversion rate, because you are actually face-to-face. Actually, digital marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and can be targeted as opposed to the general masses, because there are various ways for potential clients who can opt-in to get your information or promotions that are increased through videos, landing pages, and social media engagement via your company website.

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