Hip-hop is more than a musical genre, it is an entire subculture that includes unique musical and vocal styles, dance moves, and distinctive fashion. Scott: Fresh Dressed outlines the evolution of hip hop fashion, featuring in-depth interviews with people crucial to its evolution, supported by a lot of great archival materials. Scott: The film really digs below the surface of hip hop and hip hop fashion to examine the societal and cultural context of the times, taking a look at race and class and how those forces shaped the trajectory of the industry. Scott: The story was mostly there in the assembly I started with, I just needed to educate myself further about the subject matter and hone in on the main threads. Scott: Certain aspects of working within the timeline are much easier than with Final Cut Pro. Scott:  I know my way around Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator a little bit, and can make quick corrections to still images and graphics on my own and easily incorporate the edited content into projects. Revealing New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Media Encoder CC — and a New Blog!
Adobe est acclame dans le monde entier pour ses outils impressionnants, dont plusieurs sont devenus de vrais standards de l'industrie dans differents domaines et Adobe Premiere Pro est l'un de ces produits phare. Pour des raisons independantes de notre volonte, nous ne pouvons vous proposer le telechargement direct du fichier d'installation.
Director Sacha Jenkins created Fresh Dressed, screening at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, to document the history of hip-hop fashion from its birth in the South Bronx to its rise as a billion-dollar industry. I got my start mostly working for other filmmakers as an associate producer and assistant editor, before making the jump to editor.
So I researched many aspects of the story on my own—from 1970s gang culture and fashion to the genesis of Cross Colours and Karl Kani—and had a lot of in-depth conversations with the director Sacha Jenkins, who is really a guru and a fount of knowledge on all things hip hop.
I am curious about learning After Effects, but I think I’ll leave that to the people who are really good at it for now.

For the near future, the film I directed will be out on the festival circuit this year and hopefully find a home on TV and online soon. Using Premiere Pro while working on Fresh Dressed was the perfect training ground, a great way to get to know a new piece of software.
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I got a rough cut that was started in Final Cut Pro and migrated to Premiere Pro by the previous editor.
Being based in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey, I felt a strong connection to that aspect of the story.
All that led me to a clearer story.  Working on documentaries always offers an opportunity to learn about subject matters you might not know that much about. Another helpful feature of working with Premiere Pro CC is its ability to work with different codecs in the timeline, without worrying about transcoding. In Final Cut Pro, I had to stop editing whenever I had to export media because Apple Compressor consumed every ounce of RAM on my system. My deeper interest lies in culling stories down to their essence through editing, so I think I’ll probably stick to that. In the documentary editing community, a lot of people are hanging on to Final Cut Pro 7 for dear life, mostly due to its familiarity. Notez qu'Adobe Premiere fait desormais partie du Creative Cloud (CC), ce qui signifie qu'il est uniquement disponible sur la base d'un abonnement mensuel, et non sur une licence unique. Une suite video tres professionnelle Adobe Premiere fournit aux createurs de videos professionnelles et aux producteurs tous les outils dont ils ont besoin pour leur travail au quotidien.
I went the route of mapping keyboard commands because I was in a time crunch, but overall transitioning from Final Cut to Premiere Pro was really easy.

La nouvelle version presente une structure d'interface semblable aux precedentes, minimisant le temps d'apprentissage tout en offrant d'autres elements tels que: une ligne temporelle refondue, une meilleure gestion des contenus multimedias, de multiples options de recherche, des flux de travail differencies pour plusieurs projets simultanes, une correction des couleurs perfectionnee, etc.
On the other hand, hip hop in general is a subject I initially didn’t know much about, so there was a bit of a learning curve for me there. Getting thrown onto a project using a different editing platform was a good push, like being tossed into the water to learn how to swim. Creative Cloud est egalement integre avec Behance, de facon a partager des projets et obtenir un feedback instantane venant d'autres designers et editeurs dans le monde entier. Qui plus est, on peut maintenant enregistrer des images via l'application mobile Premiere Clip et synchroniser le resultat sur tous nos appareils. Adobe Premiere Pro est desormais entierement compatible avec d'autres outils Adobe, y compris le format SWF et meme les fichiers Final Cut Pro, ceci grace au moteur de lecture Adobe Mercury qui permet de travailler en mode natif avec un grand nombre de formats video, compare aux autres outils de montage video.
Parmi les nombreuses autres fonctionnalites d'Adobe Premiere, il y a la possibilite d'exporter au format Blu-Ray et meme vers des cameras numeriques. Complique pour les debutants, mais de nombreuses aides disponibles Les professionnels du design familiers avec d'autres produits Adobe trouveront Adobe Premiere Pro intuitif et simple a utiliser. Les debutants, cependant, peuvent se sentir depasses par la complexite de ce programme, meme si Adobe offre une documentation tres detaillee et de nombreuses videos tutorielles sur la facon de se familiariser avec les fonctionnalites de base. Les ameliorations qui ont ete regulierement apportees depuis le lancement du logiciel contribuent a rendre plus accessible Adobe Premiere Pro.
Entre les nouvelles fonctionnalites figurent Morph Cut, qui utilise la technique de la reconnaissance faciale ou un audio ameliore qui facilite la creation et l'ajout de narration a vos films. Il est vrai que certains utilisateurs ont critique le passage vers Creative Cloud et le modele d'abonnement qui s'en suit, et se sont tournes vers Apple Final Cut Pro. Toutefois, le logiciel rend la collaboration sur les projets beaucoup plus facile, les mises a jour sont installees instantanement et l’integration avec d'autres produits Adobe est amelioree. L'excellence, tout simplement Adobe Premiere Pro est un excellent logiciel d’edition video, qui propose tous les outils, fonctions, filtres et effets dont on a besoin pour la creation et l'edition video professionnelle.

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