This is a brief insight into the list of what I like and why I like to give you an idea, to set the stage for this blog. Now that you had a chance to reflect on your likes and passion, let us go one step further. The funny part (or rather the sad part) is, when I look at my website or my social media, I don’t find any blue and all I find is myself in a brown suit. And it is important for me to be enthusiastic and productive and as a business owner you will agree with me that it IS important to be enthusiastic and productive. In one of my earlier blogs, I talked about the importance of being an expert and why being a jack of all trades is harmful.
I am talking about you being YOU, a whole and complete YOU – without any pretenses, guilt, remorse or shame.
The fundamental overall purpose of the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development (AWBMAMD) as well as the Research Centre for International Marketing, Exporting and Trade (RCIMET) is to advance, transmit and sustain knowledge and understanding of business, marketing and management development through conferences, research and publications at the highest international standards for the benefit of the local and global communities.
The Executive Management Advisory Committee of the Academy of World Business, Management and Marketing Development consists of the President, Senior Vice President, Vice President and the General Secretary. Although in Australia, the Academy of World Business Marketing and Management Development (AWBMAMD) was founded by our current President in July 2002, he transferred the ownership of it in 2003 to an Australian organization that is a keen to sponsor AWBMAMD activities.
Be honest and trustworthy and never deliberately mislead by withholding or distorting information or advice.

Have the courage to make a stand on matters of principle and be prepared to identify and act against malpractice of any sort.
Maintain confidentiality but be prepared to expose any malpractice or illegal, unprofessional or fraudulent conduct that comes to their notice.
Note:  Mrs Ruth Ogunmokun is one of the directors of the Australian company (ANIHE) that AWBMAMD was transferred to in 2003. The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has updated regulations for how companies and individuals may market movies and achievements eligible for the 85th Academy AwardsA® to Academy members. After the announcement of nominations on January 15, 2013, and until the final polls close (February 19, 2013), Academy members may be invited to up to four screenings of a nominated film that are preceded or followed by filmmaker Q&As or other such participation. Additionally, each week, members may be sent only one piece of mail and one email per film company. The Academy has augmented its existing ban on film companies using third parties to distribute materials that they would be prohibited from sending directly.
You don’t have to put in efforts to be different in different places and among different crowds. The changes pertain to screenings that feature live filmmaker participation, the formats on which members may receive screeners, and limitations on how mail, email and websites may be used in campaigning. A The rules maintain the prohibition on sending members links to websites that promote a film using audio, video, or other multimedia elements, but may include links to the videos in the a€?Academy Conversationsa€? series on

The regulation now specifies that film companies may not have a publication use its subscriber lists to send stand alone materials to members, except in connection with the distribution of the publication itself.A  This amendment does not affect a companya€™s ability to place their usual promotional materials in trade publications.
A business plan needs to not only outline the steps you're going to take to start and run your business, but it should also move your audience into helping you. I know there are a lot of arguments out there about yellow representing light, energy, prosperity and so on so forth. This takes a lot of effort, trust me – it is not easy being open and transparent under public scrutiny.
A All participants must be nominated or have been eligible for nomination.A  No screening event may include a reception or otherwise offer complimentary food or beverages. It should get investors and potential partners excited about being a part of your business. But if you are genuinely being your passionate self, this should start coming to you naturally sooner than later.
You'll get insight and advice from business experts on stylistic ways to make your business plan stand out: what language to use, what tone to use, what questions you should answer, and more!

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