To be successful all local business advertising ideas must get your message directly in front of your target audience while they are relaxing. Time and place are of fundamental importance for every local business advertising campaigns. When deciding how, where, and what media to use for advertising a local business it's good to remember that a visual handable message placed directly in front of a specific target audience is by far the most effective way for getting any message across. Advertising on beer mats works exceptionally well for a great many businesses; especially when the target market is in the 18-50 age groups, displaying they have money to spend on enjoying themselves. Placing advertising beer mats in the local Pubs and Clubs will directly target these groups. Beer mats are highly colourful and can be directly targeted to any area where people gather together socially.
Cardiff Audi chose to target their advertising and marketing beer mats directly to the affluent golfers within the golf clubs themselves. By printing one side of the beer mats for the club and the other with this advertising message; they directly linked Cardiff Audi to the golfers favorite clubs. Beermats Advertising is part of the Arriba Marketing Group of Companies: Registered Office 145-157 St. I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.

In the year 776 BC over 2,700 years ago, Greece invented a series of sporting events that took place every four years. Managing Director of Visionary Advertising Matt Goodchild states that ‘It has been established that sport has been a dominating factor for many years which, can take shape in many different forms, but all commonly require the same dedication and work ethic to succeed.’ It has been proven that sport can truly help performance levels within the work place. Vince Lombardi an American Football coach believes that ‘People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defences, or the problems of modern society.’ The skills acquired through sport can be easily adapted by leading professionals within the business who are familiar with its structure. And since we human beings can only pay attention to one thing at a time; any advertising message to be successful must be targeted to when our minds and body's are in a state of relaxation. Team events as well as great many other local business ideas benefit greatly from advertising in this type of venue.
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The confidence acquired through sport can be easily transferred, as it requires the same dedication and focus, to achieve and exceed targets. The strong foundation has already been set through those early years of office building, competition, performance, community engagement and setting goals.
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The worldwide spectacle consists of world class athletes that on average train for 8 hours a day. Legendary UCLA Basketball coach believes that ‘Sports do not build character, they reveal it.’ It has been proven that face to face engagement and office building helps individuals to achieve more in their careers. Visionary Advertising is always on the lookout for young talented individuals that have the confidence and drive, to express new ideas that are innovative and refreshing.
This commitment and drive to qualify and be recognised as a world class leader requires focus, dedication and drive. The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, have found that men at the age of 32 who played high school sport were paid 31 percent higher wages then men who had not played sport.
The High School Class of 1972 found that men at the age of 31 who had played high school sport were paid 12 percent higher wages than those who did not. Is it possible for those who have embraced sport in earlier years to carry out those key principles in a working environment?

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