Thread: TFL - what advantages does a cheap car have over a new train, which I could also afford? Get more channels, exclusive programming, better quality at competitive rates from leading national providers–DISH Network and DIRECTV.
If you were referred by a 5LINX® representative please enter their Representive ID Number(RIN#) in the field below and click the signup button. If you were NOT referred please leave the field above blank and click the signup button below. 5LINX is your opportunity to build residual monthly income simply by helping people live better lives. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVENTAGES OF THE TELEVISIONTelevision is one of the chief miracles of science.
The launching of INSAT and other communication satellites in the space age has given further fillip to television, investing it with a truly international character. The Super Bowl is the most watched American TV spectacle, and companies annually put forth their biggest efforts to make stunning commercials aimed at creating impressions and buzz. New Stanford research suggests that these Super Bowl ads are mostly effective — but not always.
Still, Super Bowl ads can generate significant increases in beer and soda sales revenue and volume per household, said Wesley Hartmann, an associate professor of marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, who co-wrote the study with Daniel Klapper of Humboldt University in Berlin.
For example, the researchers estimated that Budweiser earns an extra $96 million from their ads, receiving a return on their advertising investment of 172 percent.
Super Bowl TV ratings show that over 40 percent of American households tune in to watch the NFL championship game. To shed light on this topic, Hartmann and his colleague focused their research on three large and well-known beer and soda brands (Budweiser, Coca-Cola and Pepsi) that typically advertise during the Super Bowl. They found that Super Bowl ads can spur large increases in revenue and volume per household, but when two major competing brands advertise, most of the gains are eroded. In the broadest sense, the researchers wrote, Super Bowl ads “build an association between the brand and viewership of sports.” However, two competing brands do not benefit from this same association at the same time.
In terms of effectiveness, Super Bowl advertising for an established brand is best when it builds on that association between the well-known product and sports in general, according to Hartmann.
The study did not look at what would happen if the big brands suddenly stopped their advertising. He acknowledges that the research cannot account for all the variations in a given market, or for the scenario in which existing advertisers pulled out of the Super Bowl altogether.
The question facing big brands is that if they opt out of Super Bowl advertising, they might concede its benefits to a primary competitor, Hartmann said. For example, Budweiser‘s sales revenue in the short run after the Super Bowl is about 15.75 percent higher per household than for their competitors, according to the research. Meanwhile, Pepsi and Coca-Cola — clear competitors — both have advertised annually in the Super Bowl. Such an example was Apple in 1984 when its Super Bowl ad — deemed the greatest of all time — arguably changed the fortunes of that company forever. Wesley Hartmann is an associate professor of marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Flat Panel TV StandFlat Panel TV Stand   Adjustable shelves help to organize electronic components and media. In its 2013 Communications Market Report, published today, the UK broadcast regulator said that people are still coming together to watch TV in the living room – with 91% of UK adults watching their main TV set each week, up from 88% in 2002.
However, Ofcom noted the “increasing array of digital media” vying for peoples’ attention, with 53% of UK adults multi-tasking on different devices while watching TV on a weekly basis.

This activity was driven by an increase in smartphone and tablet ownership, with Ofcom noting that 51% of UK adults now have a smartphone, and 27% a tablet – almost double the proportion compared to two years ago.
Some 25% of adults, and 44% of young people, were found to regularly ‘media mesh’ – or do something else related to what they are watching on TV, including talking on the phone (16%), texting (17%) or using social media (11%) to discuss what they are watching.
However, Ofcom noted that participating directly with programmes was less common, with just 6% entering competitions or voting about what is on TV, and 3% using a programme app. The report claimed that ‘media stacking’ – or using smartphones and tablets for completely unrelated activities while watching TV – was another “major social phenomenon” with 49% of people doing this each week.
Though Ofcom said that the average household now owns “at least three” internet-enabled devices, it claimed that people were increasingly reverting to having a single TV in their household at 41%, compared to 35% in 2002. The remaining 10% of viewing was time-shifted, but Ofcom said that the BBC iPlayer, the most-used TV catch-up service in the UK, accounts for just 2% of BBC programming consumed.
Some 53% of people surveyed claimed to watch short video clips online on a regular basis, while 40% claim to watch TV programmes, either streamed or downloaded, via TV catch-up services, such as BBC iPlayer or 4oD.  Just 16% claimed to use other VOD services, such as Netflix, Lovefilm Instant, and Vimeo on a regular basis.
Torrent system solution architecture HC TV NetworkIn recent years, digital transformation of radio and television throughout the work is steady progress, as of May 2008, the National Digital TV Users has grown to 36 million. No matter what type of business you have— from a boutique salon or a mid-sized bar to a single room medical office or a large corporation satellite TV from 5LINX delivers an amazing entertainment experience. In the modern era of science, great emphasis is given to television in educational, social and moral spheres.
With the help of a dish-antenna one can watch a programme of his choice telecast through different channels. The medical students can watch the complicated surgery on the T.V Agricultural programmes educate the farmers.
They do not drive new sales when two brands of the same type — soda, for example — are both advertising during the football game. Anheuser-Busch — the producer of Budweiser beer — has held exclusive rights to national beer commercials in the Super Bowl for more than 20 years. Data was collected from 55 media markets, six years of Super Bowls and sales data from Nielsen. Hartmann said it is unknown what those results would be — or what would happen if a new competitor to the big brands already advertising launched Super Bowl commercials. And it is unclear how the findings for competing brands can be extrapolated to different TV broadcasts or programming.
Hartmann said that if both decided not to run Super Bowl ads, it could open up airtime to less-established rivals. Blame the Electoral CollegeParadoxically, letting the people vote for president would cut advertising in half. Such activity included surfing the net (36%), social networking (22%) or online shopping (16%). In 2012, TV accounted for 90% of all viewing, with the average person watching just more than four hours a day  – 15 minutes more than in 2008.
At the same time, two-way transformation of radio and television cable network is also evolving. Whether you want customers to stay longer and buy more or simply improve client satisfaction, adding satellite TV will help make them repeat customers. The idea was to determine whether increased sales were the result of exposure to particular TV commercials for these brands.
And it is quite possible that such a competitor could make considerable gains in consumer awareness of their product with a memorable ad, he noted. For example, in 2011, when the Green Bay Packers returned to the Super Bowl after a 13-year absence, TV ratings for that game jumped 14 points in their home market of Milwaukee.

