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The set up of my 90 day plan is designed to firstly build relationships, spend time getting to know the team and understanding where everybody is. The first meeting is about setting what the team should expect from me and my commitment to them and in turn what I expect.
From day 1 with an experienced team I would expect results delivered – the whole purpose of my plan is to maintain results and improve on them through the regular coaching and development.
Over my 90 days I would have developed a good understanding of all aspects of the role and the team with a clear vision and structure in place.
STUART KEARNEY Prospective 90 Day Business Plan “ The future depends on what we do in the present. I believe the first 10 days are the foundations of the whole plan, therefore I am looking to cover those days as a separate entity.

The meeting has to be as open, honest and HUMAN as possible as it is to start building the relationships that are vital in building, developing, motivating and getting the best response from each and every team member. The levels of interaction would depend on the performance analysis and my observations as well as how the team would like it to look. Goals would be set in agreement between myself and the adviser on what they want to do, where they want to go, etc. By the 60-90 day period I would expect to see improvement in various areas such as quality, appointments being made, etc. Through the regular coaching I would be able to be more specific in developing areas of improvement and also would have built a great relationship with the team. The message and vision has to be clear – that the team is only as successful as each person in it and that my role is a support to them, but equally that are a support to me. The goals would be SMART but could be as simple as ensuring everybody is asked whether they want to be booked in for an appointment to career development.

There would be various other areas that would be added – team birthdays, team lunches, team nights out, incentives, etc – all with the goal of having the best team possible. All training would be documented and the discussion would most likely be based around the GROW model. PDPs would be fully owned by the adviser and they would be accountable for the actions required to meet the goals.

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