The “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan is one of McDonalds’ most popular and long standing advertising straplines. Much like its Fast Food rival, KFC’s long standing advert slogan reflects the company’s values.
A lunch box favourite of kids (and Superdreamers!), the iconic Kit Kat slogan is one that has stood the test of time. Tony the Tiger has been the Frosties mascot since the very beginning, and he is famous for uttering the elongated catchphrase “They’re Gr-r-r-reat!”.
Introduced in 2009, the “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” campaign was a great success for soft drink Dr Pepper. Cosmetic brands always have really memorable slogans and adverts, and Maybelline is no different.
In a move to unite its global operations, HSBC announced in 1999 that they would use one, universal logo. Energizer looks to be positioning itself as the leader in the long lasting battery market with their latest advert tagline. Audi’s infamous slogan – roughly translated as “advancement through technology” – is another that has been recognised as one of the greats. Insurance company, Zurich, has cleverly used their tagline to tell audiences why they should be insured by them. Apple is known for pushing the boundaries of technology, and always coming up with new and exciting ideas.
Each year thousands of domestic and overseas travellers will visit Australia searching for adventures and experiences that will offer them unforgettable memories of their holiday. Australian Explorer provides your business access to the lucrative international tourism market through a low cost, effective, means of advertising on our very high traffic website.
We are so confident that our online advertising packages will increase your sales; we offer a 60 Day Full Money back Guarantee on all Banner, Full Page and Page Sponsorship Listings (should you be dissatisfied in anyway during the first 60 days and let us know within this period we will refund our advertising fee in full). Australian Explorer is an extensive online travel guide for visitors to and from Australia, with tens of thousands of pages of travel information.
Our online advertising packages, outlined below, start from a low $99 per year, which is fantastic value for money considering the exposure your advertising will receive on Australian Explorer. Australian Explorer offers an extensive range of advertising options from our popular banner listings to several full page advertising listings that have been specifically designed to suit a broad range of customer requirements and budgets.
Banner Listings start at the low price of $250 per year and includes your business name, address, up to 400 characters of information about your business and an additional 85 characters to add special offers, plus an area to add a photograph or logo to compliment the information, a booking request form and a link to your website as well as a link to a location map.
Full Page Listings are the next step up from our Banner Listings and allow you to include more in depth information about your business on the Australian Explorer website. Co-opting is kinda the point of advertisement dude, so you are kinda being an idiot to saying that….
What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. Deceptive advertising is a norm in places that have no consumer rights practiced or exist just for the sake of existing on paper.
I chanced upon a billboard  showing  a painfully, over stuffed sandwich as part of a limited time offer by Subway. Various other forms of deception include advertising products on TV only and claiming that a product could change the way you look or that you could grow taller within days with some Chinese miracle.
For food products it’s the size that companies feel at ease to market and attract people. More importantly, do soft drink manufacturers actually fill the bottle with the alledged quantity? Welcome to Dubai Food Courts, Best Fast Food Chain in Faisalabad, offers you Burgers, Pizzas, Chicken Pieces, Pasta and much more with mouth watering taste.
PakMediaBlog started off as an advertising, marketing and media discussion blog based on constructive criticism. The new system allows publishers to provide advertising services in four ways – SMS, iPhone apps, mobile Web and regular Web advertising sites – allowing advertisers to deliver their message through multiple channels such as cell phones, smart phones, laptops and iPads.
Global Mobile Marketing’s 4-in-1 Mobile Advertising System software utilizes the Web-To-Mobile phone (W2MP) delivery system to provide affordable marketing solutions, enabling small businesses to send commercial text messages to their customers' mobile phones on a broadcast basis.

