With all due respect to your family, friends, and employees, when it comes to getting real honest feedback on your app – there is no replacement for users’ comments and reviews. There is no excuse, really, in this day and age for not taking advantage of the vast data originating from users’ app usage, and for not optimizing marketing efforts in real time accordingly.
Our clients include premier international brands and partners, as well as boutique app developers and agencies, who use our unique optimization techniques and worldwide inventory for driving engaged-users to their apps and guaranteeing higher customer lifetime value (LTV). Content marketing is a very important strategy that is now adopted by each and every business to reach out to their customers. The striking difference, though, between a marketing strategy and content strategy is that marketing is targeted towards selling the product but content is targeted towards providing relevant and helpful information to the customers.
Once they are attracted towards the content and their attention has been captured it becomes easier to turn them and convince them into taking a desired action. But you should be aware of the common content marketing mistakes to get a better hold of the customers. Like any marketing activity it is important that you device and lay a foundation for the content that is to be provided to the customers.
You have to understand the people you are targeting, what information they generally are looking for and what are the values and interest that they share with your brand.
In fact chances are that your content may be tagged as a spam and ignored by the audiences completely if it is not up to their preferences. Many business owners do not fully understand business blogging to the core and think that it consists of writing exclusively about their products and services.
Instead, the strategy should be to provide useful information that will help the customers solve problems and address the key issues that exist in the industry. Such content should be particularly related to your business and products with qualities that would engage the readers with interesting content and should also meet their needs. Social media networking has changed a lot over the years and it has significantly shaped the content industry too.
Your content (if shared on your social media accounts) can generate a lot of exposure through visiting customers. Generating content for your website is a never ending tactic and that is why you should continuously create content.
The right balance will lift your brand and definitely bring in more customers to your site.
Posting content is not the only thing involved in content marketing strategy because you need to engage your customers. Unanswered comments are a dangerous thing and will lead to customers staying away from your content henceforth.
It is not a hidden fact that effective content marketing requires not just creation of good content but also interaction with the audiences.
Even the best content is never able to engage the users on its own and will eventually lose steam without any interaction by users. Every brand and business indulges into starting a website and create a content marketing plan. It’s better to break down all your goals in different sections and handle them one by one to help reach the final goal set by your content marketing strategy. This can look like a conflicting statement to the previous point where you are asked not to sell your product. If you avoid such mistakes you may be able to successfully generate a content strategy that will help your brand and business to grow furthermore. We know that we want to share our ideas, and we know that the first step is getting them out there. After spending your hard earned money and your valuable time creating quality content for your brand, how can you be sure you’re getting the most out of your effort? Let’s take a look at the 8 most common mistakes we are tempted to make when trying to win the love of our audience. You know the saying, “strike while the iron’s hot?”  It’s never been more crucial than with online posts. If you have something important to say once, that’s not enough.  When you provide helpful information often, you become the expert on a topic. Of course, if something relevant and exciting just happened in your field, you should interrupt your pre-scheduled posts and be the first to tell the world about it. There is an overabundance of people on freelance job boards who call themselves writers that cannot seamlessly construct two consecutive paragraphs.  The saddest thing is that they’re cashing in big time.
Because publishers who hire them don’t know the difference between a good writer and a bad one themselves. Search engines are putting your marketing skills to the test.  If you’re not an excellent writer, find one.  He or she will be your biggest asset! A writer who knows how to do this – has the ability to increase sales.  More sales are not only good for the wallet…more sales gets Google’s attention. In fact, if your follower is accustomed to receiving the latest and greatest insider information from you and you serve him up a watered down version of last month’s “nugget,” he’s going to be disappointed, and less likely to consider you the expert.
It’s easy to run out of time, but don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.  You must stay relevant and produce content that provides value to your readers. You’re creating awesome content.  Ada baby!!  You deserve a big ‘ole pat on the back.   Now, how do you get people to read it?
Imagine all of the hard work you’d put into purchasing, remodeling and decorating a new home.  At the end of it all, you’d want people to see your accomplishments, so you’d have a house warming party, right?
How would people know to come to your house warming party? …Because you’d invited them, of course. Remember that kid in school who always cheated?  He’d round second base and miss it by a foot, but said he really did tag the base?
Or maybe you have that uncle who always wants to play cards on the family beach trip, but years ago you noted his knack for fuzzy math. There is no such thing as perfect, but we should all apply due diligence to getting it right. Make an effort to spell-check your work, and when possible, run it by a second pair of eyes before posting. If it gets overwhelming, you’re better off admitting that it’s too much, and asking for help – than you’ll be if you drop the ball and the boss or client didn’t see it coming.
Also, consider hiring a non-paid intern who can pick up the slack.  Even if he or she is doing minimal tasks, these things are now off your plate. If you’ve made it thus far reading this article, that means you remained engaged by valuable information you feel will improve your content marketing efforts.
