Social Marketing and Social Change: Strategies and Tools For Improving Health, Well-Being, and the Environment by R.
Somewhere out there in the group business universe, there is a meeting planner yawning at your proposal opener. As you read through the RFP, pay close attention to requirements, particularly the words they choose to communicate.
There’s tremendous potential to capture more attention and differentiate your venue in the first few sentences of your proposal. In fact, jot down a list of keywords and phrases, especially those that are repeated several times in the RFP. If you sense that’s a trigger point in the RFP, why not call it out right from the very start?

Remember your goal here is to be memorable and keep those planners from falling asleep at their desks!
Now scan your list and think about how to connect with these points soundly, right out of the gate. This is a rock-solid way to tackle your opener, but make sure you quickly return to the decision factors they called out in the RFP. Craig LeFebvre weaves together multi-level theories of change, research and case studies to explain and illustrate the development of social marketing to address some of society's most vexing problems. If luxurious accommodations rank high on the decision meter, you might start with a one-sentence excerpt from a magazine or newspaper article that speaks to this point. Let them know you understand the challenges they face and you have a proven track record of success in helping planners to stretch their budget dollars further.

The result is a people-centered approach that relies on insight and empathy as much as on data for the inspiration, design and management of programs that strive for changes for good. If customer service is the hot-button, maybe a testimonial quote from a planner who’s raving about your extra-mile attention and quick response. This text is ideal for students and professionals in health, nonprofit, business, social services, and other areas."This is it -- the comprehensive, brainy road map for tackling wicked social problems.

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