Dual socket motherboards have been around for ages, but dual socket enthusiast motherboards have a far shorter history. A month is left until CES 2014 and Intel’s plans for the year 2014 are already leaking on the web which include details on their upcoming platforms such as HEDT Haswell-E, Broadwell, Haswell refresh and several of Atom based chips for the booming mobile market. Chinese portal of VR-Zone posted an exclusive picture of the first Haswell-E engineering sample which will feature 8 cores and a clock speed of 3 GHz. Intel would be shipping two unlocked processors at launch which will include an X series Extreme edition and K Series Unlocked edition chips.
Just like Haswell and Ivy Bridge-E before it, Haswell-E would retain the great overclocking features that would ship with the “K” series and “Extreme Edition” processors.
A single Haswell-E processor would 2 x16 and 3 x8 Gen 3 PCI-e support with 40 lanes and would be directly connected to the DDR4 memory controller and the Wellsburg X99 chipset. From previously leaked roadmaps, Haswell-E is expected to launch in Q4 2014 but we think it would be pushed to early 2015. Until PC makers figure out what consumers want in their Windows 8 PCs, they'll be throwing different designs at the proverbial wall to see what sticks. Look and feel Think of all the pieces you'll need to carry with you if you decide to take the W700 on the road.
Windows 8 Core is simply the plain Windows 8 that contains all the features for Home users. On a conclusive note Windows 8 Core is a very useful OS which contains all the necessary features for efficient working.
Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Windows 8 Core Free Download ISO 32 Bit 64 Bit. Before you start Windows 8 Core Free Download ISO 32 Bit 64 Bit, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.
As per Microsoft Technet and MSDN below are two installation Codes which will be required to install Windows 8 Core.
On your pages there are the same iso files for Win 8 core and pro (en_windows_8_x64_dvd_915440).
You are encountering the realities of Amdahl's law, which is that only the parallel part of the app scales. If you need to use 8 cores you can get a lot more bang for the buck with quad core Xeon 5400 series, with only 80 watts TDP each, up to 3 ghz. It’s still unlocked for your overclocking pleasure, and it’s still the only 8-core desktop processor around. We will suppose that Intel brands their Haswell-E processors as the Core i7-5*** series in which case the X series would be denoted as Core i7-5960X and K series part would be called the Core i7-5930K. The feature set would remain the with technologies such as SSE4, AVX, VT, AESNI under its belt. For performance, its still a bit early to say how well these processors would do against their older predecessors but performance gains should be noticeable with DDR4 memory and an improved architecture design. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. It is full bootable official untouched Windows 8 Standard Core 32 bit 64 bit Free ISO Image.
This is complete offline installer and standalone setup for Windows 8 Core Free Download ISO 32 Bit 64 Bit.
These aren’t confirmed names but Intel has kept this style of series branding for a while and we suspect they will continue the trend with their Haswell-E and Broadwell generation of processors uptill 2015. Unlike the Haswell processor which come with 4th gen HD graphics core, the Haswell-E platform wouldn’t feature built-in graphics but someone buying such an costly processors will definitely go for a discrete GPU for graphics. The can feature upto 16 banks of memory and require a 288-Pin DIMM connectors which would be available on the new X99 chipset motherboards.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. So far, we've seen a mix of models, some with low-power Atom processors, and others with laptop-grade Core i5 CPUs inside. Despite packing similar components as competing devices, it mostly bests them in PCMark 7, and nearly matches the rest.
Internet Explorer 10 has also been included in Core edition which enable you to browse fast as it support tabs and with tabs you can switch between multiple sites within single window.Snipping Tool has also been included in this version that can be used for cutting any of the portion from your desktop or from any document. These are only installation Codes which you’ll need to enter during installation process. So if seek to restore your OEM OS (due to hard disk being formatted for example), it won’t active itself. As you add cores, say the parallel part scales perfectly, so doubles in speed with every doubling in core count. If AMD hadn't made such horrible execution blunders and could have devoted the kind of resources Intel had to a project like this, we could have four Barcelonas running at 3 to 3.6 GHz with eight DDR2 slots all on a dedicated channel. Intel not letting us use DDR2 is hell. I was really hoping I could get a dual-socket board with a couple (or quad) PCI-express x16 slots and standard ram, coupled with a pair of relatively inexpensive quadcore CPUs. Suffice to say, it feels well-built, which makes sense, as the casing is fashioned entirely out of aluminum. Windows 8 Core is actually the base edition and other editions like Professional and Enterprise are based on it. Many of the same types of applications that benefit from multiple cores today were still around back then; 3D rendering, animation and image processing were all multithreaded CPU hogs. Why is that too much to ask? The ASUS L1N64-SLI WS board has been available for an eon now, costs less than $300 and has quite a good feature set.
