Our Best Listing - $25.00 - Potential Customers can click to your website and contact you by Email !
You will be shown at the top of your "states" page, plus people can click to your website, contact you by Email and you can describe your daycare in the information area.
Make sure interested parents can contact you, provide your Email address for a one time charge of $15.00 ! If you would like to show your Email address or have us link to your webpage, you will need to purchase one of the above packages.
The best way to promote your business is to understand there is not one way that is going to work. Flyers and printed materials are great if you post them in businesses that are somehow related to children (pediatricians, children hairstylists, child dentists etc) so you can ask them if you can leave your flyer or business cards in their office. 5) Submit your website URL to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ucanto, Self Promote, Addpro, Free Site Submission, Quick Register etc. 7) Meet and network with other providers near you and stay in touch about what openings they have.
All in all this is just some of the things that you can do to promote your business, there are tons of other ways to do it but like I said, it's a combination of things that really works and not just one thing alone!
Using daycare marketing tips will ensure that your home based daycare stays full to capacity.
So, how do you get the word out?There are two absolutely free ways to advertise child care. These are a low-cost form of daycare marketing and can be passed out to just about everyone.
Make copies of your business cards or print off colorful slips of paper with your daycare name and phone number.
Once you are semi-established, have an event and send your local paper a picture and a brief description. Buy over-sized T-Shirts in a bright color, and have your business name and phone number printed on them. Before starting your home daycare you will need to look into licensing requirements & regulations in your area.
There is a good chance that you have already met many licensing requirements in your home daycare. Once you enquire about the exact licensing requirements for your local area you will quickly realize that most regulations will be easy and straightforward. The task will seem a bit daunting at the beginning but as you proceed step by step it will get easier.
Here is a list of all the links for each province in Canada and all the states in the United States of America. The Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF) is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of child care services for Canadian children and families. The Canadian Childcare Directory provides an online, searchable directory of child care providers. After payment you will instantly receive our form to fill out with your daycare, preschool, nursery school or nanny services information. Return the favor and take back some of their business cards and printed material to pass out to the parents. Shamelessly plug your daycare in everyday conversations no matter who you're talking to or where your are.
I know alot of people don't like to post their addresses on their advertising however I just don't think it's business-wise.
Otherwise it can take FOREVER for your website to be added to the search listings or you can be placed really low on the list.
Give them $50-$100 off of a weeks tuition if they refer someone that signs up and stays for at least 4 weeks. Offer to refer clients to them if you get a call for a child that you can't take and vice versa. According to Merriam Webster, advertising is defined as, a€?the action of calling something to the attention of the public". Once you are established, these two forms of daycare marketing will likely be responsible for most of the business you receive.

This is an excellent resource and accounted for nearly half my enrollees over a period of a dozen years. There are many on-line sites that will let you design the cards from a multitude of choice options. A daycare provider I know did this when Santa came to visit her daycare and again when a few members of the high school theater group stopped by to put on a puppet show.
Not only will parents living close to you be aware of your daycare, but odds are, they will mention your daycare to other parents. Some requirements will simply ask you to take a bit of time to put down on paper a procedure you already have in practice. CCCF includes 16 regional affiliate organizations, independent members, and other partner organizations.
It helps answer the question “How do I start a daycare?” It also guides new caregivers through the first year of growing pains, and supports the experienced caregiver with fresh ideas and inspiration. A day care business must communicate service, atmosphere, and qualifications to gain loyal customers.
I network with a lot of child care providers that always ask me how I do so well when the odds are stacked against me.
For dentists it works if they give you "goody bags" with toothbrushes that have the dentist's name on them and a business card in the bag. Example: Grocery store and the woman at the checkstand comments about something you are purchasing, you say "Oh yeah, I HAD to get that. I added my daycare on google maps so that when people googled child care in this area I'd pop up. For example if you have an opening for an infant but don't offer SA care and another provider doesn't do infant care but offers SA care you could refer clients to each other. This is a service that matches parents looking for providers with available daycare homes in their area.
This is potentially an effective way to advertise your daycare because the recipients of such cards generally live close by. Call your local station directly and inquire regarding the necessary steps to get your message heard.
Smaller local papers are probably better for this type of advertising than big city larger ones.A better way to make the newspaper work for you? Place a donated by sticker with your daycare name, town or city location, and phone number on the book. This will provide exposure for your daycare and the added benefit of easily keeping track of the children.
One enterprising local child care provider decorated a trailer and placed large signs promoting her daycare on each side.
This aspect of the daycare business may seem overwhelming for some early childhood caregivers. For example, one of the requirements is that the daycare has a form of communication to reach assistance in case of an emergency.
Before you request an initial site inspection (to determine if your space is appropriate) you will need to complete the application form. I live in a condo, I have a small patio, I don't have a lot of indoor or outdoor DC space, I don't have as much experience in providing child care in my home as other providers, I have even less experience in licensed child care, I don't have a degree in child development (which many child care provider's in my area now do), I'm young and look even younger so people don't always take me seriously etc.
This generation of parents are younger and use the internet to find businesses in their area including child care so take advantage of that. You are a professional child care provider and you want potential parents and children in your area to know that you exist. Use bright colors (red, blue, yellow) and suitable clip-art (teddy bears, balloons, toys), or pictures of smiling happy children.
Make sure that all advertising materials list your web address as well.*Once again, do not list your actual address. I honestly dona€™t know if she received extra calls due to this effort, though Ia€™m certain the image of happy children tossing candy was seen by everyone. An important point to keep in mind is that licensing requirements are not complex regulations but rules that will make your job easier. It is likely that you have considered the possibilty of a fire and you have fire extinguishers in your home.