If the paragraphs were filled with fluff in order to meet a 1200 – 1500 word requirement, you’d most likely feel a bit miffed because your time was wasted.
About Kaitlynn RussoKaitlynn is the Marketing Automation Manager at Ebyline, a platform that connects companies with freelancers to create exclusive, high-quality content. In our previous post, we talked about how you can utilise “lean” startup principles to start building your brand. Most marketers spend countless hours (either in college or at your work) learning about the 4Ps of Marketing. A brand is something intangible, but for most business their brand is or becomes their most important asset over time. Content Marketing is huge; we’ve been writing some articles about it already on our blog before.
Content marketing takes time, dedication, and a strategic plan to help you position yourself as a thought leader in your industry and as a helpful resource for information your targeted customer is looking for.
We’ve all encountered content which took us hours to create and ending up with little to no traction and little to no conversion. So, stop your content creation efforts for a couple of minutes, finish reading this post first and make sure you’re efforts will be even more successful. For you as a brand it becomes more and more difficult to get your message across to your targeted audience. Smart marketers understand that the traditional way of advertising is less and less effective, that there has to be a better way.
Your product may be the best product in the world, with the most amazing features, your presentation to the outside world might be perfectly executed, and you have the best price in your category, but no one will ever know about all of these fantastic items if they don’t get past your high-level value proposition.
The value proposition is the number 1 thing that determines whether or not people are bothered with reading more about your product or hitting the back button. In its simplest terms, a Value Proposition is a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide for who and how you do it uniquely well. Let’s go over six things that can get your marketing moving in the right direction, without having to spend much besides sweat equity. When Inbound Marketing started, it started as a response to the negativity that was surrounding getting prospects via traditional “outbound marketing” methods.

By prioritising relevant and very useful content, companies were starting to attract customers to their website on the terms of the customer. After working with startup founding teams for the last couple of years, we found the evidence is clear: You can have the best product or service in the world but if you don’t have a solid go-to-market plan, your business will fail.
In addition to laying out the vision, establishing a growth strategy, and building and supporting their team – in most cases they’re also doing (or managing) all of the marketing efforts. You’ve got your website up and running, you have your products on display, you started blogging and before you know it you have visitors ending up on your website. You could sit behind your computer staring at your screen, asking yourself why your visitors are not staying longer, or you can take some action. We talked about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) before, giving you some intro into CRO and giving you the basics of CRO in three simple steps.
But before we start, let’s first understand what Bounce and Exit Rates are and what the difference between them is. Bounce Rate: the % of visitors, who having entered on a particular page, go no further than that page during their session. While it is very easy to work in your own cubicle and forget the rest of the office exists, dona€™t let that happen. Another reason being in-the-know at the office is important is because it helps with timing.
With all the talk about the importance of engagement, many marketers get so caught up in sharing and retweeting that they forget to speak for their own brand.A  Yes, you need to engage, but you also need to have an identity. For example, one study based solely on personality insights showed that certain groups of Twitter users were 40% more likely to redeem a coupon from a Twitter Ad. From what I have seen, experienced marketers don’t actually make any mistakes with Twitter.
That’s why newbies should focus on becoming authorities if they want to grow their following on Twitter. At Enterprise level, the most common mistake that companies make is that they fail to think outside-of-the-box when creating their annual Twitter strategy. Twitter can be used for any number of creative PR or content marketing pursuits to support higher level, ongoing digital marketing campaigns. It is important for large companies to investigate and test these various methods of use, in order to determine how best Twitter can be used to improve conversions during the year.
2) The Twitter strategy is not governed by a CCO (Chief Content Officer) whose job it is to track results, analyze the data and to build content templates to improve conversions in subsequent campaigns.
3) Because of a lack of integration, Twitter and the company’s existing community, has never been benchmarked or tested – so all content possibilities are high risk and largely unknown. Thinking outside-the-box means testing long term Twitter page content & management concurrently with short-term campaigns, recording the metrics for continuous improvement and understanding how the page can be used to its maximum potential. A large publisher for example, may decide to use their Twitter page to keep their customers informed about the latest books for sale, and for news about their authors.
I believe the most common mistake marketers make on Twitter is not creating a dedicated strategy for marketing on Twitter.
Instead, use a copywriting formula like PAS (problem-agitation-solution) or AIDA (attention-interest-desire-action) to write your tweet.
Tweets are a form of copywriting, and so it follows that they’ll benefit from the application of better practices and formulas for writing attention-grabbing and -holding copy. Keyhole is a real-time conversation tracker that provides keyword and hashtag analytics for Twitter and Instagram. About Latest Posts Tina HsuContent Marketing Co-ordinator at KeyholeTina is a Content Marketing Co-ordinator at Keyhole who has a passion for building genuine relationships through the web. Keyhole helped us understand our audiences … It also helped us target the right people for upcoming projects.
