In the world we live in, the hard computer technology that is the backbone of the Internet is easily forgotten. The quote from Google co-founder Eric Schmidt sheds light on what the minds behind the tech are really thinking. Google has risen to its massive market share (78% globally) of Internet search traffic on the back of science – algorithmic science in particular.
One key component of a comprehensive SEO strategy is staying vigilant for Google’s near constant Algorithm tinkering. In July when Google launched its “Pigeon” update, it was a sweeping shift that affected both Google Maps and Google Web search results. These are not isolated changes (although Pigeon was big) – Google has implemented 13 different changes in 2014 that ranged from anti-piracy, to giving preference to SSL encrypted sites, to deprecating the Google Authorship tag. Having an SEO strategy in place that includes someone keeping tabs on what Google is doing is essential if you hope to rise in the SERP ranks, or just maintain the top spot if you are lucky enough to own it.
With over 13 years in the digital media space, Brian wields comprehensive knowledge of the interactive landscape. Stop by Booth 3423C at #NADA2016 to find out how PEAK Intelligence can not only save you money, but make you money. As you may be aware, the deadline for Android app developers to utilize the new ‘Google Advertising ID’ is fast approaching.
Originally announced in November 2013 and beginning August 1st 2014, all updates and new apps uploaded to the Google Play Store must use the new Google advertising ID for any advertising purposes. The advertising ID is a user-specific, unique, resettable ID for advertising, provided by Google Play Services. Users can reset their new “Google Advertising ID” at any time, right from the Ads section of the Google Settings app on their devices. The new advertising ID APIs are supported in Google Play services 4.0+ and the Google Play Services library and all Android app developers should review these new functions and requirements.
We have released an update to our Android SDK (version 6.3) to automatically retrieve the Google Advertising ID when it is available.

Not all developers will update their app immediately, and even after they do, users may take time to update apps on their phones.
Rise Of The Clones – Flappy Bird Breeds Everything From Flappy Wings To Flappy Schapelle! Secret Revealed: How small businesses can advertise on Google and compete with the big players.
TweetNow that you have your website set up, the next thing that you need is visitors to your site, also known as traffic. As you can see in the image below, the red boxed area at the top and side of the Google search engine results are the paid advertising.
Statistics show that 43% of search engine users are seeking a local merchant to buy something offline. Broad keyword match would mean that your ad would appear when someone searched for any variation of your keyword. For exact search, your ad would only appear when the exact phrase of your keyword is searched.
As you can see, keyword selection is essential for getting a low-cost advertising campaign on Google. With the aesthetics of digital design achieving the great heights they have, technology seems to have become a common commodity; easily accessed and seamlessly integrated into our devices and daily lives. Google is in the driver seat for search related technologies, and big data storage and manipulation – the two key components to having a successful search engine. Some affect <1% of search queries, some much more (The last Panda update was estimated between 5-10%). If you are looking for a great resource to monitor the changes, the guys over at Moz do a great job. It gives users better controls and provides developers with a simple, standard system to continue to monetize your apps. From the same app, users can also opt-out of targeted advertising based on the advertising ID by setting the appropriate ad tracking preference.

We encourage all android publishers to update to this latest Leadbolt Android SDK, as soon as possible.
Please note that publishers will continue to pass the Android device ID (Android ID) as a device ID as this Google change only affects new or updated apps beginning August 1st, 2014. If you are utilizing any device ID tokens in your Android campaigns you should plan to support both the Android device ID (Android ID) and new Google Advertising ID to maximize the results of your campaigns for the foreseeable future. Google did not rise from a mere 1,000 searches a day in 1998 to over 3.5 Billion per day today on the back of user design.
Google is usually transparent with the scope of impact for each update, but in the case of Pigeon, it was left for the SEOs of the world to decipher.
It is an anonymous identifier for advertising purposes and enables users to reset their identifier or opt out of interest-based ads within Google Play apps. When the user opts-out of targeted ads, this ad tracking preference is made available to apps through a Google Play services API.
The Android device ID (Android ID) will continue to available with the [DEVICE_ID] ?tokens in your campaigns. Something that is usually forgotten amongst the SEOs and SEMs of the world is that Google doesn’t exist to service businesses; it exists to provide consumers the best possible results based on their query.
At Pinnacle we saw certain clients rise in the local results (generally the ones with reputation management in place) while others fell (mis-matched addresses across platforms, poor review ranks on local directories).
If you are a mom and pop restaurant with no online presence save your 2005 website, you lose!

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