In Acer's lineup, specifically, we've already had a chance to play with the Iconia W510, an Atom-powered device with a keyboard dock. Boot-up takes just 12 seconds, which is on par with some other Windows 8 systems we've reviewed.
Sticky Notes that were appreciated in Windows 7 has been continued in Windows 8 Core edition. Of that, 1 second is serial code and the other 15 seconds is parallel code running serially.
Quadcore Opterons for the same socket are also available for more than a quarter, some models as cheap as $200-$250. Unfortunately, for some god-damned reason neither ASUS not AMD are willing to make this board work with these CPUs.
Now we're taking a look at the Iconia W700 ($800 and up), an 11-inch tablet that's essentially an Ultrabook with no keyboard attached. Also encouraging: those big honking fans on the tablet's top edge do a good job of dissipating heat, so that the device always feels cool or, at worst, lukewarm to the touch.
It contains Windows Store which is a platform for lots of Windows 8 applications and Windows mobile applications.
However,you can work around this (at your own risk) by adding a configuration file to the image, tutorials of which can be found online.
The board works just fine with dual-core Opterons, all the while using standard unbuffered unregistered DDR2 modules, but not with quad cores? Based on that brief summary you'd think it had the same form factor as the smaller W510, but you'd be wrong. Windows Store contains free and paid applications and you can choose any of the required applications. Whereas the W510 has a keyboard dock with a built-in battery, the W700 has a cradle with a modular kickstand you can use you to prop up the tablet in landscape or portrait mode. There's an HDMI-to-VGA adapter, in case you plan on hooking up a projector.) Also, given that this has a laptop-grade Core i5 processor inside, it requires some serious vents, which you'll find along the top edge.

Its score of 3,548 in 3DMark06 falls far short of other Windows 8 systems, even those with the same integrated graphics solution. Over the years we saw a few important dual-socket enthusiast motherboards arrive on the scene, the most popular of which was arguably ABIT's BP6.
There's no battery inside the dock, and the keyboard is a standalone product; you'll have to pack it separately if you decide you need it on a trip. Even if you remove the high resolution as a variable and only compare it to other 1080p machines, it still ranks at the bottom of the list: the Aspire S7 and Dell XPS 12 both scored better on the same test despite having 1,920 x 1,080 panels of their own. It's like AMD and Intel just don't want to give us the maximum of their real capabilities, because that would devalue their existing products too quickly.
Scaling of 60% going from 4 cores to 8 cores, and overall scaling of 5.5x So the numbers are actually consistent with what you are seeing. What's funny about the W700 is that it has the same chipset as other Windows 8 machines we've tested, along with a 1080p touchscreen -- precisely the sort of thing that would normally suck the life out of a battery. It's a great illustration of the power of Amdahls law - even an app that is 94% parallel still only gains 60% going from 4 to 8 cores even with perfect scaling, and it's really hard to get good scaling at even moderate core counts.
And yet, the three-cell, 4,850mAh battery lasts hours longer than bigger touchscreen Windows 8 systems with similar internals.
Specifically, we got seven hours and 13 minutes of runtime after looping a video off the local disk with WiFi on and the brightness fixed at 65 percent. The W700 comes with a docking cradle that you can use to prop up the tablet in either landscape or portrait mode. The next runner-up in our list is the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13, and if you look at the numbers, it wasn't even a close contest: it managed just five and a half hours in the same test, even though it probably has room for a larger-capacity battery than the W700. It only gets worse from there: we've seen touchscreen Windows 8 systems that barely cracked four hours. Inside the cradle there's a male USB connector, which plugs into the USB port on the tablet itself.
The W700 looks even more impressive when you compare it to lighter-weight, ARM-powered tablets. Thankfully, it stays put; you'll need to wrest the tablet out with both hands when you're ready to undock it.
You wouldn't expect that to be the case -- this really isn't a fair fight -- but in fact the difference in battery life isn't as drastic as you'd imagine, especially if you take into account tablets that offer merely average endurance. The ASUS Transformer Pad TF300, for instance, lasts only about an hour longer than the W700; the Nexus 10 edges out the W700 by a mere 13 minutes.
The advent of the multi-core x86 CPU all but eliminated the need for a dual socket enthusiast platform.
We'll admit, the Nexus 10 offers skimpy battery life (we complained about it in our initial review).
If that's true, then the W700's battery life would seem that much more exceptional: after all, the W700 and the Surface Pro are close cousins, at least as far as key specs go.
It's incredible, then, that the W700's battery life is more typical of a low-powered ARM device. Software It's never a good sign when a company needs two large clusters of Live Tiles just to showcase all the bloatware it installed. Indeed, there's a lot of pre-installed software here -- some of it useful, along with plenty more we could do without.
The idea was simple: build an enthusiast platform that used normal dekstop components but had two sockets.

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