PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Adobe offers lots of tutorials and creative suggestions, but a lot of them are extra-cost Plus options. Similarly, Haze Removal (available in Expert mode, and very similar to the Dehaze tool found in the Camera Raw module of Photoshop CC) cana€™t work miracles. Photoshop Elements 14 also adds a guided edit that allows you to add motion blur to images, and an enhanced Refine Edge command in Expert mode that intelligently aids the selection of finely-detailed areas like hair and fur. Photoshop Elements has had facial recognition to assist in organizing images by person for a while. For a deeper dive, perhaps into types of corrections with which you are unfamiliar, the enhanced Guided mode helps you find your way through a series of steps that might otherwise require watching a tutorial video and trying to take notes and repeat the steps on your own. The Photoshop Elements 14 Editor is designed to scale its UI elements automatically on high-DPI Windows machines.
You may need to manually zoom your Photoshop Elements 14 interface, if you dona€™t want it to look tiny like on this screenshot from a Surface Pro 3.
Premiere Elements 14 has added support for motion titles in videosThe headline feature in the new version of Premiere Elements is support for 4K video. Adding motion titles is really easy, since Adobe has provided a set of templates that you can start with.
Like Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements has a three-mode interface a€” Quick, Guided, and Expert a€” but the modes are structured a little differently. For photographers who dona€™t want to be beholden to Adobe in the form of an annual subscription, Photoshop Elements 14 is also a great alternative.
With Elements 14, Adobe has once again raised the bar for consumer-focused photo and video editing applications.
When I first built a computer, I asked Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan what size of motherboard I should be going for. In the last ten years or so, I have personally owned four main laptops from three different manufacturers.
It has been a while since our last software report here at APH Networks, with the most recent being the Photoshop and Premiere Elements 8 article back in January of this year. As aforementioned, since we have already taken a look at Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 & Premiere Elements 8 before, we will just highlight some of the more interesting updates to this version.
As stated before, the process is very simple, as it is one of the guided edit activities in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. On the left side of the work area is a place to put the reference style image; just drag any image located at the bottom into there, as shown in our screenshot above.
New effects added to Photoshop Elements 9 include Pop Art, Reflections, Portrait Effects, and LOMO Camera Effects; just to name a few. To do what I have done, Adobe brings the user through the Pop Art process by first selecting the type; which is either a colorized image that uses black to shade out the photo, or to create a fully colorized image. Speaking of Facebook, which is also a new feature under the Share tab using Adobe's Organizer to automatically upload photos and pictures to popular websites such as Facebook and Flickr. So how much has Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9 changed from the last revision? Adobe's latest edition Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 8 is an incremental step up from its predecessor. Favorite Moments is Premiere Elements' way of selecting only the clips that you want to keep and automatically stringing them together with transitions. Adobe attacks the most common requests for video editing with the latest update to its consumer video editor, Premiere Elements 13.
Another new tool is Video Story, template-based projects that fall into typical categories -- weddings, travel, birthdays, and so on -- with different chapters into which you drop your content. Lori Grunin is a senior editor for CNET Reviews, covering cameras, camcorders, and related accessories. Adobe Premiere Elements is the quintessential family program: Anyone can peel off a few video clips and use it to prep a post for their YouTube or Facebook page in a blink of an eye.
Premiere Elements differs from other video software because, although it is not a suite, it's designed to work with companion photo editor Photoshop Elements and an Organizer that assembles all media elements in one place for accessing, viewing and searching. Drag and drop clips from the Organizer app, or create a new video project directly in the app. Now at version 14, Elements is a mature program that most recently introduced support for 4K ultra-HD video. Unlike some other PC-based video tools, there is only one Premiere Elements, the consumer version of Premiere Pro.
New Guided Edits walk you through each step of the new time-remapping feature, and many others. Pop-up menus hold text, transitions, special effects and graphics out of the way until you need them. Adobe Premiere Elements 14 is, hands down, the most user-friendly video-editing program available for consumers. Adobe Premiere Elements 14 is the most user-friendly video-editing program available for consumers.
Adobe Premiere Elements 14 is not only easy to use and learn but also sophisticated enough for more advanced users. They receive minor yet useful makeovers in their latest versions, but they still rely on a separate, bloated organizer.
Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. We spent some time with advance copies of both, and herea€™s what we learned: For those looking for a powerful, but still easy-to-use, set of photo and video editing tools, Adobea€™s new Elements 14 is hard to beat. Two of the more exciting new features in Photoshop Elements 14 are borrowed from Adobea€™s own Photoshop CC: filters to remove camera shake and atmospheric haze. I used it on this very difficult image of a male lion framed against an earth tone background. But version 14 has improved the interface, and the underlying algorithms seem to be more powerful and more accurate a€” much like the ones introduced in Lightroom CC 2015 (aka Lightroom 6). It is awesome to be able to move back and forth between them during an editing session, depending on the task at hand. There are more Guided edits than ever a€” helpfully separated into Basic, Color, Black & White, Fun Edits, Special Effects, and Photomerge.

