You hear about ad agencies being a place full of creatives and creative workspaces for some organizations.
In an article published March 8th a bottom line statement noted that agencies in general don't do a good job of communicating, training or motivating employees. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article.
This is just one of many usability tests we plan to do for Ad Agency; we are committed to making it the most user-friendly Joomla extension in the world! The main issues were that notices were in the wrong places at the wrong times and that there was a lack of emphasis on the desired action button. As always, the best action to take after doing usability testing is simply to get to work and fix all the issues as quickly as possible. As much as I’d like to use Ad agency (I purchased it and have downloaded all the major upgrades) I find it too oriented towards front end ad signup and not friendly enough for an admin to use to place and track ads. Up to I’d wish to use Advert company (I bought it and also have downloaded every one of the key upgrades) I uncover it too oriented towards front conclusion ad signup instead of pleasant adequate for an admin to use to place and track adverts.

I’m wanting forward to flip through to magento, i’m a regular blogger but i haven’t received an opportunity to function with Joomla but the specifics of this advert company inspire me to grab some client.
I have used other Advertising company such as the Facebook and Plenty of Fish and did not see any results for the money I was paying hopefully Joomla will work better. As much as I’d wish to work with Advert firm (I bought it and also have downloaded each and every one of the crucial upgrades) I uncover it also oriented towards front conclusion ad signup alternatively of enjoyable enough for an administrator to work with to put and monitor adverts. If you’ve ever wondered how the world’s agencies ended up into just a handful of holding companies, this Ad Agency Bloodline infographic will probably shed some light on it! I must say that this infographic is such an insightful one to reveal and showcase how the world’s agencies just grouped into a few holding companies.
A recent article from Advertising Age suggests that employee engagement within many agencies is actually down.
Though these organizations push the fact that talent is the number one asset, it seems to be a mentality not held well for many agencies. No matter what industry you are in, employee communication is a crucial part of business success.

Not having to front the costly recruiting and re-training will cut costs significantly for any organization.
The Cancel button is now in light gray and the Action button in orange so that the user can easily see what to do next. Complete with global staffing levels and revenue, it showcases the who’s who of advertising and media agencies from around the world. In a 4A's and Arnold survey, 90% of the employees within those agencies felt that they had to train themselves in what they do from day-to-day. In the article, Bennet is quoted as saying how revenue is taking a priority over people for many agencies in the biz.

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