However, on closer inspection, one finds that Kenya’s advertising agencies are failing to take full advantage of all the inherent benefits that digital has to offer.
Digital is often treated as simply a marketing channel by many advertising agencies when in fact it is so much more.
Many advertising agencies in Kenya still approach brand advertising with a traditional marketing mindset.
This means that there is a very real opportunity for advertising agencies in Kenya to create campaigns that could start digital and then permeate other media channels.
One of the most poignant aspects of many advertising agencies in Kenya is that many are actually digitally illiterate. This is one of the most valuable aspects about digital in that there is a very high degree of accountability and traceability in terms of what worked and did not work. The majority of advertising agencies in Kenya do not understand how the technology behind highly effective digital actually works. A best practice approach to digital these days requires that a campaign has technologies like marketing automation and customer relationship management or CRM tightly integrated into the execution. Revered as a modern patriarch of advertising by many, John Wanamaker’s comment is often echoed a century later by New Zealand’s brand managers wanting to get more value from their advertising firm. A strategic detail often lost in New Zealand marketing practice by the less capable (advertising agencies Auckland provides) today is that the most effective advertising strategies strive for not just a creative advert but one that delivers effectively against measurable objectives.
It makes sense if you think about it – an advert designed by your advertising firm to be a showcase of creativity is unlikely to yield you sales. As one of the more proactive advertising agencies Auckland has to offer, we recommend that our clients first determine their desired outcomes (and how these will be measured) for their advertising campaign in conjunction with their consultants and allow them to ensure their company or brand’s messages are delivered to the widest possible consumer audience in New Zealand. When managed by experienced marketing professionals from an equally experienced advertising agency, an integrated advertising campaign will help to build awareness for your brand and allow it to be appropriately positioned in the marketplace. Strategies created by our Auckland based advertising firm, deliver a fully integrated advertising agency campaign where the focus is on helping you achieve your objectives – whether that is additional sales, improved brand awareness or something else. Our specialties lie with retail advertising, direct response television, travel and online and emerging media. With Impact PR and our media buying partnership, you get the benefits of a full service marketing agency, fully accredited to all major media outlets and key media research systems. If you are searching for the best advertising agencies Auckland offers about how you can get a better outcome from your ad spend in New Zealand please contact us today. Impact PR is a dedicated PR and marketing agency with an enviable reputation for delivering impressive results.
Newcastle-based advertising agency Sticky recently announced their transformation to become the Hunter Valley's first digital, social and tradition media agency. Less than one month after making the announcement, Sticky has secured numerous new clients for their fully optimised web designs. Sticky's search engine optimisation approach has been working even better than the agency anticipated. Newcastle advertising agency Sticky has launched a propaganda blitz as part of its (r)evolution. Sticky's new website unveiling has been followed quickly by coverage in today's Newcastle Herald and Adnews. Newcastle agency Sticky Advertising has undergone a (r)evolution this month, relaunching as Newcastle’s first Digital, Social and Traditional media agency. We have been closely observing the changes to the modern media landscape and feel that emerging media trends are becoming too significant to ignore. As a result we have evolved to include Digital and Social media in our core services and have released some revolutionary new products to coincide with the changes. Amongst the new offerings is Newcastle’s most dedicated Search Engine Optimisation package, allowing businesses to dramatically improve their rankings with online search engines. So many websites have been poorly designed and do not perform well, or at all, in Google, Yahoo and other searches.
One radio station in my market appears to have had a holding page, or at least a very basic interim site, up for close to six months.
Rather than just stick up a lame holding page, we felt it necessary to leave something entertaining, dynamic and indicative of the agency's attitude.

