Our industry is slowly coming around to the idea that an hour is not like any other hour and we need to start selling our value, not our time. Coca-Cola has innovated a “value-based compensation” approach that pays its agencies based on value, not hours.
Many well established agencies like Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Anomaly do not bill anything by the hour. If large agencies that primarily serve big packaged goods brands can move away from the billable hour, why can’t the rest of us?
Hourly billing implies agencies make stuff, not create ideas or generate business solutions. Hourly billing means the agency is leaving money on the table or forces them to be dishonest.
If hourly billing is clearly bad for both the agency and the client, why are we still doing it?
Hourly billing is a nice topic that you have raised.You mentioned almost all the points that why it is not good. That was a very useful article to know about value based pricing model.I would suggest if there is comparisions betwwen all the pricing model and focusing on value based would add more value to the article.
Advertising spending by media agencies: USOnline ad spending is not yet keeping pace with Americans' time spent on the Internet, so the upward trend in spending still has plenty of room to grow (spending measured in billions of US dollars).
One could argue that in many agencies, it’s evolved and now we talk about a blended rate or a modified compensation model.
Agency leaders and clients both know that every agency hour is not spent in the same way or worth the same amount of money. Agencies want to earn more which means they aren’t motivated to be interested in efficiencies or effectiveness. If an agency bills by the hour, the client will never know for sure, until they receive the final bill, just how much they are paying. Nepal is a country in Asia with a population of approximately 27 million. Kathmandu is the capital with a population of about 1 million. Trains and phones have certainly evolved thanks to changes in both society and technology, and prohibition was such a bad idea, it went away entirely. In hour one, an account executive comes up with the strategy that will propel the client into market domination and in hour two, the same account executive writes a memo, reflecting back the action steps identified on a recent phone call.
They are motivated to want to spend more time on a project simply because it earns more revenue.
It also forces the clients to scrutinize the invoice, not for the quality of the work provided, but to determine if too many hours were spent on the work.

Should agencies be paid less for their work simply because they now have a tool that allows them to do it faster?
Moving to a value pricing strategy means you’ll need to talk a little differently to both your internal staff and your clients.
According to Wiki, “Nepal is a developing country with a low income economy, ranking 145th of 187 countries on the Human Development Index (HDI) in 2014. The idea will propel the client’s business to the top of their market and increase revenues.
This list of advertising agencies in Nepal will help you better understand the options available and the local environment.
These advertising agencies in Nepal are currently the best agencies based on awards won and content produced.
There are not many advertising agencies in Nepal, so, the quality of these agencies might be lower than other international agencies.Top 15 list of Advertising Agencies in NepalOutreach NepalThey are an independent agency with big ideas and even bigger results. They have been creating innovative and distinctive advertising campaigns for a broad range of corporate and development sector clients since 2003.Their clients have always benefited from their communication strategies devised from more than a decade experiences of working in both urban and rural Nepal combing creativity with full array of business strategies. As a result, they been long recognized, as one of the most progressive and trusted agencies in Nepal. JWT – NepalThompson Nepal, a part of JWT Worldwide, is Nepal’s leading and first international communications and public relations consulting firm. Formed in 1998, Thompson Nepal today handles a significant portfolio of clients including some of the leading private sector domestic companies and multinationals.
Advertisers partner with them to engage and activate this valuable and hard-to-reach audience.As a leader in Digital Advertising in Nepal, MSS empowers advertisers with the ability to reach consumers through digital signage networks. Media Space Solutions is primarily focused on establishing and operating media spaces across economically viable advertising locations with the right utility value.Sajha Media Space, MSS Micro Media and MSS ePoPM are digital signage networks of 93 digital screens on public transport vehicles and shopping malls that extend the communication power of advertisements and entertainment in the form of audio visual content beyond television sets at home and deliver them to citizens of Kathmandu valley while they are travelling or shopping.
The purpose of establishing Media Space Solutions was to create various differentiated media spaces to cater all the advertising needs of their clients in Nepal.PRISMA ADVERTISINGEstablished in 1991, Prisma has been in the forefront of professional communication management in Nepal.
With a coveted list of blue chip clients, most of who are multi-national corporations, Prisma has effectively provided communication solutions as marketing support to a plethora of brands and services. More importantly the association exposes the agency to extrinsic information, understanding and experience through the vast resources of O&M corridor in any region.Ads MarketAt ads!
They deliver end-to-end digital marketing solutions based on the goals that matter to you the most.
By working in partnership they can help you accelerate growth online and increase your digital marketing returns. They are a full service digital agency.Business AdvantageBusiness Advantage Private Limited is an advertising and brand communications firm established in 1998.

They are based in Kathmandu, Nepal and have worked with over 150 national and multinational clients. From FMCG to Banks to Electronics to Telecoms, Business Advantage has the breadth of experience and the depth of talent that makes an agency of substantial repute in Nepal. They are a passionate Digital marketing agency based in Nepal offering their services all around the globe.Either your objective is to increase traffic, online reputation or sales or if it’s about brand awareness, leads and conversions, they’re digitally sound enough to take care of your business. At Pulse Digit, they keep things simple – their basic focus is to deliver you the outstanding online marketing solutions and to help you reach your digital marketing goals.Your success is their success, and this is why their digital marketing professionals are always motivated to understand your business and explore innovative ways to maximize your return on investments (ROI). Be it Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing or whatever your needs be – they have that expertise to digitally make your business stand out online.V-chitraAt V-chitra being different is at the core of our creativity. Working from the ground up, they protect their clients and give their competition a hard time.
They are a team and they call themselves max l’agence…Ad MediaFounded in 1996, Ad Media is a full-service interactive advertising agency. They believe there is no market too big, nor a project too small, be it a single design project or an entire advertising and marketing campaign, Ad Media approaches projects with the right mix of creativity and market analysis. They constantly monitor their progress to learn from the results, this analysis helps them to find the right campaign for your market.They pride themselves on being associated with the best brands and having exceeded their expectations since 1996. They understand that their growth as an organization is directly related to the success of their clients. On every project, they try to think differently so that their valued clients can drastically get better responses.They understand that their success directly lies on the success of their clients. Hence, every activity is carefully planned and executed to exceed the desired results of the client. And they have been satisfying their valued clients since their establishment and they are learning and growing every day.Final Thoughts on advertising agencies in NepalThis is just a small list of advertising agencies in Nepal and I’m sure there are more. I would love to hear about any advertising agencies in Nepal that you have worked with and what experiences you had working with them.
Most of the agencies on this list have been taken from the Advertising Association of Nepal.

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