The future of video on the web is endless with flash video and YouTube joining the mainstream Internet culture. Fundraising video for the Pine Tree Society demonstrating the wide range of programs and results for various members of their clientele dealing with disabilities. Video and in particular video advertising is a particularly effective way for brands and marketers to engage consumers while promoting their products and services. To better understand this surge in popularity, Yannig Roth and I, Rosemary Kimani, sought to understand this shift further and wrote a book chapter on it. This new environment fueled by new technologies and social media puts the responsibility on marketers and brands to be nimble enough to have an on-going conversation with consumers, all the time. In another contest for Danone’s South African brand Yogi-Sip, the objective was to gather creative ideas to inspire TV advertising around the theme of the coolest way to keep going. Crowdsourcing in this model is specific to the search for ideas and for the talents to execute those ideas.
Our book chapter explains that simple contests were the first to appear and that other models followed in recent years.
Rosemary Kimani, an ex- advertising agency strategic planner, joined eYeka first as a senior strategic planner and then became Global Business Director focusing on US clients until April 2014.
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With time there are different new techniques and deals seen coming up in the market, Online video marketing strategy is all known to help any business to grow with time. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
For all kinds of crowdfunding video production online business a website is a most which is further accelerated and more number of hits are found with video advertising. How can brands increase their supply of creative, fresh content while keeping their production budget in check?
For example, eYeka has launched several idea contests on behalf of several brands:  Actimel yoghurt from Danone was looking for original stories of how Actimel gives people the inner strength to do great big things. Clients post their briefs along with a budget and deadline and participants respond with a “pitch” that presents their ideas and the execution of those ideas.
According to them, this helps increase the diversity of contributors, from average consumers with ideas at the first stage to professional filmmakers at the final stage. Now working at LA-based Sensis as New Strategic Planning Director, Rosemary blends her strategic and digital background with keen consumer understanding to curate, story-tell and guide clients. The destination video production is something that is very much popular and it will help the main publicity related tasks quite effectively. The latest crowdfunding video marketing innovation as well as trend seen with video advertising is something that is giving a new dimension to crowdfund video advertising online business.
This rise of video advertising content has helped pave the way for open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation to emerge as effective solutions in the creative and advertising production processes.

Tapping into the eYeka creative community, members of the crowd were asked to submit their ideas in the form of pictures, slide show presentations, storyboards or other print formats that could bring their ideas to life. The value from this type of contest comes in brands getting a high number of raw ideas to inspire their advertising. Rosemary believes that life is to be “lived” and she is passionate about travel, good food and running. The article related to kickstarter video Production is quite easy and here we are explaining all facts about it. His connections in the industry allow direct access to the best videographers, voice and on camera talent nationwide.
The creator’s winning entry was featured as a TV commercial and amplified on social media networks. If you want to advertise locally, Damona€™s understanding of commercial television advertising is a must for you. He can help plan your campaign, make the right a€?buya€™ and get the best rates possible for your advertising dollar.

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