Entre la F5 et la Z100, c'est une question de nombre de photosites, de taille de capteur, de workflow, et de cible. Update – AMD has asked us to removed this content piece due to their NDA regarding the Hawaii GPU. The official presentation for the AMD Radeon R9 290X and Radeon R9 290 graphic cards have been leaked giving us a more brief look at the specifications and the kind of performance to expect in gaming at 4K resolution. So before telling you the specifications which you might already know if you have been following us of lately, both the Radeon R9 290X and Radeon R9 290 graphic cards would be based on the Hawaii GPU. Let’s get on with the specifications, the Radeon R9 290X is the flagship part featuring the full blown Hawaii chip with 2816 Stream Processors divided into 44 CUs (Compute Units).
Nvidia Cuts GTX 750 Ti Prices Ahead Of Upcoming GTX 950 LaunchIn addition to the core specs, the Radeon R9 290X comes with a generous 4 GB GDDR5 memory which runs along a 512-bit interface. Next up we have the more cost-effective Hawaii Pro graphic card known as the AMD Radeon R9 290 (Non-X). The Radeon R9 290 will be powered with an 8+6 Pin power configuration though the picture we were provided shows dual 6-Pin connectors so either there’s something wrong with the picture or there seems to be a typo in the chart itself. So now we get on with the more juicy bits, let’s start this talk with the API support. AMD Silently Launches Radeon R7 350 2 GB Graphics Card With Cape Verde XTL Core - Launch Exclusive To APAC MarketsFinally, we come to talk about the details all of us have been waiting for aka the performance numbers. As you can note and as we have been talking about, the Radeon R9 290 series is going to specifically target the high-end and enthusiast crowd delivering amazing performance in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160). It’s a unit particularly suitable for classrooms, small and medium conference rooms, and huddle spaces. Because it’s built on the Crestron .AV Framework, it’s ready to go right out of the box, providing all the elements needed to deliver a high-performing presentation experience. It’s possible to create an instant switching system by connecting up to four Crestron Connect It (TT-100) cable caddies. It is also possible to set up volume control and choose icons and text labels for sources to get a presentation system up and running in no time. The built-in 3-Series Control System make the DMPS3-4K-150-C a network-grade appliance with high-speed Ethernet connectivity and enterprise-level security. Integrators can create an instant switching system by connecting up to four Crestron Connect It (TT-110) cable caddies.
The article and its content would go live once the NDA is over or the product has officially been launched and announced by AMD. AMD Radeon R9 290 were initially announced at the GPU ’14 event held last month in Hawaii but AMD never unveiled the specifications or performance numbers of these upcoming cards until today.

This is in-fact the only new graphics chip in the Radeon R9 and Radeon R7 series lineup which is not a rebrand or a refreshed part of the Southern Islands lineup. The Bonaire XTX GPU is currently featured on AMD’s Radeon R9 260X graphics card which was launched yesterday. As you might have seen, the Radeon R9 290 comes with 2560 Stream processors which means only 40 CU’s enabled on this Hawaii part. The display outputs include Dual-DVI, HDMI and Display port with Eyefinity compatibility and just like its bigger brother, it is supposed to run games at 4K resolution with ease. This would allow developers to dig deep into the metal to bring console-level optimizations through ease of programming and faster optimizations over a coherent GCN chip architecture.
The new technology, as mentioned before allows for direct access between GPU display pipelines over PCI-Express hence no external connectors are required.
AMD has already told that the new GPUs would be compatible with the AMD Catalyst frame pacing technologies so issues such as stuttering and high latency wouldn’t be much of an issue with the new series as it was on the last generation cards.
Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. Integrators simply connect their cables, specify the sources and displays, and the system is up and running without custom programming.
Using an iPad, computer, or pre-loaded touch screen (model TSW-752-B-DMPS3_PAK), the installer selects the display and .AV Framework does the rest. Also to be considered the wireless BYOD presentation capabilities available connecting a Crestron AirMedia (AM-100) to the HDMI port. Cette cage Rolleiflex 4K est un accessoire principalement dedie aux videastes ou aux cineastes travaillant avec du materiel hybride ou reflex. With built-in 3-Series Control System, the DM is a network grade appliance with high-speed Ethernet connectivity and enterprise-level security. The GCN 1.0 architecture is part of the entire HD 7000 series Southern Islands lineup that is now being used inside the Radeon R9 280X GPU.
As for clock speeds, we are looking at 947 MHz max frequency which is yet again adjustable from the Dual BIOS switch. You can head over to our main article which gives a thorough insight on the new CrossFireX Technology by AMD.
The technology is fully compatible with AMD’s Catalyst frame pacing technologies which help reduce frame pacing issues faced with Multi-GPU setups which have been a massive problem with the Radeon 7000 series.
From the slide, you can see that the Radeon R9 290X delivers over 30 FPS in Aliens vs Predators, Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider while managing an even better 60 FPS in Battlefield 3, FarCry 3 and Skyrim. If you want more detailed benchmarks then i would advise you to head over to the previously leaked benchmarks posted here and here.

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The Crestron AV Framework means it’s ready to use out of the box, with integrators simply connecting the cables with no custom programming required.
These are configured through the card’s Dual BIOS switch that is located right next to the place where the CrossFire bridge is located on Radeon cards.
The Battlefield 4 Angry Sea gameplay was also demo’d on a single Radeon R9 290X in Eyefinity. Mantle API was something unknown to the tech and software industry till its announcement by DICE’s John Andersson at the Hawaii event.
We had a really brief and detailed article about the Mantle API which sums it up pretty nicely, so do head over to this link to check it out. Lastly, the slide mentions that users would face no performance penalty by with Sideport versus traditional used external bridges for CrossFireX. Pour rappel, je realise de nombreux tournages avec un GH4.Pour commencer avec cette cage, il faut savoir que la taille est reglable. Therefore, all connected rooms across the organisation can be centrally monitored and controlled from a single dashboard. Most reference cards don’t ship with Dual BIOS support and this is probably the first flagship GPU to ship with such an option.
The Radeon R9 290X features Dual-DVI, HDMI, Display ports for display capability and has a single 6 Pin and 8 Pin power connector to juice it up. The great thing about Mantle is that is such a good thing for any PC gamer that its not only being utilized by Frostbite 3 but other developers such as Infinity Ward, the creators of the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts have also hopped aboard to support Mantle API from AMD and feature it in their game.
Vous pouvez donc, comme dans mon cas, y fixer un hybride, mais vous pouvez aussi utiliser un petit DSLR ou bien un petit A7S.Mais pourquoi choisir une cage pour equipement son materiel pour filmer ?Le gros avantage d’une cage comme celle ci, ce sont tous les petit pas de vis qui sont de chaque cote. The high stream processor and core count allows the Radeon R9 290X to deliver a compute performance of 5.6 TFlops.
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