We love this "taxonomy of ad agency names" from Rob & Joe, the freelance creative partnership of Rob Donaldson and Joe Dennett. Traffic a€“ are you doing enough to bring visitors to your website using content creation, blogging, social media and search engine optimisation? Leads a€“ are you converting traffic to leads using landing pages, conversion forms and email marketing?
Analytics a€“ do you measure your marketing activities so you know which are working (or not working)?
The key concern from these findings for agency management is the fact that the websites in question required significant upfront investment to design and build in the first place not to mention the continuing on-going updates and maintenance they regularly demand.
It appears that the websites in question were built primarily as works of art rather than as business tools.
A website costs a lot of time, money and effort to create so surely it also needs to be an effective new business and revenue-generation tool to justify this level of investment.  Right? Explanation: Launched in 2005 by former search-engine employees, Steak set out to help marketers make the most of new digital opportunities.
AdFreak is a daily blog of the best and worst of creativity in advertising, media, marketing and design. Explanation: This agency is one of the few to post a list of other names the founders considered.

Follow us as we celebrate (and skewer) the latest, greatest, quirkiest and freakiest commercials, promos, trailers, posters, billboards, logos and package designs around. Perhaps the most famous was Naim Suleymanoglu from Turkey, who has been hailed as the greatest weightlifter of all times. But in case you don't get it, they've sorted virtually every major ad agency name into one of seven genesis categories. Since hearing about this new shop, we've been thinking a lot about oddly named agencies. At each stop, Jay, his publicist and a character in a Bullwinkle outfit got out and solicited signatures for statehood for Moosylvania.
I had to pet her with an oven mitt for a year or so before she'd let me pet her any other way. Since Jennifer Iwanicki, Aubrey Anderson and I (the three founders of Hello Viking) are musicians, we approached naming our company like we were naming a new band.
He stood just 4 feet 11 inches tall, yet he could lift nearly three times his body weight of 141 pounds.
Sadly, neither, although Wexley School for Girls executives have offered those and countless other explanations for the name over the years. Some, like Razorfish and David & Goliath, have become so mainstream, they no longer register as strange.

Now, for the first time, co-founder Ian Cohen reveals the truth to AdFreak: They picked a name from a phone book. When we were getting ready to form our agency in 2003, we needed statehood for our independent agency and formed Moosylvania.
My first startup was all by the numbers, hard core let's do biz camp, and of course it was an epic fail. The name was actually Wesley, but when one of the founders said it out loud, another misheard it as Wexley. When I left that behind, I wanted to be much more rapid with my ideas and set the bar as low as a cat, who's mainly just curious enough to make something for the heck of it. So, as an exercise in hilarity, we've compiled a ranking of what we consider the weirdest agency names in the advertising business. Check out the list after the jump, then let us know your picks for pre-eminent peculiarity in the comments.

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