The campaign to attract a new web designer is a great example of the direction we are taking Sticky.
In fact, the site will even go so far as to explain a step by step process for creating effective brand communication. For some time now I have been observing the advertising world move away from the effective use of slogans or taglines. I couldn't disagree more (a quick look at our agency show reel displays my appreciation for slogans and jingles). I still believe that well-conceived slogans attached to a memorable device, such as a jingle, are extremely effective and should be part of every marketing campaign. Newcastle advertising agency Sticky Advertising publishes a bi-monthly media and advertising analysis for clients and subscribers. Suddenly the once crowded Hunter advertising ranks are looking decidedly thinner, with another Newcastle advertising agency closing shop. According to the Brookings Institution, Colombo has a population of 5.6 million within the metropolitan area.
Sadly, considering most of the big name advertising agencies still control the biggest brands and by extension the biggest marketing budgets this is not an ideal state of affairs. Another analogue to digital opportunity is using traditional media to drive traffic to branded digital platforms. This means that they are thinking TV ads, print ads, radio ads and billboards FIRST for brand campaigns BEFORE they think about the digital execution. It also means that the same campaigns could offer something new and novel that gives brands an opportunity to stand out from the tried and proven so as to be more memorable? Most traditional medias do not have anything near the level of value attribution that digital offers and yet the majority of advertising agencies in Kenya are seemingly(?) challenged in this respect.
This is more than slapping together banner ads and placing them on Google or Facebook, obviously.
Astute advertising agencies Auckland based or in other regions such as Impact PR offer an expert approach to achieving your advertising campaign objectives. We take your marketing objectives seriously - that is why only the most experienced senior of our consultants work directly on your business. The agency is particularly focusing on better web design and search engine optimisation, and already are achieving spectacular results.
Last week the agency relaunched as Newcastle's first digital, social and traditional media agency.
Obviously all sites must undertake a refresh from time to time, but what stuns me is that many businesses that should be profiting from a strong web presence are willing to leave lame holding pages up for long periods of time.
In some ways I hope that's their interim site, because if they aren't feverishly working away on an amazing site as we speak, then they have absolutely no appreciation for how they should be marketing themselves and interacting with their audience in 2008. Surely they realise that potential customers might visit and get a poor impression of the business.
It probably wasn't hard for many readers to work out that it was for my Newcastle advertising agency, Sticky. Today I found an excellent article in AdAge (USA) extolling the virtues of the marketing slogan.
The Sticky Report is packed with all the latest radio and television ratings results, news-press information and  online marketing advice.
These reports provide advertisers with suggestions as to the best value TV programs for different demographics. The Boutique Agency was a partnership between well-known media identity Deb Austin and Tim Neve. Whilst its possible to create digital advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook for instance that approximate an advertising campaign on traditional media, digital offers the opportunity to leverage interactivity.
Taken a step further, traditional campaigns can use trackable and unique URLs to determine how many people went to a digital destination as a result of traditional media placements.
Quite frankly this is an outmoded approach when over half of the population in Kenya is online according to the Communications Authority of Kenya as of 2015.
This is a formula that has worked wonders for brands in markets like the US and Europe with a seriously positive impact on the bottomline.

Being digitally literate requires agency teams to become certified and have experience in all sorts of things that are needed for digital campaigns to be successful. This means being able to delve into lots and lots of data before even starting a digital campaign. This also means that advertising agencies have to work with techies to make it possible for tight integrations with core business systems. And in my own humble opinion it is more interesting than many full sites (ok, I am very biased, but check it out and judge for yourself). I am proud to announce the birth of Sticky Branding, a dedicated brand advice and analysis site. We believe in communicating the brand personality and crafting a powerful and memorable tagline. Perhaps it has something to do with our current generation of marketers not wanting to do what their predecessors did. A classic case of this phenomena is that social media for instance is all about consumers driving brand conversations and NOT the brands themselves. The opportunities for digital are almost endless in redefining what a truly progressive and innovative advertising campaign can be – even right here in Kenya. Its time for Kenya’s advertising agencies to start making digital front and centre of their brand campaigns going forward.
It means knowing things like how many sales conversions were achieved from a digital campaign and by extension what the return on investment or ROI was.
It means understanding how data analytics work so that a digital campaign can actually deliver greater value (read, sales) with an even smaller budget.
Quite frankly, we don’t see this sort of thing really happening in Kenya yet and advertising agencies will have to go this route if they are to make digital work for their clients. Its no wonder that the data scientist role has become one of the hottest in the marketing industry these days globally as brands move towards a data-driven model of business.
BBDO LankaBBDO Lanka, the 288th office in the BBDO network, commenced operations in August 2011.
Though a relatively new player in the Sri Lankan ad scene with a dedicated staff of almost 30 professionals, BBDO Lanka already holds Anchor, a household name and the largest dairy brand in the country, among its clients. Initiative believes in four basic principles when solving their clients’ business challenges: fast, brave, decisive and simple. Decisive with their insights, opinions and recommendations and committed to making marketing complexity simple.
This approach is conveyed by their talented team, industry leading tools, processes and behaviors.Initiative employs more than 2500 creative and dynamic colleagues in 94 offices in 73 countries managing approximately $14 billion in billings annually. Mobile Media understands that markets are very competitive and the need to position your “Brand” when advertising is vital to your continued success. Their mission is to help your company exceed their marketing goals with higher impact and exposure, at much better value than the “Typical Lazy Sign.”JWT Sri LankaJ Walter Thompson Sri Lanka is packed with people of many flavors. From authentic devil dancers, photographers, drummers, actors, musicians, the odd balls and a few crazy ones.
This is an office that truly believes that creativity cannot be found in a straight-laced box. They are a young energetic team of outliers deeply rooted in evolving media.MaxusMaxus is a global media planning and buying agency and they have been named the fastest-growing media agency network for the last three years (Recma).
They offer their services through Web Designing and Development, Business Marketing, Marketing Analysis and Consulting, Software and Application Development and Branding.3JVS is committed to helping you find the best and right solution for your business marketing.
They set a realistic time frame for every project and work hard to deliver timely and high quality work.
I would love to hear about any advertising agencies in Colombo that you have worked with and what experiences you had working with them.

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