While it's been by other companies for other purposes, GoGORILLA Media, a New York based guerrilla marketing firm, has been employing homeless people in an effort to promote its services to advertising agencies. GoGORILLA President Alan Wolan explains, "Sure, it may be a bit self serving, but putting money in the pockets of the homeless is nothing to be ashamed of.
I personally like the idea of helping the homeless - in anyway a company or individual can.
I don't think there is anything wrong with hiring homeless people to advertise on the street if that is what that homeless person choses to do. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Several homeless men and women have been spotted outside New York advertising agencies holding a hand-scribbled sign which explains their plight. I know, I know - a smidgen of me feels kind of sleazy for even chuckling at this stunt, but you've got to admit, it's very over the top just in the ingeni uness alone, so it bears some elements of positive merits.
Sure, if they give him $10, he's probably not in a position to make a moral judgment about what his dignity is worth.

I would prefer to see the business give the person a new wardrobe of clothes to wear and some food, maybe even rent a cheap hotel room for the person so they have a place to sleep (once they get their pay, they can maintain their own rent).
Would that box be in a bonfire for heat in the winter or would the intern tough it out for an ad job..I think it's a toss-up!!
Bring the concept to Gainesville,Fl, we love our homeless by giving them a grand meeting place right in the downtown area. Request For Information (AGENCY XYZ Name)Based on AGENCY XYZ’s accomplishments in our industry to date, we have identifiedyour agency as a potential agency partner, and would like to invite your consideration inour RFP process.
Because our client wanted an alternative media campaign and instead of hiring GoGORILLA Media, I went with another vendor, and boy was I sorry! It's ironic, yes, but it really looks like they tried too hard to make him appear homeless.
What's more, GOgorilla allowed the panhandlers to retain their own begging rights along with passing out their brochures.
But odds are much better than he's living on the street not because his client hired a hip ad agency but because his mom burned him with a curling iron while his step-dad diddled him for years throughout his childhood till the only solace he could find was huffing paint fumes till he learned about crack. Of those agencies that respond to this Request For Information, threeagencies will be asked to submit a proposal for comprehensive agency services todemonstrate their qualifications for a three-year engagement.

While one would wish there to be no homeless people in the world, one hopes, for GoGORRILLA's reputation, these sign holders really are homeless and not paid interns made to look homeless. Even homeless people have a couple different shirts in their shopping cart or in their box by the dumpster.
Additional detail on theprogram objectives, competitive landscape and industry, go-to-market strategy will beprovided to all three finalists. I think that's a HUGE descriptor of what they paid this guy -- that is, if he's really homeless.
You never know, someone could approach that hapless homeless denizen and offer them a job just because they caught the right person's eye. The SHELTERPOD concept also has changable billboards on the side, and advertisers can "sponsor" a single person or group of homeless people and pay them monthly -rather than a government program.

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