Once you submit your daycare information your daycare listing will appear in your "state listing" within 24 to 48 hours. Gas stations, parks and schools are also great places to post flyers but make sure you check your city ordinances and always make sure to get permision to post them first. I've commented about my daycare to the checkers at my grocery store so much that other employees now will walk by me and say "Hi ____, shopping for good stuff for the daycare again I see" and then other people in the aisle now know that I do daycare.
I had a woman call me last week and I offered to refer her to other providers that I knew that had openings. Here, in Minnesota, I didna€™t need to do anything other than get my license to be added to the list. Well of course, any quality caregiver would make sure she has a way to contact help in case of an emergency. No person with childcare experience would agree to care for a large number of babies and toddlers because they realize the task that it entails.
Second, the details of location, hours, services and cost will help the parent make a quick assessment.
Happens all of the time at the dentist, at my doctor's office, at restaurant you name it. I gave her names and general areas of the other providers (all within a mile of me) and she said that she had seen them in her google search but called me because she immediately knew that my location would work for her.
Once you have your license, feel free to contact them to make sure you have been added.*This is also an excellent resource for lists of classes or workshops available to enhance the quality of the care you provide.
Even my friends and ex-coworkers regularly promote my daycare and send me referrals (just make sure that you at least send a thank you note to show your appreciation when someone sends you a referral).
She actually told me that she wished that other [family] daycares would do that because it would make it a lot easier to find a daycare in the area that she needed.
You want parents to make the step to an interview and see personally what your daycare has to offer. To get the advantage of hitting a target market, informational flyers are easy to produce and distribute. And don't stop at Google, add your daycare to Yahoo business listings and other major search engine directories. Updating it pushes you up higher in search engine searches, if you don't update it regularly search engines like Google will put you lower in search listings because they want people to find websites with the most relevant and up to date imformation as possible. You can even make a section for parents only where they can view photos, see a calendar etc.
The more people that view your website the higher the listing you get in search engines. The people who know you best will be able to refer people looking for child care directly to you. There is no better form of daycare marketing than to have satisfied parents tell others about you. If you emphasize your location, it will help the parent decide if your day care is close to home or place of work.When to advertiseIf you are new in the area, any time is good to get started. Run your child care home like a professional, keeping both children and parents happy, and over time there may be no need to publicize.
Parents who referred other parents accounted for half of the children in my care.When you are first starting out however, your daycare marketing campaign will have to be creative. If you are already full to capacity, enlist other day care centers you know and trust as referrals.
You want parents to choose your home based on how they feel about you and your home, not based on price. Search Most Recent Templates Sample Contract Templates Sample Survey Templates Sample Questionnaire Templates Sample Proposal Templates Sample Assessment Templates Licensing Information - Privacy Info - Terms and Conditions - Contact UsHloom © 2014.

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