Voce precisa habilitar o Javascript no seu navegador para utilizar as funcionalidades deste site. Depois de seculos de Mortal Kombat, o Imperador Shao Kahn finalmente derrotou Raiden e seus aliados.
Psylocke is a Marvel Comics character who appears in X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Much later, in an attempt to save Tabitha Smith from Sabretooth (Victor Creed) who had been living at the Mansion while pretending to be mentally handicapped, Psylocke engaged the homicidal mutant in battle. Psy-Blast: Hard Punch sends a projectile straight across the screen, Light Punch arcs diagonally down-towards. Psy-Blade: Hitting the buttons in the order shown will generate the most number of hits and damage. Psy-Thrust: Psylocke powers up and then does a drill attack, and this can be performed while jumping as well.
Born in the small town of Maldon, Essex, Betsy and her brothers had a very privileged life.
Their leader, Matsu'o Tsurayaba, had contacted Spiral in order to save the life of his brain-damaged lover, Kwannon.
This makes Psylocke float through the air and attack with her Psi all around her, which is good against jumping players, and sometimes even grounded ones. You can hold the joystick in any direction as soon as the motion is complete, which allows you to control where this flies at. The closer you are the more damage this will potentially do, you want to be point blank to get the full effect.

Works well against jumping players because the butterflies have pretty solid range and if one hits several others will likely juggle your enemy. Para anular a vitoria do Imperador, ele deve descobrir o ponto fraco de Shao Kahn: seu passado. Spiral informed Matsu'o that Psylocke's telepathy could restore Kwannon, and Matsu'o accepted. Also pressing an attack button and a direction on the joystick when she's almost done with the move will cause her to do it again, although it doesn't last as long as the first time. Still, you want to be as close to your opponent as possible when you do this so you'll generate the most damage.
The attack button pressed will determine where the real Psylocke is(where the light punch will go far left, middle punch for the middle and heavy punch for the far right.
Movido por um motor grafico completamente novo, a serie aclamada pelos fas esta de volta e apresenta detalhes mais sangrentos do que nunca.
She eventually came to join the X-Men and learn how to better use her powers after being rescued from Spiral and the Mojo World by The New Mutants. With some physical and mental conditioning, Psylocke (inhabiting Kwannon's body) became the Hand's prime assassin, taking the name Lady Mandarin. Unfortunately, Creed had been stabbed in the head by Wolverine, losing the part of his brain affected by psionic attacks and her knife had no effect on him.
In Marvel Super Heroes, her move can be executed within the Power Gem(she can cast 2 clones but the real one is in the middle). Os jogadores podem escolher entre uma extensa variedade de guerreiros iconicos e desafiar seus amigos em tradicionais combates de 1 vs 1, ou contra varios adversarios em novos modos de jogo.

Some time later, in a desperate attempt to save her teammates from being murders by the Reavers, she activated the Siege Perilous portal, given to the X-Men by Roma as a last resort. She gained highly remarkable fighting skills and learned to focus her telepathic power into a "psychic knife" which appeared as a dagger of energy projecting outward from her fist. She was already exhausted from their battle and could not manage to fight back, and was consequently mauled by Sabretooth.
Ate 4 jogadores podem lutar no tag-team, e 2 jogadores podem se unir no novo modo cooperativo arcade, ou competir online com um time contra outro.
Beings who entered the portal were cosmically judged and reborn into another life, given a "clean slate". In a bid to save her life, Archangel and Wolverine went with Doctor Strange into the Crimson Dawn to retrieve a magical liquid that could heal her. When you're coming out of your Teleport, pressing in any direction and one of your attack buttons will cause you to do a Psy-Drill, which knocks down if it connects. Betsy's psychic knife attack revealed Wolverine's memories of who she used to be and allowed her to break free from the Hand's conditioning.
The mission was successful, although the healing liquid produced side effects: a red dagger-shaped tattoo appeared over Psylocke's left eye, she gained the ability to hide in and teleport through shadows, and her personality took on a cold edge.

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