Servando: Do you want to learn how to double your Google Adsense Earnings by split testing different ads and placements?
That’s why when I first heard of Ezoic (FREE Ad Tester tool) I decided to contact them and have them explain the features and benefits of using their product (Google Partner Certified). If you’re still struggling to find the best combination to increase your Adsense RPM, CTR or earnings overall. With their Ad Tester tool, you can try potentially millions (yes, millions!) of ad combinations and determine which ones best maximize your revenue. Apply to Google’s Ad Exchange: This will give you access to Google’s premium network of CPM ads.
So really, the only technical work required is that is placing the ad units… but no so fast! Ezoic offers others apps and tools for online publishers too, including an iOS App Creator and a Layout Tester that helps you redesign your site using metrics and data! Filed Under: Pro-Blogging, SEO Tagged With: adsense cpc, adsense ctr, lea, rpm adsenseLoved this article?
I have question regarding “Percentage of site traffic to send to the Ezoic Platform”??
One of the great things about the system is that you can split traffic between your original ad placements and the new Ezoic ones. In my case, having ads in content (not sidebar or top menu) and using big or medium rectangles work better.
We’ve compiled a best practices guide that will help you in choosing good ad sizes and locations. I was also tired of trying best ad placement at one of my news website and now I think that this will help me out. Yeah, split testing is time consuming although i’ve done it before but not in such a big scale as you can do with Ezoic. Learn how to rank in the first spot of Google and master other traffic sources to monetize your traffic! Old AdSense interface shows the total page impressions with adsense ads, no matter how many blocks or units in it. Check the 9 reasons for making money from adsense is difficult nowadays, but you can make it. Not too long ago Google has launched Adsense App for Android and iOS device which provides direct access to publishers stats through a simple app.

With the Adsense v2.0, it provides more metrics like Page Views (Per Day, Per Week, Yesterday, Month and Lifetime), Clicks, CPC, CTR, RPM in detailed with graphs as well. If you have already installed the earlier version of Android, just connect your device to WiFi or Data Plans and app will be updated automatically.
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Publishers should definitely consider a testing tool like this if they are looking to systematically analyze their ad performance.
All you have to do is designate ad sizes and locations that you want the system to test for you. You can also elect to add a snippet of code to every page of your site if you don’t have access to your name servers or don’t use Cloudflare. You can hard-code them into your site, or you can use a new Chrome Extension they’ve made for the less tech-savvy. Ezoic doesn’t run more than the allowed amount of Google ads (as long as you do everything right), so there’s no need to worry about potential violations. In fact, Ezoic has found that ad positioning can have even more an effect on your revenue than ad quality. In your personal experience what is a normal percentage of your estimated earnings to keep?

That way, you can see how your original set up is doing versus Ezoic’s optimized versions. Still nothing to start your business and that’s why I never recommend going for free hosting or domains. It’s not necessary to continue using your Adsense account with Ezoic, but that is an option.
Instead of any monthly payments, Ezoic simply collects the revenue from one text ad located at the bottom of the page. I could see in other blogs that they say RPM in adsense is calculated by number of visitors and page views, but actually its from ad impressions. What more users can check their earning based on countries, Sites, track down URL Channels, Custom Channels, Products and lot more. That being said, it takes around a half hour to get set-up, and you can be up and testing within the day.
Additionally, it’s a competitive environment where hundreds of different ad networks (including Adsense) bid in real time for each impression on the page.
With the Ezoic Ad Tester extension, you can essentially drag & drop ads all around your site that will then be potential locations for real ads!
In fact, as a Google Certified Publishing Partner, they have a team of expertly trained individuals who are willing to help you through the set-up process. Your existing ad placements (and all of their locations) will be used as an experimental control. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! He has worked for both Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla and along the way becomes involved with the governmenta€™s secret World War Two project a€?The Philadelphia Experimenta€™ dealing with time travel. Instead of monthly fees, Ezoic simply collects the revenue from one ad located at the bottom of the page. I have only linked adsense, but now I am thinking about connecting other ad networks to test further. That being said, boosting ad income can be accomplished for everyone through experimentation.

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