Publicis Healthcare Communications Group (PHCG), a part of Publicis Groupe, announces the acquisition of Langland Advertising, Design & Marketing Limited. As the world’s most creatively awarded healthcare advertising agency, Langland turns healthcare intelligence into creative engagement, making work that cuts through in every channel, whether it’s for a product, a service, or a clinical study. Langland works with 9 of the world’s top 10 global pharmaceutical companies launching and revitalising licensed prescription only medicines and has also developed an outstanding reputation for its work in Patient Access & Retention programmes for clinical trials. Langland Chief Executive, Philip Chin said, “Our strategy is to scale and replicate the Langland brand internationally to create a global health and wellness advertising network to better serve the needs of our clients.
Nick Colucci, CEO of PHCG added, “Like many people in healthcare communications, I have admired Langland’s exceptional achievements for many years.
Philip Chin will continue to lead the Langland business alongside the existing senior management team. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare today announced the launch of the 60-Day Kickstart – a new campaign on Facebook that offers free support for striking a healthy, balanced diet in the new year. As part of the program, the alli® brand has teamed up with celebrity chef, restaurateur, and author, Richard Blais, for exclusive, easy, healthy recipes and NY Registered Dietician, Betty Kovacs, who will be making regular appearances online and offering her expert advice.
Qatar has the 8th highest rate of diabetes globally where 1 in the 3 people don’t even know they have it.
We invited people to give a finger to diabetes on world diabetes day in exchange of their own finger portrait. In only 3 days, with no advertising and using only facebook as a channel, over 1500 people got screened for diabetes. Following a hugely successful inaugural year, Publicis Healthcare has welcomed two new recruits to its unique multi-agency internship programme, The Lab: A Place for Bright Sparks.
The Lab, which is the first of its kind in the health and wellness space, is designed to attract people from unconventional backgrounds to the healthcare agency world. This year’s Bright Sparks, Zoe Bishop and Xandria Carelse-Dutlow, were selected from a pool of over 300 applicants following a gruelling assessment day in September. Over the next six months Zoe and Xandria will work across the four agencies that make up Publicis Healthcare in the UK (Publicis LifeBrands Resolute, Real Science, Saatchi & Saatchi Health and Digitas Health LifeBrands).
Jonathan Webb, one of last year’s Bright Sparks, is now a Junior Art Director at Publicis LifeBrands.
As well as finding their Bright Sparks, the Publicis Healthcare agencies also discovered talented people for permanent roles during The Lab assessment days. India is considered to be a great source for creativity; its people are sought after by everyone abroad and they command a lot of respect in the International Advertising Community. The advertising in India is quite superior and the local talent boasts of high production values with interesting ideas and concepts, thus, making it a desirable hub for International Recruiters. Other Advertising Career OpportunitiesThere are many professions, trades and art forms that are closely connected with the advertising industry.

EligibilityThough there exists a wide assortment of educational backgrounds which are applicable for accessing the avenues of advertising, but most of the employers favor candidates with a broad liberal arts background plus experience in related occupations. For management positions in advertising, some recruiters also look for a PostGraduate Degree in advertising or journalism. Like other industries, advertising industry worldwide has toed the line where they look for Indian workforce for outsourcing bulk of their work. Resume Format TipsThe resume format is an important factor that can lure prospective recruiters or employers to hire you. Langland is head quartered in Windsor, England, and is one of Europe’s largest and most highly regarded healthcare communications agencies.
Named as Cannes Lions Health Agency of the Year in 2014 and 2015, and Global Healthcare Agency of the Year in 2011, 2012 and 2013, Langland has amassed over 300 awards in recent years, including five Best in Show winners at the IPA Best of Health Awards. Following discussions with Nick Colucci, CEO of the Publicis Healthcare Communications Group (PHCG), it was clear that we would realise our ambition better and faster as part of the Publicis Groupe.
The outstanding work, which they have created for their clients and the quality of the talent within the company, speaks for itself.
Joanna Chin will step down from her role as COO to pursue other opportunities outside of the health and wellness communications sector.
GSK is passionate about helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle so they can see enjoy their successes. Using only Facebook, we used key influencers to spread the word by changing their profile picture to their unique branded finger portraits. A 20% increase from the year before with 10,524 website unique visits and over 50% of people taking part changed their profile pictures. Anyone over the age of 18 can apply and the judges assess candidates on talent and passion rather than formal qualifications. After impressing the judges last year, Rosie Mossey joined Publicis LifeBrands as a Junior Designer and Kate Craggs joined Saatchi & Saatchi Health as a Junior Medical Writer. It identifies and nurtures talented people who may otherwise be locked out of the industry. In a typical Ad-agency, there are various job options, like, an advertising manager, who administers creative, in-house accounts, and Media services departments.
You may find one of them suits your talents best, or, they could open the door to a career in an agency. Projections for the coming years suggest an average growth of over 30% for marketing research analysts, advertising managers, and visual artists.
A bachelor's degree in sociology, psychology, literature, journalism, or philosophy, among other subjects, is more acceptable. The course of study should include marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales, communication methods, technology, and visual arts.

Founded in 1991 by Philip and Joanna Chin, the agency employs 100 people, serving a wide portfolio of clients across Europe and North America.
The alliance will enable Langland to expand its capabilities into more diverse areas and provide our clients with considerable additional advantages through Publicis Groupe’s resources and global infrastructure. Langland is a very special agency and I am proud and delighted that Philip and Joanna have chosen to join the PHCG network for the next stage in the Langland journey. Novo Nordisk Gulf wanted to create awareness on the screening event and encourage people in Qatar to get tested.
At the event special tents with professional artists took a photo of the fingers and created the participants finger portraits on site. This year, Joanna Dorling and Sofia Beccarelli have been welcomed by the Publicis LifeBrands team as Account Executives and Antoinette Ale has been hired by Real Science as a Junior Account Executive. And, crucially, it brings new perspectives and fresh, unrestrained thinking to the healthcare arena. The global impact of the Indian aptitude with respect to the advertising Industry is not only being noticed but appreciated worldwide. Then there is an account executive who manages the account services department in advertising agencies, determines the need for advertising and maintains the accounts of clients. Publicis Healthcare partners with organisations including The Ideas Foundation and Not Going to Uni to promote the scheme.
Another vital department in the advertising world is 'The creative services department' which is responsible for developing the subject matter and presentation of the advertisements.
An opportunity to work on global brands is helping the local talents think, and stay ahead with the rest of the world.
The work was always interesting and challenging, and the people I worked with couldn’t have been nicer or more talented. There is a creative director who oversees the copy chief, art director, copywriters and associated staff. In this knowledge driven industry, its the Indian Advertising Industry's ideas and accepted wisdom, which has shaped winning strategies and scripted many success stories.
Then there exists a media department which is headed by a media director who organize planning groups that select the communication media, like, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, Internet, or outdoor signs in order to disseminate the ads.

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