But some, like the Surface Pro 3, dona€™t have quite enough resolution to push the UI over to 200% zoom. Now that many cameras, including many action cameras and drones, can capture 4K video, it was a no-brainer for Adobe to add support for it to Elements.
From there, you can make your text look how you want, change the layout of the titles, or their background. The Quick mode features wizards for creating an edited video on your own or using a template, and for learning video editing.
A better reason to choose Elements over Photoshop is that it is much more intuitive and easy to use than either Lightroom or Photoshop CC.
Roughly speaking, they contain almost the same functionality that their big-brother applications, Photoshop and Premiere Pro, featured only a few years ago. With Christmas just around the corner, students are finishing up their exams for their respective courses, and of course, people in the workforce getting a well deserved break from our daily routine.
Usually at APH Networks, we begin with pictures of the shipping packaging followed by the retail packaging. The first new feature we will touch upon is called "Style Match", which converts any picture or photo just like the one shown above, to have the same style as the style image. Additional images can be added by the user if they ever want a different style to their photos.
Some of these new features include an enhanced audio fixer, new video effects such as the Cartoon Effect, and a way to create DVD-like menus for online viewing.
To apply, it is as easy as dragging the effect onto the current video to have it done throughout the whole clip.
It is free to use, but a subscription increases your available online storage to 20GB, and additional resources and tutorials become available to be streamed to the desktop application. In a sense, I would say this is just an incremental update with no major changes in particular. With an interesting new approach to trimming, a couple of additional Guided Edits, enhancements to its Shake Stabilizer, and a new Video Story tool, Adobe adds some handy capabilities to the software. It is pretty effective at giving you an overview of new features and techniques to try, but it really needs a way to pin or bookmark specific items so you can go back when you actually need to know about that feature. Improved motion titles in an assortment of themes and categories animate text and graphics. Its 64-bit Intel Core i5 processor with 5200U CPU runs at 2.2 GHz on an HD Graphics 5500 system with 8GB of RAM.
Although it would make sense for the Quick tab to provide the easiest route to editing, I actually found that the Guided tab provides the best interactive experience. It's targeted to novice videographers who seek an unintimidating program with an abundance of pro-level features, such as motion tracking and picture-in-picture. Meanwhile, anyone planning on working with 4K videos should take a look at Premiere Elements 14. Before anyone gets too excited, this doesna€™t mean you dona€™t need to hold your camera as still as possible, or can shoot in heavy fog and expect the software to make it look like a sunny day.
I started with a very simple selection and then a€?painteda€? around the edge with the Refine Edge tool. The process of tagging and naming people is now quite straightforward and relatively painless.
The Guided mode presents common tasks in more or less the same order you might perform them in an editing session a€” starting with adding your media and trimming clips, and finishing up with adding various special effects, titles, and narrations. For photographers, if you can live without some of the esoteric features of Photoshop and Lightroom CC like mobile sync and content-aware, then you can save some money by getting the less-expensive and easier-to-use Photoshop Elements for $100 or less. From Christmas shopping to family dinners, this is going to be a hectic but ultimately enjoyable time, one way or the other. This technique is very simple to use, as it is one of the guided activities under the Edit tab that can be used for most photos. Here you can find options including three sliders for style intensity, style clarity, and enhance details; followed by a style eraser and painter to apply style to specific portions of the photo. Pop Art takes an original image and changes it into a different type of stylized artwork by colorizing it and tiling four copies of it adjacent to each other. The second step is to convert the image to a bitmap, and that is as easy as a click of a button. Another new feature under the Create tab is the ability to create calendars, cards, and photo books. These are the main new features, but some old ones have also be enhanced, such as the ability to optimize videos in HD formats along with new transitions and effects for more dynamic videos. In order to better display this feature, we have uploaded a video to demonstrate how well it works. You can change the music track, mood, speed and intensity of each chapter, delete chapters or add your own. Now, you have the option of quick (automatic) or detailed (slower, but better quality) as well as more adjustment options in Expert mode. You can create a quick, template-based movie with Video Story or Instant Movie, or choose from the Guided or Expert tabs that offer a variety of custom features.
Available via drag and drop, a selection of customizable templates from Adobe's server offer a palette of fresh title choices. We combined six clips into a 2.5-minute video shot at 60 frames per second and rendered the projects to MPEG 4 at 720p. There's no confusion when the timeline contains a box that reads, "Drop Files Here," complete with an arrow. Any element you want is available from the Action Bar at the bottom right of the screen, where pop-up menus allow access to Transitions, Titles & Text, Effects, Music and Graphics. Plus, it is cross-platform — the only program in this roundup that works with a Mac — available for OS X 10.9 or higher and Windows 7 or higher.
The shake reduction filter can help save an image and make it at least usable, but wona€™t make it great. While not perfect, the result took me only a minute or two, while doing by hand could easily have consumed twenty or thirty minutes.
