Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Cable TV has been facing increasing competition from other communications types like satellite television and even such computer sites as Netflix. Often specials are available by bundling your cabletelevision with other services in a single package, usually internet and phone, but sometimes services like cellularphones. Many cable companies are very confusing when it comes to how much their service will actually cost in the longrun. If you are bundling your cable television with your internet (and many people do), you will have less privacy on the internet.
With these advantages and disadvantages in mind, you will be in a better position to make a decision about whether to choose cable television. From the history of TV John Logie Baird was born in Helensburgh, Scotland, on August 13, 1888. Two years passeda€¦ On February 1928 the vision sound was sent across the ocean from London to New York by short wave radio station. But Baird dreamt that an ideal television service should show a picture in colour and stereoscopic relief and should operate on an international standard. For many years, the technology that allowed us to sit in our home and watch audio and video was based on a tube technology. As for digital TV it offers a far wider choice of TV viewing with lots of extra channels, and uses digital technology to reduce the interference that you may experience on analogue TV. There's no doubt that technology will continue to develop as new people have better ideas for bringing audio and video into our homes. The Good and Bad of Television No one can deny that television, the greatest invention of the 20 century, has changed our life and today we cannot live without it. Television and advertisement Do you know that about three a€“ fourths of the TV stations in the world are commercial ones. 59% of my classmates are on the opinion that it is misleading, it puts pressure on consumers, it doesna€™t talk about productsa€™ defects.
Conclusion In conclusion Ia€™d like to say, that though TV has some disadvantages people have been watching it for about a century because ita€™s the cheapest way of entertainment for millions of people. The launching of INSAT and other communication satellites in the space age has given further fillip to television, investing it with a truly international character. The television is an important medium for transmitting the daily news of national and international news.
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If a candidate were struggling to pass the exam, they wouldn't be able to obtain a policy.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. With all of theseoptions now available, it is a good opportunity to look atthe pros and cons of cable television.
Both traditional air-wave broadcasts and modern satellite television can and will cut out on you during any serious storm (and often during some not-so-serious storms).Cable, on the other hand, will only go out if there is some flaw in the overall system, like a broken cable or router. These bundles can actually save you quite a bit of money, especially if you bundle all three typical services together.

The initial hardware costs arefairly inexpensive when compared to satellite, and the FCC requires that all cable companies provide a basic cable package consisting of broadcast channels and a few local channels.
While the competition from satellite is increasing, the corporate culture of these monopolies is especially poor.
Cable internet works with a stable IP address that doesnt change, so people will be able to easily track your visits to their sites. He was the first person in the world to demonstrate a working television system, in January 1926. J.L Baird appeared in the a€?Timesa€? in which Baird claimed he had solved the problem of television. So the future of television, the success of having been a leader in early development of television belonged to Baird.
Colour and stereoscopic television were shown for the first time when he gave a demonstration at the annual meeting of the British Association in 1928. In this system the restriction is overcome and the picture can be viewed from any position, no glasses being required.
The technology behind the plasma TV screen isn't so very much different in some respects, but is very different in others. Digital TV also offers other benefits, such as a greater selection of widescreen programming, and on-screen electronic programme guide, interactive services, and in some cases, High Definition and Dolby sound. But when you see the crisp clear images of a plasma TV, it's rather difficult to imagine how it could get any better than this. Secondly, it gives us an opportunity to a€?travela€? all over the world, to a€?meeta€? different people and to learn more about their customs and traditions. 17% think that advertising helps us choose best products, teaches us how to get the best value for our money, presents an honest, realistic image of a product, improves our taste.
So, I decided to make the following kind of research: Out of 26 students in my class 3 have 3 TV sets in their household 15 have 2 TV sets 8 students have 1 TV set at home. 4 students more than 8 hours a day 6 of them ?°bout 4 hours a day13 about 2 hours a day 3 students dona€™t watch it at all. In the modern era of science, great emphasis is given to television in educational, social and moral spheres. With the help of a dish-antenna one can watch a programme of his choice telecast through different channels. The medical students can watch the complicated surgery on the T.V Agricultural programmes educate the farmers. The election scene, a holocaust, agitations and riots, political events etc can be seen and one’s understanding of these events is increased. In this article, I will examine three positive and three negative points aboutcable television, to help you make an informed decision.
This will happen far less often than rainstorms, so cable television will provide far more consistent service. As a result, cable television can be the cheapest form of television aside from buying an antenna. Customer service can be terrible, if not non-existent in manycases, and consumer satisfaction with cable TV companiesis consistently some of the worst among any companies in the United States.
However, you have to really dig on their websites to find out how much the second year will cost.

Compare this with DSL, where you can easily reset your IP by turning your modem on and off.
Members of the Royal Institution and other visitors saw a demonstration of apparatus invented by Baird.
After nearly three years of experimental transmissions the introduction of television to the public was achieved.
22 households are connected to our town cable TV a€?Cometaa€? 4 families are connected to satellite channels. The visual impact is so strong that what one sees is imprinted on one’s memory, and therefore its educative value cannot be underestimated. Again, people read musch less now and prefer watching TV instead of exercising the mind by reading stimulation books. The name a€?Televisiona€? comes from the Greek word meaning a€?fara€?, and the Latin word meaning a€?to seea€?, so the word a€?televisiona€? means a€?to see fara€?.
One of the most beneficial points of the plasma TV is the fact that the layers needed to make this technology work are very thin. Another good thing about television that it keeps us informed about the latest news in the world. The people can see and also listen to the important things happening in different parts of the world.
A man, after a day's hard word, may switch on his television set to watch movies, dances, dramas, musical concerts, quiz programs, business affairs or current affairs programmes.
Consequently, the common man, who first sees to his basic, needs next looks forward to owning a television set.
Further, socialization has also been affected, for people sit inside the house watchin TV instead of going out to meet people and sicuss and exchange ideas. What is more, some TV addicts spend hours in front of the a€?boxa€? watching whatevera€™s on.
Besides she has problems with her eyesight and after she watches TV for two hours her eyes start hurting.
It relays news, current affairs, educational programms, dramas, films, sports, cartoons etc. The students gain a lot from television lessons, because the material taught is the outcome of the experience of the best available teachers. BBC, Star Plus and Discovery channels telecast wonderful documentaries enriching the knowledge of the viewers on nature and scientific developments. Even uneducated people know about polio drops, family planning, etc., through the advertisements.
If parents do not control their wards, their role models could very well be attractive villains and corrupt politicians and criminals in real life too.
As science is a good servant and a bad master, T.V also can be made a good servant if it is properly used. Some people are on the opinion that TV teachers us a€?how to kill, to rob, to shoot and to poisona€?.

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