What I want to do is deconstruct ways of looking at advertising strategy in order for you to be able to analyze your own strategy and create effective advertising campaigns. Ask about Advertising Strategy or create your own page on this subject! GO TO: a€?What is Advertising?
Advertising Strategy Overview Let's take a look at the key ingredients of advertising by breaking down the what and how of your message and looking at the essential building blocks that go into your advertising campaign. Your message is simply a communication of your positioning which in turn is comprised of the benefits you provide to your customers and what makes you different from your competitors. As for how you deliver your message, your advertising strategy includes your creative strategy as well as your media strategy. Focusing on your marketing funnel is another approach to advertising strategy with the goal of your advertisement being to progress customers along the buying process. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Weekly designed print advertising for Hola Sun Holidays and Caribe Sol based upon their new look travel brochures. As such, it is important to look at some of the different ways of effectively strategizing in putting together advertising campaigns. Advertising is usually analyzed by a number of formulas that boil down to the same concept of what you say and how. Your overall positioning might be made up of a number of such factors but the the purpose of a specific advertisement you will probably choose 1 or 2 benefits with which you might include a point of differentiation as well. The goal of your advertising strategy is not to say everything but rather to focus on your strongest selling point. I discuss media objectives and tactics in detail below and as for creative strategy, the components that go into making this are what emotion you are trying to create in your audience as well as what technique you use.
The marketing funnel above was developed by market researchers Forrester Research and a similar approach is to move customers from Awareness to Comprehension to Conviction to Action.

Along with your gimmick, this forms the creative how of delivering your message and creating an emotional response from your audience.
Perhaps you have implemented a new ad campaign that is working really well or have insights into how traditional advertising is being supplanted by newer methods.
In a nutshell, advertising consists of what you say and how you say it and my goal is to provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all of the various ways of analyzing these two key factors. Rather that get bogged down in terminology, I will provide you with a simplified overview of advertising strategizing that covers all of these different aspects and go on to list the pros and cons of different advertising media and various advertising appeals. More detailed sales and marketing collateral a€“ like your website, for example a€“ may list multiple benefits and a lot of other information but for the most part, ads need to be short and hit your sweet point without wasting any time.
This technique is comprised of your advertising appeal which is the a€?anglea€? you use as well as any gimmick you use which can be anything from creating a scene on TV to a colorful radio or print ad personality. I provide a comprehensive list of advertising appeals below and you can go over that to figure out what the best approach is for your own advertising strategy.
Regardless of what stage a specific customer who sees your ad is at, your objective is to provide them with the information and incentive to move to the next stage and on towards a purchase and brand loyalty. Advertising Strategy Media Objectives You may decide that particular set of media is suited to your message, creative strategy or budget, or it may be that you develop a set of tactical criteria for media selection in your advertising strategy.
Just like with a lot of art that does not follow a definite process, your advertising appeal is something that you may start with or come up with at the end of your advertising planning. Most customers are not going to be able to absorb and retain a lot of information through your ad and so your goal is to get them interested so that they follow up to find out more. As for emotion, this is one of the key goals of an advertisement and without it your message will not resonate with your audience. These can include a dispersed versus concentrated media strategy, considerations of reach, frequency and length of impressions or a goal of reaching a certain percentage of your target audience for a given geography. Here is a comprehensive list of advertising appeals for you to understand exactly what they are and what kind of appeals you might want to try in future advertising campaigns. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images.

Whether you come up with your technique first or decide to focus on creating a specific emotion to start with, the combination of these elements comprises your creative strategy and is the magic behind delivering your message with impact in a way that will create a lasting impression. Advertising Strategy Marketing Objectives Your advertising strategy might be based on marketing objectives such as a specific percentage increase in sales or market share which are often the goals of advertising campaigns in large companies.
Your media objectives can also be designed around precipitating unplanned as well as planned brand contact. You may be looking to reposition a certain product as with the very interesting story about an Aspirin TV commercial where the company doubled sales by showing someone drop two aspirins into a glass of water instead of just one.
Similarly, your marketing objectives may be to introduce a new product or look for a new market for existing product based on demographics or geography, for example. Make use to use plenty of a€?loadeda€? words and scenes to get your customers really wowed a€?Patriotism: advertisers often appeal to our sense of national identity, purpose or community in order to sell more products and services. Can you? a€?Associate: tie your offering to the finer things in life through associations. These may be endorsements, categorizing your offering in a certain class or simply showing it with others a€?Studies: are there any experiments you can do to show your offering in the best light?
Even ad-hoc a€?unscientifica€? tests and anecdotal evidence can be a powerful advertising strategy a€?Public Service: can you convey a public service message that is tied to your product or service? Similarly, your ad can create drama that your offering helps fix a€?Metaphors: is your product or service like having an umbrella on a rainy day?

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