This fact-filled session was filmed before an audience at one of my small business workshops.
Jeff Watts of Watts Communications, Waukesha, Wisconsin, takes you on a tour of his full-service studio, just as he would if you were to visit his location prior to filming a TV spot for your business. You’ll get acquainted (but not overwhelmed) with the equipment currently being used to produce TV commercials, TV programs and audio.
This gives you the introduction you need so you are already oriented when it’s time to meet your own studio technicians.
The only way Brian could get this was to catch Jeff after a session for a client’s TV spot. It’s just a technical guy talking to you about what to expect when you go to your local studio. The purpose of this DVD is help you start getting comfortable with the behind-the-scenes production of TV ads. Bill Howe is one of the nation’s foremost experts when it comes to television commercial production. Bill spent his last 26 years with a major network affiliated television station, producing winning television commercials for small businesses.
Fortunately, there are only a few forms you really need to handle your TV ad campaign effectively and Brian includes them for you. I also asked Brian for samples of scripts so you could see how other advertisers write their ads.
Ensure your success when I personally critique your TV script BEFORE you invest time and money producing it!
Purchase your course now and I will give you a consulting certificate good for one critique of your TV script (value = $ Priceless!).
But Brian believes small business owners should know the basics even if they have him do the work. Buy the course today while the price is only $997 and all of the bonuses are still available.
Advertising and the concept of establishing your brand as a new Start-up Business is one of the most important methods of attracting new customers. There are basically two types of advertising: direct response advertising and brand advertising. So many businesses just allocate a certain amount of money to an advertising budget, spend the money every year; with only a vague sense of whether the ads are working are not.

You will obviously need some sort of system for asking people who contact you for the first time where they heard about you. So the main purpose of the headline is not to sell your product – it’s just to get people to read your ad! Prior to establishing the company in 2006, Thommie worked for a number of multi-national companies based in South Africa, Africa and the United Kingdom. The audio format is designed specifically to let you listen while driving so you don’t have to squeeze time from your busy schedule to learn this valuable information. He asked Jeff to walk him through the studio and explain what goes on, just as if a new customer had dropped by for a tour. He has produced literally thousands of commercials over his amazing 46 years in the business.
It’s safe to say that Bill has forgot more about how to create effective TV commercials than most people in the business have ever known.
This interview will prepare you for your first TV commercial and help you to understand what goes into creating a commercial that captures your unique business and what it offers viewers.
But, I convinced Brian to let me offer it to my circle of small business owners at a pre-launch discount. I want you to be successful and what better way than to have me personally review your TV script. So order the course, and when you engage him to consult with you, your $997 will be applied to the consulting fees.
The headline is either the heading that goes at the top of the ad or if there’s no heading it’s the first words of the ad.
Thommie is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and is a regular guest speaker at many high profile business events and conferences. The 86-page Manual is the printed companion to the CDs so you have a ready reference to turn to as you plan and create your TV advertising and monitor your campaign.
I coerced him to include one that he would mark up so you can see exactly how a script is put together. I’ll indicate necessary changes and give you tips before you spend precious time and dollars producing it. Advertising can be an extremely expensive exercise, so therefore the effort and message you wish to translate need to be carefully considered. This applies to you whether you’re running ads in newspapers, magazines, or on radio, billboards, posters, taxis or buses.

Brand advertising is used by companies like Coca Cola and the large car manufacturers like BMW to build and increase awareness of their brand. The type of response may vary depending on the type of business you are in and your overall marketing strategy. Then you need to compare that figure to the cost of the ad and you can immediately work out how profitable the ad was, or whether you should stop running it. If you’re directing people to a website, you may want to set up a special web page that also only appears in your ad. I know it sounds obvious but here’s what often happens…people run advertising because they feel they have to. If they’re not, Stop and use the money on one of the dozens of other marketing strategies that can bring you a 100% or 200% return on your investment.
This will ensure that you can clearly identify when people are responding to your advertising. Think of it like this, you could spend that amount on one lousy print ad in your local newspaper and get the same dismal results, or, you could invest in knowledge that could skyrocket your sales now and in the future.
If that description fits you, then The Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners isn’t for you.
They’re not really sure if it’s working but they are hesitant to stop it because it may be one of their main forms of marketing. You need to either learn how to produce and run great ads that produce great results, or you need to spend your marketing money elsewhere.
One of the reasons that Radio and TV advertising can be so high risk is that it’s very difficult to test it on a small scale. For a very limited time, I’m offering the Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners for the low price of just $997. The great thing about direct response advertising is that you can instantly tell whether it is working.
You should never invest in Radio and TV Advertising unless it’s money you can afford to lose. Arguably the biggest challenge that any print advertiser face is getting people to read their ad, let alone for the ad to produce a result. One of the reasons that most small business advertising does not work is that it’s a combination of halfhearted direct response and highly ineffective brand advertising.

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