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By simply making an account on any of the top social networking sites a user can have thousands-upon-thousands of other members wanting to know what you have to say. Take a look at all of the people who have become famous purely through the Internet, such as Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black. Now even though there is an option to pay for your posts to be seen by more people, this is really not needed. If somebody offered you prime time TV advertisement for free you would not turn it down, so why miss out on such a big advertising opportunity like social networking. If you are trying to reach the common businessman, then don’t schedule content to be posted at 5pm when he’s just leaving the office.
People will never pay attention to constant updates that are quite clearly computer generated and scheduled to appear at the same time every day. Always keep a sharp eye on hashtags and mentions of your company and make sure you are reacting to it.

This infographic from Yume comes to us via Los Angeles Hyundai and explores “Important Details You Should Know When Placing an Ad”. Now with the boom of social media the opportunity is almost handed to you on a silver platter. A social network like Facebook is probably one of the best to use when advertising and part of Facebook free advertising is their ‘reach’ concept.
By befriending the right people and posting at the right time, anyone’s content can become successful through Facebook reach quite quickly.
Instead, schedule tweets and status updates during lunch breaks, as this is a time when more people will be searching online.
For example, Mums are more commonly found on Facebook than on Twitter, so if mums are your target audience, then you need to go to them rather than wait for them to come to you. It is a free and quick way to spread the word of a new product or idea, so be tactical and use it wisely! Even companies that do not operate primarily online such as retail shops must still using the internet to be found and to expose their wares to the public.

Similarly, make sure your content is smartphone and tablet friendly, as most people on the go will be catching up on their smaller devices.
It is vital to always do a little bit of research on where your customer is lingering and what time they are most active. Encourage people to click on your links and follow a trail of interesting content that may eventually lead to your website. By creating a brand that positively responds to feedback, you will create a strong brand identity, which will do wonders for the business as a whole and hopefully increase sales just from word of mouth. The more you know, the more likely it is that your content will reach your desired demographic.

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