YouTube, la plataforma mas popular de video online en el mundo, con casi 2000 millones de hits al dia.
Atencion: Antes de aportar al articulo con sus comentarios, le pedimos encarecidamente que evite generar spam, discusiones agraviantes o mensajes de contenido violento y racista. With YouTube you can create a targeted advertising campaign to drive sales and maximise ROI. Through YouTube you can target the audience you want, based on who they are, where they are and what they’re interested in.
YouTube ads have the potential to encourage new channel subscriptions, drive shares and give you opportunities to communicate with your customer.
YouTube video ads are powered by Google AdWords, where you can manage your ads and check results. YouTube advertising is one of the more integrated forms of paid social advertising due to Google’s relationship with the platform. With multiple staff members passing the Google Video Advertising Certification exams, we are fully qualified to deliver exactly what you need to excel at YouTube advertising. Share your video content on various social networking platforms like Facebook; Twitter etc. Youtube clickable video ads can allow the customer to directly launch on to your product page by clicking on the video ads you can also use various Youtube services to track your ad performance and marketing analytics within the platform.
En esta infografia vera como la compania propiedad de Google ha descubierto algunas formas de monetizar su sitio de videos.

El sitio es la monetizacion de mas de 2 mil millones de visitas a la semana, y el 70% de su trafico proviene de fuera de los EE.UU. This, along with you only having to pay when someone chooses to watch your ad, helps to insure that you are not wasting money advertising to people who aren’t interested in your business. According to YouTube, 25% of all YouTube views originate from a mobile device, and video ads can reach your audience no matter whether they’re using smartphones, or computers. We can help you harness this potential, and create a plan of action that is tailored to you. We can help set you targets that suit your company, and use YouTube’s Analytics tool to understand who’s watching and interacting with your ads and how we can optimise their potential. The YouTube paid search interface can actually be run directly from the Google Adwords interface meaning that it benefits from all of the accompanying functionality and a fully integrated analytics solution via Google Analytics.
Essentially it allows brand owners to show highly flexible display ads to users who are viewing specific YouTube videos. Youtube video ranks at the top place on various search engines which helps the marketers to gain the trust from the customers online. Don’t just target your own brand or product and prepare a video which can be useful and helpful for your audience. You can also use true view ads and other ads for your business adverting within the Youtube platform. Ahora que la telefonia movil se esta expandiendo, tambien lo es YouTube para moviles es el de mayor trafico de video, obteniendo 7,1 millones visitantes unicos cada mes.

How would you like to get your brand and your marketing messages in front of just some of this audience?
Plus it gives complete cost control, much like with any display based AdWords campaign, it can be run on a CPC or CPM basis, with specific budgetary caps and controls. Advertisers can target by a range of criteria, from traditional geographic and demographic, all the way to a video-by-video basis.
Many big brands also chose Youtube platform though there are some thousands of video platforms are existed on the web.
Many brands got succeeded in acquiring good exposure to their business by using the Youtube Video advertising for their business. Stays connected with your audience and follows top marketers and engage the fans with your conversation and link to your videos. When comes to the small level business online, Youtube is the perfect platform for their business to develop and gain good attention among the other business already existed on the web.

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