I was struck recently by this brand advertising television spot from Titleist which hits on all cylinders:  emotional resonance, robust messaging, and strong production value. You can relate to these characters.  They are warm and real, not like Hollywood actors, and come across as solid weekend golfer types who can be both humble and competitive in a healthy way.
It is nice to see such a genuine depiction of real inter-generational relationships in a commercial form, and Titleist comes across as the best product for both young and old.  Anyone who wants to play right will choose this product, regardless of age.

Lastly, a call to action at the end (once again returning to a beauty shot… this time of twin Titleist ball boxes) asks viewers to share their own stories, again implying that what they just saw was completely real while inviting them to further personal engagement with the brand. About UsAmplitude Creative is a full service creative agency providing exceptional marketing strategy and creative materials that drive sales and loyalty, build memorable reputations and make complex ideas simple to understand.
We bring years of experience as a best-practice-oriented, Los Angeles marketing communications agency for companies ranging from Fortune 15 corporations to Silicon Valley startup, in industries as diverse as financial services, healthcare, technology, entertainment, automotive, wellness and fashion.

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