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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Advertisements section.
A telephone number and website is also present so that readers can find out information, such as price, that is lacking in the advertisement.
Consequently, one can only be walked over if they are lying down, which symbolizes submissiveness and passiveness of the horizontal phrase. SMS has already proven its strengths it serves as the most popular real and profitable data service in the market place today. Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Claudine Torres IB English A2 HL Period 6Instructions: Explain in paragraph form how an ad can manipulate its viewer. Well-known and successful advertisements use ways of manipulation such as facts andfigures, sex appeal and testimonials or famous names.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
This essay aims to decode the representational symbols in an advertisement which is selling alcohol.
This is because it creates more of an effect if you can see the whole product, also the image would look quite strange if half of it was cut off.
In the Philippines: It started here in 1978 when Avon bought Beautyfont, then the number one beauty company locally, and its manufacturing plant Aura Laboratories. The ad is showing that if you 'let the goody two shoes get you down' you will be letting someone walk all over you. The strengths found in SMS through its simplicity have shown the underlining faults and problems associated with much published MMS. These are that special licenses are required to sell newspapers to prime locations or in the city centre. The sounds of cheering and laughing can also be heard so we know the community is enjoying their work and effort. The client centric approach, substantial depth in each marketing discipline in every major market helped the company in identifying changing trends well in time and entering the new businesses early as compared to their competitors. All Rights Reserved.Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. It is fairly evident that throughout history, advertisements have been capable ofpersuading and manipulating its audience.
Advertisers use these commercialismmethods to communicate with and persuade its viewer’s mind.
The target receiver is a young adult male and the advertisements appeared in a music magazine.
This may be to create the effect of somebody dropping the bottle on the floor and then looking down at the smashed glass.
To summarise, advertisement 1 uses a combination of successful colour contrast and a powerful image of a woman experiencing pleasure in bed to attract both males wanting to attract females and females wanting to attract males.

After a year, a total of 15 branches went into full operation nationwide, 5 in Metro Manila and 10 in various provinces.
This is emphasized by the many cuts shots to the faces and people of the community as me see joy and smiles on their faces.
All advertisements contain signifiers that carry meaning to the receiver in terms of denotations and connotations.
The camera angle of advertisement 1 is taken from the direction of which the viewer would look at her if she were in front of them. These means of persuasion helps the advertisers endorse their merchandise insuch a way that it becomes appealing to their viewers. Even though these methods are employed to achieve the advertiser’s mainobjective to sell his product, it has had several negative effects on society. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. Denotations are the images portrayed in the advertisement which clear for the viewers to see.
I think that the advertisement would be successful in today's society in interesting the young adult males it's aimed at.
The success of a specific product could be proven by using statistical information andevidence. Some of thesedisadvantages include erosion of culture and values, development of stereotypes and the desireof individuals to have superficial things.
It conjures up emotions through text, picture, colors, copy, typestyle and last but not least the layout. While connotations are associated ideas suggested to the viewer by the content of the advertisement.
The camera angle of advertisement 2 is taken from the angle that the viewer would look at the cards if they were on a table in front of him. Advertisement 2 uses a combination of successful use of colour, lighting and the slogan to attract its target audience. I am going to be analyzing two adverts using the properties mentioned above. I am going to analyze two adverts to do with the battle between acne and our bodies.
The type of signifiers that are used to send messages in an advertisement include colour, focus, shape, camera angle, stereotype, positioning and all of these areas need to be considered.
For example in a Colgate toothbrushadvertisement, it says that “80% of the bacteria in your mouth are not on your teeth”. In today's society I think that this advertisement would do well in attracting its viewers because they would like the humour in the advert. This factsells the product as this specific toothbrush was made to clean not one’s teeth but also hischeeks, tongue and gums. In terms of picture, there is a girl in her teens standing dressed in her towel with this geeky looking man who is supposed to be an enthusiasts holding the product. The use of this factual information convinces the audience to buy theproduct as they are brainwashed to think that this toothbrush is capable of getting rid of all thebacteria that is in their mouth. The background is orange which makes the product more reflective as the product is blue and pink.
Although the advertisement dos not have much on it I think that it is still very effective and will make the viewers laugh because of the anchor. The superiority of a product is proven when advertisers statefacts and figures on their advertisements on radios, televisions, magazines and newspapers.

In the bottom right hand corner of the page there is a picture of a pint glass filled with ale, with the ale's logo printed on. In today's society I think that the advertisement will do well in selling the product to the young adult males it is aimed at.
There is a beer pump with the ale's logo on it to the left of the glass with a statement that is directly related to the product. To conclude, all of the advertisements contain a wide variety of signifiers that are used effectively to attract a target audience. In a poster forAbsolut Wild Tea, a woman can is posing next to the product in a very seductive manner. The facial expression on the man is happy because he obviously does not know he is annoying her – sexual innuendo.
As for the copy, The slogan is as follows 'do not ruin your chances' appears to be stamped .it is as though it is saying read this it is very important. Although the colours are different on each advertisement, they only consist of about two to three different colours to create the effect. The woman in the advertisement is alsowearing all black, a color that is often associated with mystery.
There are the four different suits and also a playing card that depicts two bottles of Budweiser. The actual product being advertised appears somewhere on each of the advertisements but each one is linked to a different theme. It can be implied that the targetaudience of this particular ad are men ranging from 20-30 years old, as this target audience willmost likely be attracted to this woman.
There is a slogan at the top of the page and there are three gambling chips in the bottom left of the page. The three themes used are sexual pleasure, gambling and subtle humour all of which are relevant and attractive to the people they are trying to target. When looking at this poster, it is suggested that drinkingthis beverage will help one better his sex life. They may have made the focus clear so the viewer can look in detail at the beer being advertised, which may help the product to sell. Famous personalities are often asked to participate in an advertisement of a product sothat more individuals are lured to purchase it.
Other famous models, actors, sports personalities,and singers can be seen in “Got Milk” advertisements such as the Olsen Twins, Tyra Banks andAna Ivanovic.
There is a picture of a smashed bottle of Beck's, the sections with the brand name on remaining intact.
The advertising company have done this so the individual pieces of glass (which are what catches the eye of the viewer) will be clearly seen and look even more realistic. This is a great method of manipulation as fans of these famous icons areattracted to a product as their favorite TV personality is recommending them to buy and use it.Testimonials from famous people convince audiences to possess a product because they arepersuaded to think that their favorite celebrity uses it as well. There is some beer spilt over the background and there is a small amount of text in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

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