We unleash useful advertising, marketing, digital strategy and technology to help our clients overachieve. Outdoor adventureA company The North Face has launched a new online customer service tool, powered by conversation. Newcastle Brown Ale today launched a new US advertising campaign titled 'No Bollocks'.The campaign marks the first time Newcastle has invested in national TV ads, created by the brand's new agency of record, majority Aussie-owned Droga5 New York. A true Geordie wouldn't have a clue what you're on about if you asked for a Geordie Schooner.
Trust me, if you told someone from Newcastle that they were a pussy or had "no bollocks" you'd be drinking through a straw for the foreseeable. D5 are much like the Newcastle football team, so much promise but they frequently under-deliver. It might be because I've just finished writing my third brochure for the day, but that billboard made me laugh out loud.
All these comments are irrelevant because you are in Australia and they are Droga5 New York.
Some of the executions are ok tho, but I would have expected better for a challenger brand and a top agency. That friggin company that bougt Scottish and Newcastle Breweries needs to get a clue and stop screwing up everything.

Tbf Its a risky stratergy advertising wise but it certainly makes it stand out and people will take notice of it. Finally, I love Broon Ale, it tastes fucking lovely so go out there and try it, no matter what other ads say, it is a lovely drink.
Up here the term is used more to describe a 'No Nonsense' attitude rather than any attribute to bravery or the lack of it. Tyneside based entertainment complex ‘The Gate’ has chosen local agency Red Square design to manage their advertising campaign. Previously handled by London firm BWP Group, the new Jesmond based agency will be in charge of the venue’s account which will in turn support local creative talent at a time when many companies are turning to London agencies. Paul Rea, managing director of Red Square Design, said: “We very much look forward to working on this exciting new project and are proud to be associated with The Gate. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. All the adverts below were devised by genuine agencies but either turned down by the client or never formally submitted. The great companies like Apple, Google and Unilever constantly ask themselves a€?how can we be more useful?a€? We help clients explore their inner useful so they can achieve outstanding results.
Shot on location in Newcastle, England, the ads examine the brand's story, including its history, the glassware and the brewmaster.

Admittedly that's not as catchy but it's better than saying Newcastle Brown is a drink for pussies. I looked forward to drinking McEwans Best Scotch for 10 years (The One You've Got To Come Back For) to find out Hiney has stopped making it. No Bollocks would be said as Nee Bollocks up here, which is actually quite common unlike in other forms of English, so people saying 'No one says that' don't know what they're on about. We say 'You're talking bollocks' which means like some comments here you're talking nonsense or garbage!
Not just because you could never get away with that language at home, but because the advert was voiced over by a Mancunian.
The great companies like Apple, Google and Unilever constantly ask themselves “how can we be more useful?” We help clients explore their inner useful so they can achieve outstanding results. At least Carlton Draught managed to hide their briefs by using a well crafted line, 'made from beer'. Presumably, it doesn't need a proper Geordie accent because the Newcastle Brewery was shut and production was transferred to the Fed Brewery in Gateshead (home of LCL Pils, or Lose Control Lager), which was shut and so is now brewed in some Mickey Mouse town in Yorkshire.

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