It will cut off a bit of the bottom of some screens, but it still works okay.The Elements Organizer application and the Premiere Elements Editor automatically zoomed on my test Surface Pro 3.
It is also now possible to create black-and-white versions of your video while colorizing specific subjects.

Similarly, if you arena€™t a professional video editor, the $100 Premiere Elements is likely to be a better option than Premiere Pro.
For those who want to do some last minute shopping, many stores are now open 24 hours to better serve customers. This feature further enhances Photoshop Elements' previous Photo Merging element, and adds a fresh new take to many pictures. It isn't exactly perfect nor does it look too much like a cartoon in my personal opinion, but with some slightly more optimal conditions other than driving a car around town, it might be easier to see the cartoon effect. This online editing can be particularly useful in times when a user has no access to desktop Photoshop Elements or any other image editing software for touching up or editing photos quickly. There are newly added features such as Style Match for Photoshop Elements, and some Cartoon Effects for Premiere Elements are among the highlights.
While it all feels a little cookie-cutter, and sometimes slightly cheesy, it's a good way to organize your thoughts (and clips).
These include how smooth it should be, rolling shutter reduction, and what the tradeoff should be between smoothing it out and cropping the edges of the video. New Guided Edits introduce a Color Pop feature and improved options that let you play parts of your movie in slow or fast motion. The app offers plenty of online instructional materials under the eLive tab too, but you probably won't need them immediately. Besides adding those new features, Adobe has also beefed up the audio editor and many of the guided edit tools in the product. You can get a bundle of both Elements applications (which each include the Media Organizer application) for $150. On the other hand, why anyone would want to go to the local grocery or department store at 3AM in the morning is beyond me, haha. Finally, we can find a checkbox for transferring tones, which we selected in order to get the color to apply to our demonstration photo. Similar to the aforementioned Style Match feature, it can also be found under the guided section of the Edit tab under Fun Edits. In our demonstration clip, there are some parts that do work quite well, such as the signs that are passed by along the way.
On top of that, there are more social networking and picture hosting features, such as uploading to Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, and Picasa.
Overall, the editing section for individual images has gotten better, and feels much snappier than its predecessor as well. These features are not necessarily essential per se, but could be worth a try, since there is always the trial version of both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements.
Normally with video editing, you mark in and out points that delineate the parts of the clip you want to get rid of. It seems to do a pretty good job, although I didn't try to run any action-cam footage through it, just basic no-IS handheld video.
Support for high-DPI (Windows) and Retina displays (Mac) means you can always see your content in full resolution. It is almost 2011; in these modern times, one can simply buy things online and have the merchandise shipped to their recipients directly, so why not do that instead? Finally, a button is available to automatically duplicate, color, and place the image in the order as seen in the above screenshot.
If the new features and program optimizations mean a lot to you, the upgrade is probably justified -- otherwise, if you are just a casual user, then you probably won't find it wise to cough up the cash if you already own Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 8. With Favorite Moments, you toggle on and off based on the segments of the clips you want to keep. To very loosely link to our report today, since our Editor-in-Chief made me write this pretty much last minute, and since I can't think of a better introduction, you can buy your friends *ahem* software such as what we will be taking a look at today -- rather than, say, a bag of apples from Safeway. Other than that, I would like to point out that all the pictures used to demonstrate the new features are found in the press kit provided by Adobe. With these simple steps, it enables users to create highly stylized images that can be used as a profile picture for social networking websites such as Facebook. So (in theory) you don't have to search the Web for help anymore to compensate for the fact that finding the information you're looking for in Adobe's help system tends to be frustrating.Video Story gives you templates with chapters to help arrange your video clips into a coherent narrative. What better way is there to finish off the year than the way we started it off, by taking a look at the latest iteration of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements? This makes it easier to access pictures and videos while on the go, or even to share with other users anytime. You can then rearrange the clips, edit the transitions, fix the in and out points and so on. It remains a solid entry-level video editing suite, but except for more control over the image stabilization there isn't much here for users of version 12 to upgrade for.
This version of Premiere Elements is actually the 7th edition, but since Adobe has decided to sync the version numbers of both programs together, both current versions are labeled as '9', following the preceding numbering scheme. More and more things are being moved into the cloud, and photos and videos should be no different. It's not bad for a quick-and-dirty way to piece together some clips.The Effects Mask Guided Edit walks you through creating one. For instance, you can't back through the project; you can back through the instructions, but it doesn't undo anything.
Nor does it seem possible to undo without exiting the guided edit and then undoing your way back. And you'll need to go backwards, because the Guided Edit assumes you haven't done anything before starting it. And if you've already done it once, it doesn't take into account that you've already created the necessary asset (in this case, a black video) and forces you to recreate it.
Also, though it walks you through creating them, it doesn't really tell you why it needs to be done that way. That said, after a bit of trial and error you figure out what's going on, and those techniques are pretty useful tools to have.The advanced Shake Stabilizer options.

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