Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. On parle de emerging markets mais plus tard on voit que dans le scope il y a aussi les US et l’Europe, or ce slide donne l’impression que la campagne ne targetait que des marches emergents. The Big Leap is about taking on the habits of successful people and not self-destructing when finally achieving success. 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising is similar to the Ad Contrarian in writing style and that’s about it. The Impact Equation is by two of the smartest minds on online marketing and personal development. Confession of a Madman is a hilarious journey through the life of George Parker, one of our fore fathers of advertising. Tell ten people about your service or product, if they don’t tell others about you go back to the drawing board. If you want to stand out as a manager in the future you better know how to have fun with your staff.

Learn to seek out moments that make you feel awkward, that get you out out of your comfort zone and achieve what you never thought possible.
Any company that uses focus group testing incessantly is bound to create mediocre advertising.
We have no time these days so when you do have the attention of your audience don’t waste it.
You’ll get a lot out of this book, I use quotes from Winning in presentations all the time. It’s about how society is getting smarter and a different type of brain is helping us in the future. Your core strategy should be simple, if it’s not, how do you expect all your employees to understand it?
When you’re thinking about intelligence IQ is only a fraction of what makes up the human mind. In business there isn’t much else that has a more positive impact on your reputation than helping others.

This is the first step on towards realizing success, understanding how much work it’s going to be.
If it tests well that means the majority will like it and effectively no one will remember your advertising. I like his point of view because you don’t always agree with it, but he makes you think about marketing in a different way. The account studying for a CMA or a CA has to put in an immense amount of effort to pass all the test.
Every professional field you have to put in long hours, why would entrepreneurship be any different?

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