The Keyhole BlogThe Keyhole Blog gives marketers, journalists, communicators and executives insights about how to better analyze metrics, develop targeted content and grow a strong social media presence.
Users are no fools and they can easily distinguish native apps from mobile websites and will often prefer the former over the latter.
You will need to create a strong marketing plan and give users reasons for downloading your app, and even more important, ways to discover and access the app.
Without such proper research any amount of time you invest in developing content is irrelevant as there are no returns to such input in form of revenues or sales.
This can be a part of the content marketing strategy but it is not the only thing in it and result in loss of trust from the audience.
More and more people access social media websites for various purposes like news, current events or even recommendations for particular restaurant instead of using the search engine. Also if your content is really good the people on the network will make it go viral without your efforts and will get you a host of new visitors.
But it is important that you decide how much content is enough for you and if you go all out and generate loads of content it may start affecting the quality of the content, which will be totally ignored by your target audience.
But care should also be taken that you do not create lesser content since there should be a balance of content to be shared on your website that will make your site noticeable by search engines. This needs proper follow up if people comment on the posts and talk to them on their level. Comment systems also get spam and it can be eradicated with an approval system so that the right comments can be monitored and even replied back promptly to engage the customers to altogether new level. Responding to the users and encouraging to share what they think about the content will increase the number of audiences and will have a hold on them. Recognized content is also shared on social media by customers to increase the number of visitors.
It happens so that you may start a blog on the website with enthusiasm that starts fizzling out slowly and the amount of updates your content page starts getting lesser. Most companies send out newsletters, press releases and other form of promotional content to the customers as first stage of marketing but slowly such timely content starts fading out. But careful planning can help you place links in the content that can induce further reading in readers through innocuous chain of stories till you get them to the place where you sell.
Programs like Hootsuite can help you front-load your funnel.  This may take a few hours at the beginning of the month, but after the initial set-up, it will run itself. Today we will look into the six essential parts of any brand story: positioning, promise, personas, personality, product, and pricing. As a follow-up on our previous post in which we gave an intro into how you can utilise “lean” startup principles to start building your brand. An amazing brand will help influence the choices your potential customers, employees, or even your investors are making.
However, very few content marketer hit a home run every time to produce a new set of content and release it upon the world.
Although it might feel like a failure to you personally, these however are excellent learning experiences and help you to define your content marketing strategy better.
To help you get started on the right track in this weeks follow-up post on content marketing, we’ve gathered 8 insights into content marketing mistakes we all are making and how to fix them. Consumers are becoming blind for advertising, and otherwise they are installing more and more ad blockers to skip out on your advertising. You need to convince people that you are awesome, really clever and that you’re going to make them more money; no-one wants to hand over personal information unless they are getting something good in return. Whilst you are proving your worth to a potential lead, you need to also decide whether they are any good to you. It describes your target buyer, the problem you solve, and why you’re distinctly better than the alternatives. Startup marketing is challenging because of limited resources (time, money, or even talent). Today we will look into creating irresistible elements for your offers, which can help overcome a leads’ typical doubt or concern.
Things like advertising and direct mail were costing a lot of money and were not getting the results on prospective clients or leads as they used to do. Most times the teams are still very small so everyone needs to wear different hats in to get the company of the ground. With restricted budgets, limited resources, and a desperate need to get their name visible to the public, it puts entrepreneurs in a tight spot. All the hours of work you’ve put into creating all that beautiful content seems a waste, the majority of your visitors aren’t staying around long enough to get past your landing page. Today we will dive a little deeper and we will be looking at the Bounce and Exit Rates of your website. By getting to know all your coworkers you can make sure they know that you are the first person they should call after finalizing an event date.
You can partner with a charity, a like-minded company or local businesses and both parties will reap the benefits. Think of it as a conversation; you want to contribute to the conversation by listening and talking a€“ not just one or the other.

It definitely sucks to realize mistakes have been made, but it is not the end of the world.
She has a passion for social media, PR and would never turn down an opportunity to research a new topic. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Social Media Marketers with Conversion goals struggle again and again in maximizing demand generation from Twitter. Technological advances such as personality insights are leading marketers to audiences who are far more inclined to respond in a certain manner. Utilising these cutting edge advances in Twitter marketing can help deliver effective campaigns with a healthy ROI, and can’t be overlooked. Which means you need to have tens of thousands of Twitter followers to get at least 100 clicks on a link in your tweet. With a competent CCO in charge, the publisher may discover that several other strategies drive up their conversion potential.
Many marketers address Twitter as any other social media platform instead of understanding their target audience on it better and addressing their potential customer’s needs on this specific platform.