The company has also added a new line of mobile products, this time using Short Code for easy SMS access.
Global Mobile Marketing is the core provider of mobile advertising systems to a worldwide network of publishers (including entrepreneurs, organizations, marketers, resellers and Web designers) who offer mobile advertising services to business owners, professionals, individuals and institutions anywhere in the world.
Through using the company’s mobile advertising service, customers can promote their business and reach more than 250 million mobile phone users in the U.S. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Fast food is notoriously bad for you, so in a bid to position themselves as more ‘healthy’, this tagline was born. Used in both printed and television adverts, the “Have a Break…” tagline reflects how quick and easy the wafer bar is to eat. Not only does it mention the brand name, and keep things short and sweet; it plays on the brand name and the product. And as well as being great mascots, the onomatopoeic gnomes make for a great and long lasting slogan. This ad slogan works because it appeals to the brand’s target audience of children, and shows that breakfast can be delicious.
The catchy song that featured on the adverts and the humour they used helped make them memorable and effective. Their main ad strapline “Every Little Helps” perfectly reflects this, and has been used in printed and television marketing for many years. Those four simple words perfectly reflected the high end nature of the product and the company. First introduced in 1988, the infamous tagline has featured on all of the brand’s advertising since.
To counter this, Ronseal introduced their key strapline to show just how ‘no nonsense’ and simple it can be. Coupled with their bunny mascot who is running errands, the strapline tells audiences exactly why they should purchase from this brand. Simple, powerful, and effective; this advertising tagline appeals to shoppers of all kinds. It perfectly reflects the high end nature of the car, and tells customers that they will always receive the best vehicle.
The company is telling its audience that, when they need them, they will be there – just as long as they have insurance. Their “Don’t be Evil” tagline was to promote ‘white hat’ SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques. While planning their Australian trip, tourists will look to Australia's unrivalled tourism industry to offer them unique and unparalleled experiences but to reach these travellers, businesses in the tourism industry need to have exposure on internet sites frequented by both international and domestic travellers. Our packages offer excellent targeting capabilities that allow our advertisers to reach their target audience in a very effective manner.
Unlike other travel websites Australian Explorer covers the whole country thoroughly, offering everything Domestic and International visitors require all in one place. With tens of millions of page views every year from across the globe, we are certain our low cost, effective, advertising packages will build your business's profile, increase online bookings and build brand and product awareness.
The following pages offer information about the various advertising packages available on the Australian Explorer website. For added flexibility, we also offer page sponsorship options which are available as a straightforward graphic with a link to your website for just $99 per page or an animated graphic that will catch the eye of anyone browsing your sponsored page for $250 per page. All Full Page Listings packages include a Banner Listing as outlined above as well as up to seven paragraphs of textual content including an Overview and Location guide plus up to 5additional paragraphs together with 5 complementing photographs and a logo. The new tag line, seen in this series of print advertisements, will serve as a platform for all integrated marketing for the Coca Cola brand around the world, tying together the pleasure of opening up a drink and the satisfaction of sharing with others. Coke is trying to co-opt one of our most fundamental and important emotions and link it to their product.
It involves persuading people into purchase decisions they would not normally make since the product would fail to satisfy their needs. As shown in the picture, it seems to have the entire chicken resting in the sandwich with the remaining parts of bread trying their best to provide shelter.

At times beauty products sold locally claim to change your skin colour, so no matter how lovely  a fairness cream is, it has captured the minds of rural market only because it works well in deceiving them.  Skin products such as these tap on social issues and capitalise on a a specific benefit (which might not be a benefit in the first place) that could make a person beautiful and later get her or him married. Do fast food restaurants actually sell the number of french fries they show in their posters and bill boards? The mobile marketing system software utilizes the Web-to-Mobile (W2MP) delivery system to provide affordable mobile marketing solutions.
The new system enables the company’s publishers to provide advertising services in four ways – SMS, iPhone apps, mobile Web, and regular Web advertising sites – thus giving advertisers multiple-channel exposure that delivers their ad messages to regular cell phones, smart phones, connected devices, desktops, laptops, net-books and iPads. In March 2009, it launched Mobile Ad Pix, a new system for delivering text-and-picture Web advertising via the Mobile Web. A great advertising slogan does more than get people talking about your brand though – it brings it to life. Coupled with their signature advert style, this helps create a winning campaign every time. The “Eat Fresh” slogan lets audiences know their sandwiches – and the fillings – are always fresh and freshly prepared.
The tagline tells audiences if they want baked beans, their best choice is the Heinz brand.
Coupled with clever advertising and an interesting use of words – “probably” isn’t 100% definite and still implies choice – Carlsberg’s adverts are always a huge hit.
It tells prospective customers that they can trust the store, and will always get the best product and service.
It tells the audience that they deserve to treat themselves and make the best of themselves.
By telling women this is the brand makeup artists use, Max Factor instantly becomes a brand that can make a difference. It was a metaphor for everlasting love; telling audiences that buying these gems would cement their relationship forever. The “Local Bank” tagline promotes trust; something which the banks certainly need to promote at the moment. It also helps position Audi as being at the forefront of technological advances, and passing these on to their customers. It tells customers that they are buying into a lifestyle and are at the forefront of technology.
We dare to think outside the box and produce creative designs that wow your customers and tell your brand story. Reception opening hours, current specials and awards are also a feature of the Full Page Listing packages. However, it is surprising why some renowned fast food chains would need deceptive advertising to market their deal.
Now the size seems too good to be true until you actually go out for your mighty bite of a not that stuffed sandwich. Customers can also send promotional offers, sales invitations, special announcements, notices, reminders - anytime they want, and as often as they want. This tagline ties in with the company branding, which features a rainbow on the sweets packaging.
This clever marketing strategy is carried through in the television adverts, to reinforce the slogan.
Rather than targeting one niche, they cleverly appeal to everyone with one simple strapline. By using three powerful adjectives associated with high quality, this phrase helps to reinforce the brand values and encourage people to make a purchase.

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