They are tweeting about a TV show, surfing the net or watching different content altogether on a tablet,” said James Thickett, Ofcom’s director of research.
The people can see and also listen to the important things happening in different parts of the world.
A man, after a day's hard word, may switch on his television set to watch movies, dances, dramas, musical concerts, quiz programs, business affairs or current affairs programmes. The competition to get those ad spots reserved is considerable — the spots, now costing up to $4.5 million each, are often reserved months in advance with time-consuming and expensive creative productions to follow right up until game time. 1 on the promotion of Triple play Policies issued, interactive TV services in the field of broadcasting more and more uncertain future.UT Starcom is the interactive TV industry pioneer and leader in the torrent storage solutions in content distribution, open platform, system expansion, operation and maintenance, carrier-grade high stability, high availability, EPG platform integration and large scale commercial and other aspects of leading-edge, forward-looking planning of its system will ensure that radio and television network operator business in the long term. UT Starcom below the torrent of interactive television solutions, advantages and features elaborate.1. The students gain a lot from television lessons, because the material taught is the outcome of the experience of the best available teachers. BBC, Star plus and Discovery channels telecast wonderful documentaries enriching the knowledge of the viewers on nature and scientific developments. Unfortunately children view these cheap filmy entertainment programs and western dance programs and lose their grip with their traditional dances and dress style. This architecture than with a single server to provide streaming services, more efficient way, stream server that can be shared between the service capability.Innovative content section, storage, distribution technologyThe traditional way of using central storage or storage node to repeat the edge of the way storage.
Their interest in seeing commercial shows is so much that they are almost glued to the T.V ignoring their studies. Even uneducated people know about polio drops, family planning, etc., through the advertisements. Children become precocious and are often emotionally stunted due to premature exposure to certain life experience.
The beginning of the program fragment stored in the network edge, close to the subscriber, if the user select play, on the other nodes Resume from some of the remaining slices.
UT with the exclusive patent Broadband Media distribution technology (BMDP), can be greatly optimized content delivery process, it becomes very smooth, saving storage space, and minimizes network congestion situation, the system more balanced load, the system hit rate high.3. As science is a good servant and a bad master, T.V also can be made a good servant if it is properly used.
A wealth of business supportThrough the years in the field of interactive television temper, UT Starcom for the needs of users have a deep understanding. If parents do not control their wards, their role models could very well be attractive villains and corrupt politicians and criminals in real life too. In addition to basic business and live on-demand business, VoD, UT Starcom continue to introduce innovative services, spare no effort in promoting the overall operator revenue growth.Virtual Channel Business Torrent system to support a series of on-demand content will be classified according to certain norms organizations, the order of play. Reflected to the user is a common channel and there is no difference between the virtual channels, virtual channels greatly facilitate the organization of the contents of the content providers to meet the business part of the early tradition of the audience viewing habits.Times business Torrent system to provide users with real-time menus times and moved in two ways.
As the use of automated information collection mechanism, the whole process completely without manual intervention, thereby reducing the operator's operating costs.TVMS interactive SMS TVMS is the integration of emergency information, interactive quizzes, voting, quiz, advertising information, and a full range of integrated multimedia message service solutions. TVMS can support remote users through the television screen tips pop-up menu directly to the prize quiz, voting, quiz answers and other services, user experience than in the past by way of SMS and hotline has been improved greatly.Advertising Operators to improve the overall income, torrent system provides integrated advertising solutions. A strong operating platform As the industry chain is not good enough business to carry out the initial small user base determines the high cost of chip-on-demand sharing. On the other hand the introduction of content, transcoding, design, and so requires a large number of experienced staff.

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