Mobile apps have different characteristics and should be designed to provide a different experience.
Native apps can indeed be a pain to work with for the developers, but they look and work much better, offer higher levels of interactivity, and can also work offline – on buses, subways, and planes. Web and mobile marketing, for example, for all their seeming similarity, are very different.
You have to create an ongoing value for your users, to understand how and why they use your app, and create retention and engagement mechanisms.
Yet, assuming that monetization will take care of itself, or that your app’s good name and brilliant execution will be enough to cover costs, is likely to lead to disappointment (not to mention bankruptcy). We talked about different ways to describe what a brand is, but what is it that a brand does? In today’s world with so much different choice, such an influence becomes crucial for commercial success and the creation of value.
Mistakes can provide lots of insights, and if you look at them correctly, it can help you avoid making these mistakes in the future.
Even offline, people are using their DVR to skip advertising on television, or they just ignore advertising in traditional magazines. So how do stand out from the crowd, how can you make sure that your consumers are noticing and reading your content? It doesn’t just end there though, to develop that name and email address into a hot lead you need to keep providing value and revealing how brilliant you are.
You don’t just need to generate more leads, you also need to qualify them at the same time. And if you think about all the things we do as marketers, the ultimate goal is to get people to say “yes” to what we have to offer!
The top of your Inbound Marketing funnel is overflowing, and while this is amazing, you’re only half way there.
People were getting tired of being interrupted by irrelevant marketing messages all the time.
As the founder of your company, knowing when and how to invest in marketing your business may just be the key ingredient to success. Alyx* and earlier this week we diagnosed and resolved four of the most common B2B marketing mistakes. By going around and talking to other employees you could benefit by getting something as little as a great quote or something as large as early access to big news. Make sure you, and every other employee, are clear on what your brand identity is and start promoting it.
Simply implement the suggestions above and all will be well again and maybe even better than before. Alyx has worked with many for-profit and non-profit businesses to create and revitalize their website content strategies; she also writes blog posts and web content for businesses all across the country. Growing a targeted follower base is a good start, but there’s so much more to Twitter. The more people tweet your stuff, the more they become interested in you and this is how your Twitter following grow. To reach even a fraction of your audience, you need to be sharing in a lot of those 20-minute windows.
It’s no longer enough to have an innovative, breath-taking app in order to stand out in the ranks – at least not without a suitable, brilliantly-executed marketing plan. The app should fit into the dynamic on-the-go mobile phone ecosystem and should be simple to use, quick, and intuitive. Define your app’s audience, identify your core issues and innovative solutions, map the field, and identify your main competitors. Specifically, the mobile app market is a very competitive market, one that has little mercy or room for halfhearted attempts.
As Marc Mathieu from Unilever says: Marketing used to be about making a myth and telling it. You somehow need to convince potential customers that you are right for them while figuring out whether they are right for you. Your marketing team needs to develop leads far beyond just a name and an email address or your sales team will waste a lot of time trying to sell to people that are nowhere near ready to buy. Customers were starting to perform their own research, they started using search engines and social media sites to get the information they needed to make their buying decisions. A marketing plan will make sure everything is done on time and no opportunities are missed because you ran out of time or were too late. Simply create a place on your website that talks about your partnership and then both parties will use social media to promote one another. To each project, Alyx brings an array of skills, including the ability to effectively communicate across age groups. Avoid these 8 common Twitter marketing mistakes with tips from Social Media experts we can count on.
Be part of the conversations happening on the platform; build relationships with your followers. Why spend all that time, money, and those resources to develop an app, just to see it fail in the store?
Make sure to set aside a budget for marketing and work closely with mobile marketing experts (see below). This is why it is important to use experts and to employ companies who excel and specialize in mobile marketing. In today’s post, we will look into the different steps that are necessary to get you off in the correct way and give you a head start on your competitors. If someone thinks the value of your offer is bigger than what you’re asking them for in return they are more likely to accept the offer. Before we start, I want to remind you of my previous marketing prescription: we all make mistakes, so we need to set our egos aside, be honest with ourselves, forgive ourselves, and then fix the problem. This will lead to greater exposure for everyone and showcase that your company is committed to helping others succeed. Most importantly, educate them by posting relevant industry content like photos, infographics, or blog posts. In doing so, they will be keen to learn more about your brand’s own content and initiatives. Or maybe they prefer the freemium model and rely on in-app purchases and in-app ad revenues. Unqualified leads eat up the super short time the sales team have in a day to deal with those potential clients that will help you to flourish. Unqualified leads also turn into poor clients – clients that you can’t do amazing things for and which end up costing more to manage than the amount of revenue that they bring. Pay attention to users’ feedback and actions, and adapt your monetization strategy accordingly.

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