When I ask others about their advertising strategies, I always hear a lot of the same great advice. The problem I encountered was not knowing how to get those initial clients so that word of mouth could spread.
When Selecting the name of my business, a few friends and I sat around brainstorming ideas. Write blog posts that incorporate the search words people use when searching for a business like yours. Of course you can always buy advertising with Google to be the first business future clients see, but I haven’t spent the money on this strategy yet.
Okay, maybe not literally, but you do want to make sure everyone hears about your business. Business Cards – Anytime I meet someone new I work hard to bring my business up naturally in conversation.
Social Media – Share valuable information that others will want to share with their friends. Another tip I could recommend is that when you upload a picture to your website, give an SEO friendly file name.

I'm a private tutor on a mission to help other tutors make smart decisions, get more students, and ultimately make more money. I moved from Virginia to South Carolina, I didn’t know anyone, and I wanted to start my own tutoring business. If you have competition when you first start out, your business will, more than likely, not be on those pages.
Many of these sites have already built a reputation and will show your information in search results before your website will pop up.
Let them know you want to help and that you would appreciate it if they keep you in mind when parents ask for tutors.
The majority of my regular clients have come from great referrals, but what do you do if you don’t have clients to spread the word yet? I thought there might be a few of you out there trying to do the same thing, so in this post I’m going to share a few of the strategies I have used to find new clients. The reason I share this with you is that it has been grabbing people’s attention no matter the advertising venue. Most businesses now a days have a website so how will you make sure your website is the one they see?

You never know, they might have a neighbor or colleague that mentions needing a tutor and they will have my card. The types of content that gets the most shares for me have been personal celebrations and contest results. I’ve had customers tell me they called me because my name stood out from the crowd and was memorable.
I’ve even received calls from people in my neighborhood saying they have seen me and can I help their child. I have watched others as they encounter my advertising material and they will point it out to their friends. People genuinly want to help others and if they know about you and like you, they will want to tell their friends about you.
I am specifically selecting the strategies that clients have shared with me as their reason for contacting me.

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