Innovative, creative marketing is one of the best ways to get a customer’s attention and social media sites take a lot of the hard work out of it, you just have to know where to look. As business people, we all know that the number of Facebook fans we have can absolutely influence brand popularity and sales.
From the advertisers’ point of view, simplicity is very important because the advertising space of various types is very expensive. Both of the two slogans adopt four word phrases to convey the characteristics of the product, showing the true nature of the advertising language to the largest extent.
Pun in the advertisements can increase the appeal and interest of the advertising and give consumers great impact of novelty because of its humorous language style.
This slogan articulates the aspirations of the modern urban office workers who would like to have wings and make the fullest use of time. If this AD is expressed as: ?????????????, the translation is accurate, but there is no appeal.
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Though not looking too realistic, but the truth be told that these are good creative advert copies. Print media advertising is set to continue to decline by around 4% this year, while national display advertising is expect to remain flat and worsen next year, Enders Analysis has predicted. The research firm has predicted the continued decline of print advertising this year and next. Sometimes, though, when talking to others in digital marketing you would think that traditional marketing channels, such as print, billboards, radio, TV, direct mail, etc., are now worthless.
Many businesses choose to focus a majority of their social media marketing efforts on the ever-growing social giant. Advertising makes good use of pun, to attract consumers to pay attention and let consumers can’t help asking: What does it mean?
While using the characters“??” constitutes the pun, on the one hand ,it highlights the function of the product, on the other hand it reflects that the trouble caused by the fumes to people will be wiped out.

It’s important to use your email newsletters to connect with your audience, become a resource for them, and ultimately generate loyalty, retention, and mindshare. Some say they don’t produce immediate leads or sales and the ROI from multi-channel marketing is difficult to measure. For consumers, their acceptance ability is limited when facing overwhelming advertising (Brooks, Cleanth and Robert Penn Warren.
Many businesses have already hopped on board and used these sites to their advantage and Vine, Twitter’s latest video app, is the newest hype. Advertising with pun possesses a feature of  clear and concise language which not only plays an economical and efficient social function, but also reaches  the social effects of attracting customers, contributing to achieving the ultimate goal of advertising.

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